The faceless Order
Markuz, October 11th, 2017

The Order of the Ancients. Mysterious figures who seek the power of the ancient gods.
Hidden and faceless they control the pharaoh from the shadows.
From the Nile delta to Siwa their grasp for might and control is limitless.
When the Order crave something no one can stand in their way.
They are the reason for your pain and anger. If you do not act this country will burn to the ground.
The Order will tear our Egypt apart. What will you do, Medjay?

- Cleopatra

The Order of the Ancients has been recently brought to the public’s attention in an official and formal way (although several bits and pieces had already been revealed at E3 and Gamescom) through several promotional (and very creepy) videos and, more importantly, through a brief but very intense trailer that shook the AC community and mainly received positive reactions from all its corners.

The trailer and its previous promotional videos, in my opinion, did a great job in releasing a few details both visually and story-wise that allowed the community to get a better idea of the antagonists that Bayek will have to face throughout Assassin’s Creed Origins. That’s why I’m writing this article, to present you with the major information surrounding the Order after the promo videos and the various trailers were released, and the questions that we now have to try and answer to.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is the Order of the Ancients and what is their purpose?

Matthew Zagurak
Using the words of Matthew Zagurak, Narrative Director on the game, the Order of the Ancients is a secret society in Ancient Egypt that is comprised of a lot of powerful men and women at the top echelons of society who have high positions of power and, for the most part, are involved in politics, religion, economics, military etc. Of course this is already a call for their proto-Templar nature, but there’s more.

Their goal is that they want to bring back the glory days of former Egypt, which in their mind was more powerful with the preceding dynasties and, more importantly, more founded on order and on the divine power of the Pharaoh. All in all it seems like they are trying to get in control of Egypt through several spheres of influence (which screams “We are Templars”) and considering what they want to bring back, we can also assume that they were already in a position of control / manipulation during the preceding dynasties. This is something that might have changed with Alexander The Great reaching Egypt or, more likely, with the subsequent establishment of the Ptolemaic dynasty.

We also know that in Origins they are going to use Ptolemy XIII, the pharaoh at that time, who was 12-13 years old and so could be much more easily
Cleopatra's mention in the AC Revelations files
(Source: Youtube channel blackstar21595)
manipulated than Cleopatra, his sister, who was 20 during the events of Origins (49 BCE) and, according to Zagurak, in the game will be “much more malignant, a better strategist”. That is why the Order will be behind her expulsion from Egypt (which is consistent with their purpose of getting in control of the country), which will probably be why she is going to try and side with Bayek even if he doesn’t trust her as much as Aya does.

Considering that it was established in the Assassin’s Creed Revelations multiplayer files that the Templars “were there when Cleopatra claimed her birthright” (meaning reclaiming her throne), it will hopefully be nice to see how the Order will behave throughout the historical events that heavily shifted the political situation in Egypt (more on that in our CGI Trailer analysis).

Do the members of the Order have habits and rituals?

Yes they have, although the details are a bit scarce apart from a few promotional pictures and bits from the trailer dedicated to it.

Of course, the most recognizable element of the Order is that every one of their members is wearing a death mask representing one of the Egyptian gods. Such masks are used by the Order especially during public appearances and have been described as a symbol of the Order itself by Zagurak.

Click and zoom the picture to see the masks, the pins, the scepters and
all the other elements that are common to all the members of the Order

Furthermore, most of the members of the Order shown up until now seem to wear a “bird pin” on their robes, that may represent a falcon or a phoenix or maybe the bennu (the bird / Egyptian deity that may have been the source of inspiration for the concept of the phoenix in Greek mythology).

Another element that can be seen both in the promotional pictures and in the trailer is the Was-Sceptre, which was a symbol of power and dominion (which is consistent with the Templar ideology) that was often associated with gods, especially Set and Anubis, as well as the pharaoh. These scepters usually had the shape of a stylized animal head at the top of a long, straight staff with a forked end (the ones in the game bear Set’s effigy, are less long and don’t have such end).
According to Wikipedia, the Was-sceptres with Set’s effigy in later use were a symbol of control over the force of chaos that Set represented, which may be another consistent reason why the proto-Templars in the game are using it.

