Juno's apperance in Russia
Markuz, March 20, 2014
Translated by: Sara

Today, the ACInitiates upgrades gave the Russian memory set a much greater importance. Why? Because today someone special made her appearence and this someone is ... Juno!

Here's our analysis:

  • At their arrival in Protvino, Gavin's team together with Galina found what the girl promised, that is a bunch of crazy Assassins gone mad because of the Bleeding Effect.
    The team was ready to attack them with firearms but Galina stopped them and took care of all the crazy Assassins almost on her own with her two hidden blades. It seems like we were right in our analysis about the THE LAST SCIENCE CITY memory

  • Among the crazy Assassins, there was a girl very similar to Galina and they seemed so much alike that Emmet supposed that she could have been Galina's twin sister. Our Russian Assassin, however, didn't even blink and she killed her. If the girl really was Galina's sister, why then did she kill her in a few seconds? Is she such an impassive Assassin or is there something more that we do not know yet?

  • Emmett claimed to be a terrible shot and therefore a minimum of action, even if defensive, was also carried out by Gavin's team, but a doubt still remains: why did Galina asked for Gavin's team's help if she could be able to take care of every Assassin on her own?

  • Galina and the team arrived to the lab and Galina's mother was strapped to her Animus. Emmett noted that the version of the Animus that she was using was extremely dated, with old, or rathe "ancient" parts, and this made Emmett doubt that it could actually work.

  • Galina's mother babbled something that seemed "nonsense" to Emmett but that is actually extremely important to us. The gray is a reference to a sentence that we can frequently find in the Manifesto of the Instruments of the First Will, written by John from IT: "MAY SHE GUIDE US INTO THE GREY". The reference to her lost husband - although it may also allude to a possible husband of Galina's mother - it's also easy to be connected to the Aita's character, and so this is another connection to Juno.

  • The element which, however, gives more credit to Juno's presence is what Emmett saw in the monitors. The Assassin, in fact, saw a face in the static of the lab monitors, a face that he recalled to have already seen. This reference may be a connection to the frame that can be seen in the AC4 Multiplayer trailer. As you may have already seen on our Facebook page, this was then confirmed through one more picture by the official ACinitiates twitter channel.
  • Emmett kept looking at the screens and at Juno's face even when Galina killed her mother. He could not stop staring until the moment in which Juno seemed to scream and then disappeared.
The fact that Juno screamed has, almost certainly, a meaning and from this we created the theory that follows.
First thing first, Eve's trail fades away because the woman we see is obviously Juno and, listening to Galina's mother's babble, it is more than likely that she always spoke to Juno. Why, then, the reference to Eve in the "MEET GALINA" update?
It is possible that Juno showed Galina's mother some memories with Eve or that she pretended to be Eve in order to reach her goals.

But which are Juno's goals? In AC4, when she failed in entering the protagonist's body, she stated:

"But now it's not the time. My strength is not sufficient to inhabit an organic vessel. There's more work to do, more samples to acquire, more artifacts to find before my will can obtain."

Is it possible, then, that Juno was trying in some way to try to get in a human vessel, maybe inside Galina's mother? This might make sense because the Russian Assassins could have obtained a Piece of Eden mentioned by William in his e-mails (another artifact which was found then) and also because Juno seems to scream right while Galina pierces her mother's brain (perhaps there already was some sort of connection?). Or, maybe more realistic but with less mindfucks, it is possible that Juno was merely trying to exploit Galina's mother to find another artifact on her mission to inhabiting her future human body. In this case Juno's scream could be explained by the anger resulting from the fact that her plans were stopped by Galina and by Gavin's team.

What do you think about it?

Concept of one of the laboratory monitors by Xander

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