Who is The Father of Understanding?
Written by Sorrosyss, September 17th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers from across the franchise.

The Father of Understanding has been an entity referred to by the Templars throughout the history of the series, and indeed has some real world relevance to the actual Knights Templar. By the name itself, it surely implies a state of knowledge. In the Assassin's Creed lore, knowledge is widely acknowledged as being the sixth sense - that which gives Assassins their extra sensory abilities such as Eagle Vision.

Many have interpreted the Father as a metaphysical entity, or a supreme being. A belief system even. As with all great myths and legends though, there is likely some element of truth to it all. The Father's link with the origins of the Templar order - which we know has existed since the time of Adam and Eve - point us directly to the time period of the First Civilization, the Isu. We know a few further facts about the Father that can allow us to do some analysis.

The Father is not Baphomet.

They are an individual, with an identity.

There is a link to the Phoenix Project,
which attempts to sequence First Civilization DNA.

"Who is the Father of Understanding?"

In terms of the narrative, it would make sense for the Father to be an existing character, thus tying the franchise together. But we cannot discount the possibility that it remains a new character that we have not yet encountered first hand.

So, with our criteria that the Father surely must be someone from the First Civilization time period, let's have a look at the most likely candidates.

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Aita (Sages)

The husband of Juno, Aita was part of the Isu's efforts to try and transfer their minds to other vessels. In this instance, they attempted to transfer Aita to a human body where he sadly deteriorated rapidly. Before freeing him by a mercy killing, Juno took samples of Aita's genetic code and applied it within human DNA. As a result, from time to time Aita would partially reincarnate within the human lineage, resulting in what we now know within the lore as Sages - such as Bartholomew Roberts and François-Thomas Germain.
The theory holds, that as this individual could continually reappear through time, the fate and direction of the Templars could have been guided by his hand throughout history. In Unity, we saw Jacques de Molay was in possession of the Codex Pater Intellectus, so we see a direct reference again to the Father of Understanding. The only point that stands against this, is that Germain mentions the Father of Understanding in a third person perspective in his closing dialogue. If he was indeed Aita speaking at that moment, it could potentially debunk this theory completely.

Did you read about all of the candidates? What do you think? Is the Father an existing character? Someone new?

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Who is The Father of Understanding?
Aita (Sages)
Another Isu
Extraterrestrial / Alien
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