Furthermore, our Sorrosyss mentioned that the sceptres shown in the trailer vaguely seem like the Scepter of Aset, one of the Pieces of Eden that appeared in the French Comics AC: Hawk, AC: El Cakr and AC: Leila, that have been defined non-canonical almost two years ago although there’s always been a lot of discussion about the potential canon status of their historical part. Still, Origins is right around the corner so…

Another very interesting element that could be found in the trailer dedicated to the Order is that at least six members of the Order from different ethnicities (look at their skin) reunite around a table for a specific ritual that we don’t know… yet, but we can still try and have a few ideas about it.

So many details in a single frame...

It is a round, black table, around which the six members of the Order, all wearing the Amun mask (or Medunamun’s mask), first stand and then bend on their knees in front of what seems a mummified head wearing a Pschent, the double crown used by rulers of Ancient Egypt which represented the pharaoh’s power over all of unified Egypt (the red part of the crown meant control over Lower Egypt while the white one meant control over Upper Egypt). That leads to think that the mummified head *should* belong to a past pharaoh that ruled over unified Egypt, although it might be difficult to pinpoint which one as the invention of Pschent is usually attributed to the First Dynasty pharaoh Menes / Narmer in 3100 BCE and it was used ever since, even by the Ptolemaic pharaohs.

On the table we can see the effigy of Apep / Apophis, the deity represented by a giant snake that symbolized evil, darkness, destruction and chaos and in the Egyptian mythology was the greatest opponent of light, order and truth, represented by Ra and Maat. Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice in Apep’s portrayal on the table he is wearing a pschent himself, which is something atypical as usually the gods depicted with the pschent were Horus, Atum and Ra, all solar deities that either represented the pharaoh or had a special relationship with him.
... the snake rattling
around the mummified head...
Of course the Order of the Ancients, being it the antagonist of the game, is associated with a negative god, but it’s interesting to see how the concept of the snake is permeating and representing the Order itself, from the snake being attacked by Senu in the Origins CGI trailer to the snake rattling around the mummified head in the most recent trailer (IMMAGINE) to Apep’s shape on the ritual table.
More importantly, though, close to Apep’s design on the table, there is an ankh, which is a symbol of life and rebirth. That symbol probably isn’t there by chance and considering it’s placed on the same ritual table, it may mean that the Order of the Ancients is worshiping the rebirth of someone, maybe the pharaoh whose head was mummified and is placed on the table… or maybe of Apep himself, if we consider that the Egyptian gods easily were members of the First Civilization in the Assassin’s Creed lore and so Apep probably could be one of them as well.
As a side note, we already know of a group who is trying to resurrect a member of the Isu in the modern day, that is the Instruments of the First Will with Juno, and it would be interesting to have the same kind of attempt both in the historical and present day part of the game. Still, that theory is unlikely to play out considering it was clearly stated that the Order may very well represent the proto-Templars in the game rather than a group of Juno followers.

The "supports" and the scepters
As a final and possibly relevant detail of the table, it appears that on it there are six round “supports” on it which seem to be unused in some of the shots in the trailer while it appears there is something on each of them in the view from the top. That “something” in my opinion may be the was-sceptres that the members of the Order (and Ptolemy) presumably are using during the trailer. If that’s correct the ritual seems to even be more complex as the scepters apparently bear the effigy of either Set or Anubis, two other Egyptian gods, which may be both related to what is drawn on the table.
As for the former deity, in some of the myths about the battle between Ra and Apep, Set is depicted standing on Ra’s barge and defeating Apep using a spear, and so his appearance in six places on the table in the trailer may actually have a positive meaning (such as keeping Apep – in the center – at bay), although that seems to be inconsistent with all the other visual and descriptive element regarding the Order of the Ancients.
If the effigy on the scepters is Anubis’ (which is more likely in my opinion), instead, the ceremony may assume a whole different meaning. In fact, Anubis is the god associated with mummification and the afterlife and is often depicted holding an ankh in one of his hands, which may give further support to the idea that the ceremony shown in the trailer may be dedicated to the (broadly speaking) “rebirth” of a pharaoh or maybe an Isu.

How many members of the Order do we know of?

The promotional videos that appeared online would make us think of five but it’s not like that.

