So brash so young
Markuz, March 21, 2014
Translated by: Markuz

We continue to follow the trail of the daily ACInitiates memories concerning the Russian plot. This time, we meet a young William Miles and here is our analysis.

  • The memory takes place in 1977 and the protagonist of this memory is almost certainly Galina's mother, considering the development of memory.

  • The Galina's mother saves William (our William Miles was already a very active Assassin at the time) from the Templar footsoldiers agents Templars that are chasing him. To thank her William tells her about his predicament and shows her the Animus blueprints (which then are dated 1977 or earlier).

  • The previous element is important, because it shows that William was already in possession of the Animus blueprints in 1977, when we know from the AC4 files that the Animus Project as such has been active at since 1981 (with the tests on Subject 1). William, then, four years before had managed to steal the blueprints from Abstergo, but unfortunately he was found out, considering the chase at the beginning of the memory.

  • William wears the same jacket and maybe the same shirt that he wears in the games of the franchise. They are probably visual features that make the character more recognizable.
  • Artwork of the hidden blade from the Encyclopedia
  • Both William and Galina's mother seem bear around their thumbs the lace which is connected to their hidden blades in the same way that Galina did. This mechanism is taken directly from one of the artworks from the Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia.

  • William gives (perhaps too easily) the blueprints to Galina's mother, telling her to bring them to her team so that they can build the Animus before the Templars, and making her promise to keep him updated. This finally explains how Galina's mother in the present day had an Animus and how this looked so "ancient" in Emmett's eyes. We wonder though, why did Bill give so easily the top secret Animus blueprints to an Assassin whom he did not even know. But is that really so?
    Animus prototype
    "Memorium S-2000" from AC4
    Maybe being in Moscow to meet with another Assassin cell, William had first done his research about the presence of the Brotherhood and maybe had already done some research on the Piece of Eden mentioned in the emails from Brotherhood ?

  • William tells Galina's mother that he is in contact with another Assassin cell in Moscow and that makes her think about the fragmentation of the Russian Brotherhood. However, this should not be surprising for us, because the POST WAR SCIENCE update mentioned the fact that the Russian Mentor was already dead in 1953 and because of that the Brotherhood was losing fundings and influence.

  • The other Assassin cell based in Moscow is probably the cell that Bill mentions in the aforementiond e-mails from Brotherhood in 2012 .

  • Galina's mother asks Bill how she would be able to meet him and it is here that Bill devises the idea of the night with the full moon on the bridge that connects the old and the new zoo in Moscow. Bill says that he has eyes and ears everywhere, and so when she look for him, he will come to know.

  • This last element lets us infer different pieces of information. First thing first, William ( born in 1948 ) in the memory is 29 years old and is able to get his hands on the Animus blueprints and claims to have eyes and ears everywhere , which makes him probably a high rank Assassin, unusual but not impossible for his age.
    Secondly we see that already in 1977 the idea of the contact at the Moscow Zoo on nights with full moon was born and therefore inevitably Galina's mother must have communicated everything the same way to her daughter. In this case, however, William claims to have eyes and ears everywhere, and that he would find Galina's mother as a result of her presence at the zoo. In Galina's case, however, Gavin's team did not receive information that defined the presence of Galina on that very night (but only the clue regarding the location and the full moon) . So maybe in Galina's case it is reasonable to assume that she he went to the zoo every night with a full moon. Alternatively, it is possible that Bill previously informed Galina to go to the zoo every full moon night before writing the book which he then left to Gavin.

  • Galina's mother describes Bill as young and brash (in positive terms) and at the same time Bill seems very "willing" towards her. Is it possible that there was a relationship / romance between the two that led to Galina's birth?

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