"Ask Me Anything" on Reddit with Aymar Aza´zia
Marco Chiacchiera, March 22nd, 2017
Translated by: Markuz

Yesterday at 3pm EST (12pm PST, 7pm GMT), the Assassin's Creed Reddit page hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Assassin's Creed's Head of Content Aymar Aza´zia! You can find the full version at this link while you can find below a short recap in which we tried to summarize the important or new information that Aymar revealed.


  • The character of Lara in the Assassin's Creed Movie because "although the actress (Octavia-Selena Alexandru) did a very good job, plot-wise she wasn't bringing that much and almost felt force feed into the script"

  • The Apple in the movie is not the one held by Ezio in the games

  • As for the characters in the movie implying that they were not aware of other Pieces of Eden, Aza´zia said that, yes, it was a tiny mistake, there were several versions and scripts of the movie where actors were saying "Pieces of Eden", and "The Artefact", when referring to the movie Apple, instead of "The Apple", which makes it sounds like there is only one.

  • In the scene towards the end of the movie where Callum is initiated to the Brotherhood by all his ancestors, although it was not a memory, "the Animus was still tapping in his conscience and was displaying it for everyone to witness". Aza´zia also confirmed that it is generated by the bleeding effect on Callum

  • It hasn't been decided if the Abstergo security chief McGowen is an ancestor of Ojeda, the black knight character from the Spanish Inquisition regressions

  • One of the big elements that Aza´zia opposed when writing the movie script was the use of Adam and Eve and of the First Civilization. "It was a lot to pack in a single film, and we choosed to remain distant from First Civ imagery for this movie :)"

  • The already known character seen in the initiation scene of the movie is, indeed, Arno. This makes him one of Callum's ancestors.

  • Aza´zia explained the differences in usage and consequences between the different versions of the Animus:
    The "chair version", are safest, and if you want the full lenght theory on Animus, brace yourself.
    When you are getting into an Animus machine, the way the time goes depends on how close you are to your ancestor. If you are using Helix and someone else memory, the timescale is 1:1
    So if you want to dig and information but have no idea when it happened, it could take you months or years in the Animus, that's why Abstergo is usually using Helix with masses, to process tons of data at once.
    If you are in direct line, time could flies and a couple of hours in the simulation could allow you to process weeks of memories.
    The chair VS standing versions are about allowing you, or even forcing you (with the arm), to sync and remain on sync with your ancestor. A way to guarantee that the subject will be efficient quickly, but the chances of triggering a bleeding effect, and hurting the psyche of a subject increases accordingly.
    Therefore seeing Abstergo pushing people because they are rushed, not caring about frying their brain, and having a post trauma process in place seemed to work well for us.

  • "The Elders" shown in the movie are not ranked above the General of the Cross within the Templar Order. Also, Ellen Kaye (the chairwoman in the movie) is not the General of the Cross

  • Ojeda is NOT a Sage

  • The real pronunciation of the surname of main antagonist of the movie is Rikkin and NOT Ryekin

  • Following the development of the movie, Assassin's Creed II: Discovery has been removed from the canon of the franchise

  • It's possible that Aguilar's outfit will be added to future games as Legacy Outfit

  • There had to be a cameo in the movie featuring either Danny Wallace or John de Lancie (the voice actors of Shaun Hastings and William Miles), but it did not make the cut. Also, Aza´zia didn't clarify who of the two voice actors had to be in this cameo.


  • The presumed leak coming from the picture here on the right is actually not related to Assassin's Creed

  • At first the ancestors of the modern day characters had to be all iconic and famous heroes of the franchise, but that would have meant that everyone would be related to Desmond's family and that would have looked too convenient.

  • Aza´zia confirmed that the team is at the very early stages of creating an Assassin's Creed TV series

  • Desmond Miles is NOT living in the Animus

  • There is no specific plan, in the short term, for an AC Brotherhood-like multiplayer to come back

  • To the question "Will we see either or both a return of a modern day protagonist and a strong modern day storyline?" Aza´zia answered with just a ":)"

What about you guys? What do you think about Aza´zia's comments? Did they clarify some of your doubts or did they create even more of them? Let us know in the comments!

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