As we know from the E3 and Gamescom demos and as we mentioned in our CGI Trailer analysis, it seems that each member of the Order (or at least Bayek’s targets) are both known by their real name and by a nickname which is usually that of an animal. Because of that, I’ll try to provide a list of all the name we know or can hypothesize and then describe a bit more of what we know about them. So, up until now, the known members of the Order are:


This is the first member of the Order that was mentioned at E3 before we even knew about the Order itself, that Bayek defined as “the next masked one on my list” even if in the trailer he was not wearing a mask. Thanks to some promotional material, though, we already had the chance to see him both with his Amun mask and without it.


The most important feature that we have seen about him is that both in the promotional pictures and in the Order of the Ancients trailer he is wielding
Medunamun "controlling" a sandstorm
an Apple of Eden. This shows not only that the Order is after the Pieces of Eden as it was slightly hinted at in recent news (LINK) but also that Medunamun may be the main (only?) member of the Order using it, which may also define him as a leader of the organization.

What’s interesting about this is that in the trailer Medunamun seems to actually swing it to physically hit a man, instead of using its powers, which may mean a few things: he either is very cruel and intentionally uses the Apple to cause physical damage or he does not know how to use it… or he is not able to use it (because it lost its energy or because he doesn’t have the right amount of Precursor DNA?). Surely it will be nice to know more about this when the game is out.

Still in the trailer he seems to be creating / controlling a sandstorm, so…

The Crocodile

We know very little about the Crocodile, and all of that comes from the Faiyum demo shown at E3 2017. He is indeed a member of the Order and in the demo “Apollodorus” sends Bayek to assassinate him. The Crocodile is never shown, but his negative presence can be felt throughout the demo from the moment where Bayek is looking for information about him and the ledger that contains his name to when he finds out that the Ptolemaic authorities seems to be working with him to when [SPOILERS] he finds out that the Crocodile’s men went as far as killing a little girl to obtain the ledger and cover his identity.

Sadly we don’t know any information about his appearance with or without mask or his real name. He could even be Medunamun or another one of the listed members of the Order for what we know at the moment.

Hetepi – The Lizard

Hetepi is the only member of the Order about whom we know both real name, nickname and appearance (only with his mask).

Along with that we know he is “a priest of Anubis with a blue scarf and a cough”, as stated in the Memphis demo shown at Gamescom 2017. He is also one of the advisors of Pasherenptah, the High Priest of Ptah in Memphis.

In the trailer we see Hetepi in several occasions, possibly making him the member of the Order that appears the most in the video. For example we can see him in a cave / temple that is slightly echoing the architecture of the Observatory in AC4, while he looks at a man lying on the ground, stabbed
Hetepi "magically" moving
the pillars of the temple
and with the dagger still in his chest in what may be a ritual that he organized. He is also seen more than once in front of a pile of dead bodies or amidst a battle and even as he hosts what seems to be a public death sentence to show how dangerous and possibly a master of scheming he can be.

Hetepi is also involved in another scene where he is standing while a lot of scarabs are “raining” to the ground. In my opinion, unless a Piece of Eden is involved here, this is another dream sequence that Bayek will experience, much like when he is seen facing a giant snake in the E3 world premiere trailer. As an alternative, that could be a scene that represents a mirage for Bayek.

The same also applies to another very brief sequence where Hetepi is shown causing pillars of a temple (that bear particularly interesting and golden marks on them but don’t seem connected to the Precursors) to actually move on their own, disturbing the water around them and closing the path that allows to reach him. Once again, this is something that cannot happen in Assassin’s Creed so it will probably be an illusion or a dream.


It’s the man that wears what seems to be a Greek armor and a Greek helmet that acts as mask and that is seen wielding heavy and blunt weapons multiple times in the trailer and in one of the character arts, which you can see up here. As you can see from the picture, the name of this man is Septimius, which means the character is very likely to be Lucius Septimius, a Roman soldier that had served under Pompey the Great and that had stayed in Egypt since 55 BCE as a part of a garrison (the Gabiniani) that restored Ptolemy XII as pharaoh. Even the phonetical interpretation of the hieroglyphics that are placed above his name in the character art leads to “Lusius [man] Sptimius [man]”, which is basically a confirmation.
Going back to history, when, during the Great Roman Civil War, Pompey
Septimius leads a group of soldiers in the desert
fled to Egypt to retreat from Caesar’s attacks, he expected to find support in Ptolemy XII’s son, Ptolemy XIII, who, as we mentioned in our CGI trailer analysis, in turn ordered the commander of his troops, Achillas, and Lucius Septimius to kill him. More specifically, Lucius Septimius is believed to be the man who started the attack on Pompey and who also beheaded his corpse.

Also, in the trailer we see this character lead several soldiers, who, if I’m not mistaken, seem dressed with Roman garbs and helmets, which may actually prove those may be other soldiers from the Gabiniani garrison that Lucius Septimius was part of.

It’s also interesting noting that the Gabiniani ended up being a core division of Achillas’ army during the Alexandrian war against Caesar in Egypt that ended with the Siege of Alexandria and the Battle of the Nile, where Ptolemy XIII died, which may prove that Septimius could indeed appear in such battles and maybe one of those is the one shown in the screenshot where he fights Bayek.

As of now we don’t know both the real name of this character and his “nickname”, although judging from the lions appearing on his helmet or the dog / jackal / bear like fur on his shoulder he might be called something along the lines of “The Lion” or “The Jackal” or “The bear”.


The only known female member of the Order for now, Khaliset hasn’t been shown with her mask on. What we can see from her character art and from the trailer, though, is that she has a strong connection to animals, especially hyenas (which I expect she might be able tame to and control, like Bayek). We catch a glimpse of her in the trailer dedicated to the Order of the Ancients and, even it’s just for a few frames, we can see her on the verge of shooting an arrow and, right after that, two (possibly dead) hyenas seem to be walking among the fire, which may be once again another dream sequence experienced by Bayek or an illusion caused by a Piece of Eden.

The Duelist

This is probably the character that seems more out of place among the members of the Order as he doesn’t seem to be either coming from the same country that the game takes place in… or the same continent. In fact, his attire at first glance seems Far Eastern / Asiatic and upon a closer look it IS Chinese. In fact, there are a few elements that could lead to his Asiatic origin, such as his braided ponytail, the golden design of a dragon on his garbs and the dual blades that he wields.

Those two blades, though, aren’t just some blades. In fact, our Hephaestus was able to track down which kind of blades those are: they are very likely to be a Dao and a Jian from the Chinese Han Dinasty, the second imperial dynasty of China that was ruling the country during the events in Origins (you can check a few replicas of the swords at these links).

As mentioned before, a Chinese character may seem out of place in Egypt, but it’s interesting to see that, at least in the trailer, Bayek meets The Duelist in a Gladiator Arena, which, at least in my opinion, seems to be a good choice story-wise as it’s probably one of the best places where warriors from other countries would appear, as oftentimes they were attractions to have the audience more interested in the fights inside the arena.

The Scarab

The Scarab is one of the members of the Order who recently appeared in the game builds available to the press and influencers in the past few days. According to Eurogamer, his / her preferred method of killing involves burying people up to their necks in the desert and leaving them to die, which coincides perfectly with one of the scenes shown in the trailer which, therefore, makes us identify him.

The Scarab’s manages his influence in Origins in an area called Sais, and he too, as the Crocodile, appears to have a looming presence so that the population does not even want to pronounce its name too loud. Several stories surround his name as it appear he ordered mutilations, abductions and, as mentioned before, "burials" of living people in the desert to their neck to make them die in agony.

In the mission shown at the press events the Scarab sends a letter to another member of the Order, the Hyena, sending him/her silica and writing that he is gathering people from every corner of Egypt to excavate in the city of Letopolis.

Like I said for the Crocodile, the Scarab could be a new character or even a member of the Order among those we already know, but whose nickname we do not know.

The Hyena

We basically don’t know anything about this member of the Order knows apart from the fact that according to Scarab's letter it’s been some time since he heard from him/her.

As a wild guess on my behalf, it is more than possible that the Hyena is Khaliset, since she is often associated with hyenas or even shown with one of them at her side.

Unnamed members

There may be more members of the Order than the ones we listed above. Of course, there’s a chance that not all of them have been shown yet to the public to keep a few surprises under wraps (differently from what happened in the AC Syndicate campaign, where Starrick’s full organization was revealed in the Story Trailer). By “unnamed members”, though, I also meant the masked people that appeared in the promotional videos leading up to the release of the trailer, as some of those don’t have a match in the trailer itself or in the information at our disposal. The promo videos basically showed five masked people, that you can see in this picture.

The three masks in the bottom part of the picture are recognizable, as they represent Hetepi, *probably* Medunamun (the mask has the same golden contour around the eyes as Medunamun’s one, although that also seems to be the “standard mask” of the order) and, lastly, Septimius (although this mask has a winged scarab instead of a lion depicted on it).

On the contrary, the two (or four) people shown at the top of this picture are unknown (thus, unnamed members). While the one on the right has a feminine voice, which means she could be Khaliset, the one on the left, who has a male voice, is still a mysterious member of the Order (maybe it’s the Crocodile? Or the Scarab? Or an entirely new character?).

Are they just working in the shadows?

No, not necessarily. While, of course, the members of the Order are often shown lurking in dark places or threatening people in secluded place or even
Hetepi managing what seems to
be a public death sentence
manipulating Ptolemy before he goes “under the spotlight” in front of the Egyptian people, there are scenes in the trailer that show them appearing in public and in a position of power as well. In fact, and as mentioned before, we can see them interacting with Ptolemy or managing public death sentences and even leading a group of soldiers towards a battle and possibly even during such battle. One of them, The Duelist, even appears in the Gladiator Arena, which is as public as a place can be, and of course everyone will remember the beginning of the CGI trailer where one of the masked men is sit on a throne / chair that is lifted by soldiers and then taken to the Temple of Ptah in Memphis, once again showing that the Order does not spare itself from directly using the power at their disposal instead of just manipulating people for their benefit.

This attitude is very interesting and while it may seem inconsistent with the Templars that we are used to, who don’t exercise their power publicly most of the times, it is actually consistent with the lore as before the events of the first Assassin’s Creed game the Templars, at least the ones known by Altaïr and the Levantine Assassins, did their deeds candidly and without the need to hide. In Altaïr’s words from page 6 of his Codex, “Where once they proudly walked the streets – making for easier targets – now they retreat into the shadows. It grows difficult to track them. What wicked things will they weave in the darkness? Our work will be all the more complicated for it.

How is the Order connected to Bayek?

There seems to be a very strong connection between the Order and Bayek that may very well start from the beginning of the game. In fact, in the trailer Cleopatra says “They are the reason for your pain and anger”, meaning that they did something really bad to him which may be the reason why he’s hunting them down throughout the game.

To have a better idea about what they might have done to him, we can go through some of the promotional videos (you can find a list containing all of them at this link) and the Masks of Conspiracy trailer to find a few messages pronounced by the characters that are very likely to be aimed at Bayek:

What are you thinking of at night when your eyes are closed and your mind is still awake? Do you remember his last smile?

We already met. Do you remember that day? How would you be able to forget it? You do remember it. It was the worst day of your life. We'll meet again, and it will be the last day of your life.

Watch your back.

You better find me first.

Those I met before you were despicable. Do not let me down, please!

Do you remember me? Do you remember me? We have already met. You have chosen the wrong side. We are so many. We are everywhere. You’ll remember. It was the worst day of your life. We’ll meet again. It will be the last day of your life.

From these messages we get to know several solid although incomplete pieces of information and we can try and have an idea of what happened. The Order of the Ancients and Bayek have met in the past and when they interacted apparently he chose “the wrong side”, meaning that he did something that opposed them (that’s understandable considering his role as Medjay / Protector of Egypt). Possibly in retaliation the members of the Order decided to kill someone very dear to Bayek, someone who was male and whose death might cause our proto-Assassin to think about him and his “last smile” before sleeping. This murder by the hands of the Order may have been so strong and emotional for Bayek to make it the worst day in his life and to be, in Cleopatra’s words, the reason for his pain and anger.

Also, it’s interesting to see the other messages that the Order is sending to Bayek. They are taunting him, warning him to watch his back, hoping him not to be a despicable opponent (so they can have more fun in killing him) and especially they are telling him – and us – that they are many and they are everywhere, which means that the Order is very likely not to be made up only of the people that I listed above.
The AC community has tried to think about who was so important to Bayek to cause all his pain and the main theories that came out were basically two. The first one, which was even supported by our Sorrosyss, lead to believe that the Order killed Bayek’s father as he’s one of the main characters of the prequel of Origins, the Desert Oath novel. In fact, the synopsis of the book, whose events take place in 70 BC (21 years before Origins) mentions that a merciless killer stalks Egypt to eradicate all the members of the Medjay order, whose Bayek’s father is part of. If, at the end of the book, the killer (who may be part of the Order) is able to murder Bayek’s father, that can actually be the event that the promotional videos mentioned, which sets our protagonist on the hunt for every member of the Order.

Bayek and Aya (Source: PC Gamer)
The other theory, that is slowly spreading in the community is that the Order might have actually killed a potential son of Bayek and Aya and that’s the terrible event that might have pushed Bayek to take on the Order of the Ancients. This might prove why, as it was mentioned in the past, Bayek and Aya both start from Siwa to go on their separate journeys to find each member of the Order and, more specifically, why Aya herself has personal reasons to defeat the Order as seen in the Memphis demo (which would be less strong if the person killed by the Order were Bayek’s father or anyone else). Also, the death of a son might be a “solid” reason for Bayek’s dream / nightmare sequences, which Aya briefly mentions to him in the Memphis demo but that he does not want to talk about not to burden her.

In addition to this, I’d like to very briefly mention a SPOILER that appears in this video at 1:39. It's not strictly necessary for theory, so just take a look at it if you think it's appropriate for you!

Finally, playing along with the theory about Bayek and Aya’s son, I’d like to touch upon a detail found by redditor CaptnKartoffel, which he mentioned at this link. In fact, it may be nothing, but during a scene where we see that at least four members of the Order (all dressed in the same way) have captured Bayek, after he is kicked in the face and while he is about to pass out, a thin figure, possibly a boy, seems to be forced on his knees right next to Bayek’s body. Of course, that could be any kid that Bayek had to save in one of his quest, but seeing that Bayek is captured and powerless in this scene may as well be a hint towards the theory about his son.

Do they have any connection to the First Civilization and their artifacts?

Yes… No… Maybe?

Judging by Cleopatra’s first and foremost sentence in the trailer, “The Order of the Ancients. Mysterious figures who seek the power of the ancient gods” , they will almost surely be looking for some Pieces of Eden. We know for sure that at least an Apple is going to appear in the game and that the Order and more specifically Medunamun are going to weild it. Quite surprisingly the Apple has already been shown in several different ways, instead of being kept a secret.

Medunamun using the Apple
to physically hit someone
In fact, the first time we got to know about it was when Ubisoft announced the Apple of Eden replica, which got the community interested both in the collectible itself and in the fact that the Apple would have appeared in the game. The Apple can also be seen in the Medunamun promotional picture and in the Gamescom 2017 poster, where he is shown holding it, while wearing his masked attire and, as mentioned before, this could lead to several questions in the game like does he have it from the start? Does he know how to use it? What does the Order plan to do with the Apple? Is the Order looking for other Pieces of Eden.

A very brief and partial answer to such questions comes from one of the aforementioned interviews with Matthew Zagurak who, commenting on the Apple of Eden, said that to restore the system that was used during preceding dynasties in Egypt, the Order is looking for means that are political, religious, millitary and cultural ... but also "other means". Classic Templar ideology right there although, as I already mentioned, I was surprised when I actually saw Medunamun using the Apple to hit someone physically instead of using it as “other means” to further his and the Order’s goals.

It’s also interesting to see that in the sequence of the trailer where Bayek is captured by the Order of the Ancients for a brief moment it seems that one of the masked men is holding an Apple, so if the theory about that sequence taking place at the beginning of the game proves to be correct, then the Order might use it throughout the game (and not just at the end as it usually happens in the Assassin’s Creed games).

Seeing the Apple appearing so many times got me thinking, though, as if that’s one of the focuses of part of the plot of the game, maybe there are going to be other Pieces of Eden or First Civilization technology towards the end of it, just like it happened in AC3 and in AC: Syndicate. Following that line of thought I wrote a brief list of the other examples of Precursor technology that we already know had to do with Egypt and that the Order may be on the hunt for in Origins.

The Staff of Eden

According to the Assassin’s Creed II glyphs, at least two Staves have been used / found in Egypt, all of which before the events in Origins. The first of those was used by Moses (16th to 15th century BCE according to some historian and scholars) to “part” the Red Sea (or probably create an illusion about it) and he possibly brought it with him when he went to Mount Sinai, where he received the Ten Commandments. The second one was used by pharaoh Shabataka or Shebitku, the second king of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty who probably used it to rule over Egypt from 714 BCE to 705 BCE.

A third one wasn’t actually mentioned as a reference to Egypt but was probably used there anyway. In fact, it’s the one that the “Templars” entrusted Alexander the Great as stated in the Assassin’s Creed Encyclopedia and on AC Initiates. Like I said, this Staff was not mentioned with a specific reference to Egypt but it was probably held by Alexander (along with the Trident of Eden) when he visited Egypt and it may or may not have had a role when he was designated as pharaoh by the Oracle of Siwa. In the end, when Alexander was assassinated by Iltani in 323 BCE, the Staff was retrieved by her.

All in all the most likely Staff to still be in Egypt during the events of Origins is Shabataka’s one (although there’s a chance that it was actually the same that the Templars gave Alexander four centuries later).

The Precursor Box

I bet you didn’t expect this. In a very brief line of the “We the people” memory, Benjamin Franklin mentions to William Johnson that he’s been examining the Precursor Box, which, according to Johnson himself, came from Ancient Egypt.

"From Ancient Egypt, you said?" (source: Youtube channel Zevik)

In my opinion, if a Box really appeared in Origins, it might have some really impactful, although confusing consequences. In fact, considering their ability to translate Precursor writings if sustained by a source of energy that is powerful enough, a Box would fit perfectly in the Ancient Egypt setting and would be conveniently useful to decode some texts left by the Isu in a potential Egyptian vault, and who knows what that might lead to.

What would also be very interesting to see depends on the other main ability that the Boxes have, that is to store the memories of a person and then imprint them on someone else, as shown in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia. In fact, if the Shay Cormac’s Box comes from Ancient Egypt, it may have some imprinted memories from that time or even before that (*cough Isu memories *cough*), which would prove extremely relevant, considering that Shay’s Box has been in Álvaro Gramática’s hands along with the Shroud for two years now.

The Scepter of Aset

The Scepter of Aset is a Piece of Eden that appeared in the French Comics which, using the AC Wiki’s words, conferred charisma and leadership to its wielder.

The Scepter of Aset (Source: AC Wiki)

As mentioned before and as our Sorrosyss hypothesized, the Scepter of Aset could appear in the games, as it has a vague resemblance to the was-sceptres and to the scepters used by the Order in the trailer. Still, the French comics (apart from Conspiracies) were declared non-canon, so…

The Ankh

The Ankh is a Piece of Eden that is best known for its temporary resurrecting and healing properties which was, again, mentioned and shown in the French comics. The canon or non-canon nature of the Ankh, though, is even more confused than that of the Scepter of Aset because the Ankh was mentioned in at least two more occasions in the AC lore.

The Ankh from Discover Your Legacy
The first one was in a Facebook game called Discover Your Legacy that was released during the AC: Revelations marketing campaign. One of the stories that were told in that game mentioned a German Assassin named Lukas Zurburg, who lived during the 14th century, and more specifically in 1348, while the plague hit hard on Germany and his hometown Essen. In that period of time a Templar organization called “The Brothers of the Cross” promised protection from the plague but according to Lukas they were after the Ankh, which was described having “The power to heal the sick and even resurrect the dead. This suspected Piece of Eden was also said to carry the Mark of the Messenger inscribed on it”. According to Discover Your Legacy the Ankh was located somewhere in central Europe in that period of time.
Da Costa and Berg agree the
Ankh is just a dead end
(Source: Chariflame on Youtube)
Curiously enough in 1350 both Lukas and the Brothers of the Cross disappeared and were never to be seen again.

The second mention appeared in Assassin’s Creed Rogue. In one of the audio files Otso Berg calls Violet da Costa while he is in Essen and asks her about the “Ankh of Isis”. Da Costa finds a file dedicated to Zurburg among the ‘Abstergo official records’ and information about Roman Gallia, Egypt in the Middle Ages and even a modern day Assassins cell outside of such records, without finding any evidence supporting that it can actually “raise the dead”. Both da Costa and Berg in the end agree that the Ankh was only a false story created by the Assassins to make them waste their time.
I have always seen this file as a way to put all the discussion about the canon / non-canon nature of the Ankh to rest, stating that the Zurburg files were solid data while the French comics were considered “outside” of the official information and all in all it was all a dead end both in the story and for the fans.

I wonder if after “erasing” all that information there is now room for a proper origin story dedicated to the Ankh…

The Memory Seals, art by Martin
Deschambault (Source: AC Wiki)

The Memory Seals

This will probably be another stretch as it’s a tiny bit of lore from Assassin’s Creed Revelations, but you never know. In the Mediterranean Defense mini-game there was a mission taking place in Alexandria. During some excavations of the destroyed library in 1511, the Sultan’s soldiers found two First Civilization Memory Seals in a chest dated 331 BCE (before Alexander The Great died). In the mini-game the Memory Seals are stolen by the Assassins and the Templars multiple times in the attempt to decode them but up until that period of time they laid in this chest. It would be nice if Bayek found this chest in the game, even in a side quest, and experienced the memories encoded in them as it would be both a nice connection to the lore of the franchise and it could actually have a consequence in Bayek’s progression.

The Power Source

I’m mentioning this more for the sake of completeness than for believing that it could be in the game. The Power Sources are the three glowing cubes that Desmond had to retrieve in Assassin’s Creed III as a means to – unsurprisingly – power the Grand Temple and open up new rooms in it. The third one was located in a museum in Cairo, and when William Miles tried to recover it, he was captured by Otso Berg and
One of the Power Sources held
by Desmond (Source: AC Wiki)
the Sigma Team and taken to Rome. As you can see, this is another long shot, but if the Power Source was in a museum in Cairo it may have been found somewhere in ancient Egypt and maybe Bayek or the Order had something to do with it. Contrary to the Memory Seals, though, the Power Sources had a very specific purpose which was also taken care of in Assassin’s Creed III so, at the end of the day, the chances to see them in Origins are very low.

These are but just a few options concerning the way some of the already known First Civilization technology could come into play in Origins both for the Order and for Bayek, but that’s not the end of it. In fact, the actual Isu could come into play as well and I would actually be surprised if that wasn’t to happen.

We already saw how the Order of the Ancients may or may not be worshiping or trying to resurrect the equivalent of Apep / Apophis and all the evidence aimed towards that theory, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities that the setting could allow for.

For example the crocodile god Sobek has been mentioned several time both in the interviews and inside the demos. We also know that within the Faiyum area the game will feature the city of Krokodilopolis (where the Gladiator Arena shown at E3 is taking place), which was the most significant centre of the cult of Sobek, so it would be fair to hypothesize that the Isu equivalent of Sobek may appear in some form in the game.

The Oracle dedicated to Zeus-Ammon in Siwa
Another potential appearance of an Isu character – or his / her hologram – might take place in Siwa. In fact, that’s where the famous Temple of the Oracle of Amun was located. More specifically, the Oracle was dedicated to Zeus-Ammon, considering that several Greek settlers from Cyrene had made contact with the Siwa Oasis at least since the 7th century BCE. Also, as mentioned before, this was the temple where Alexander The Great was pronounced son of Amun and also the legitimate pharaoh of Egypt in 332 BCE. Thus, this would be a perfect place to have a First Civilization temple where the equivalent of Zeus / Ammun, maybe Tinia himself, could appear through a Piece of Eden, especially considering that Siwa is Bayek’s hometown and the location where the “terrible event” that starts Bayek and Aya’s journey takes place.

Finally, the Pyramids, especially the ones of the Giza Complex. Of course, these would be another perfect location for a First Civilization temple especially considering that Game Director Ashraf Ismail mentioned several times that the game would give an explanation of its own about what’s underneath the Great Pyramid and joked about the pyramids in the game containing rooms that haven’t been found yet. Also, to go back to the Order of the Ancients, three of its members are actually seen inside the Great Pyramid right in the CGI Trailer, which probably didn’t happen by chance, so hopefully we are going to see something similar in the actual game.

The Giza landscape, concept art for AC: Origins

And that’s it for the analysis dedicated to the Order of the Ancients! As you can see there’s a lot of information to sift through and a lot more that we can theorize on, but what do you think about all of this? Which are your opinions and hypotheses about the Order and what was mentioned in this article?

Let us know in the comments!

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