Reis via Havet: heading for Tromso
Markuz, April 25, 2014
Translated by: Sara

Here we are again, facing a new plotline coming from ACInitiates. After following Gavin and the Russian events, we are now in Helsinki, Finland, and we are searching for William Miles together with the crew of the Altair II.

The last info we had about William in the present day were released on December 2nd, 2013 and can be found in the "A la prochaine" memory. Gavin's team was leaving Osaka while Rebecca and Shaun were planning to leave Montreal. In the message, Gavin seems to know that Bill is active again and that both Shaun and Rebecca can get in touch with him. But how could he be aware of this info?

A la prochaine

After Desmond's death, as we know, William spent a whole year trying to deal with his enormous loss. He showed up personally for the first time at the end of AC4 when the player, once he succedeed in hacking all the Abstergo Entertainment's PC, received this message:

"Much thanks for all your hard work, friend. We know it wasn't easy. Hasn't been for us either. Losing Desmond was a terrible blow, and we've needed the past year just to get back on our feet. But we're standing, and ready to jump. Everything you acquired here, everything you sent us, will be useful in some way. Don't wonder about that. So for now, keep your head down and eyes on the task ahead. We may come calling soon... we hope you'll be ready. All the best, -Bill."

So here we find the reason why Gavin, already in December, knew about Bill taking the field again.

Gone wrong
Gavin has always been willing to help William, even when he received his Codex and the sudden mandate of Brotherhood leader. We can see his attitude in the aforementioned "A la prochaine" memory too in which he stated that he was ready to leave all of his missions if Bill was in need. After his painful adventures in Osaka and Moscow/Protvino, however, his approach toward Mr. Miles changed. In the Surveillance update "Gone Wrong", the humble spy of the Initiates faction wrote that after the mission in Russia, Gavin is maybe beginning not bear the weight of his position anymore, but what we know that he is certainly feeling the burden of the loss of the various Assassins teams of the last period (Brisbane, Whistler, Florence, Denver, Moscow), of the the reduced efficiency of the Osaka cell and of the lack of communication with Sao Paulo for over than two years. The last part of the memory suggested that Gavin is starting to take personally that Bill, although he is back on his feet since December, never tried to get in contact with him even knowing the heavy burden of responsibility that he left on his shoulders.

As shown in the "Find William Miles" memory, Gavin, led by this sort of anger, slammed William's Codex on the table in front of the crew with the aim of finding his old friend and probably telling him what he was thinking. Into the Codex there was the clue that drove us crazy yesterday and today and that finally, thanks to the ACInitiates community, found its solution.
The grid
In the shown page, Bill hid his posotion or, at least, a place from which starting the search for him (for now "WM" is not sufficient to have certainties actually).

Therefore, according to our research and especially to those of the ACInitiates community, it turned out that the point indicated by William might be in Tromsų surroundings, in northern Norway.

In particular, according to our research (and also according to user LuigiPT from the Initiates forums), the area in which William could be hidden should be the one indicated in the images, in a small dock south of Tromsų, between Oterholla and Hysholla villages. The dock is very small and it would be a great anchoring point for the Altair II and, in addition, it would follow the indication found in the riddle left by William "Reis via Havet" which in Norwegian means "Travelling by sea." The area is also far enough from Norwegian big cities and main roads, which would allow, even more likely, the presence of a nearby Assassin hideout.

The dock

From further research we found that nearby it is possible to find the Royal Norwegian Navy base of Olavsvern . It is a base that has lost the status of "orlogsstasjon" ( navy base ) in 2002 and then was put on sale for 105 million Norwegian crowns (17.5 millions USD). The base contains an underground tunnel which could hide submarines and which contained (reading from the information on the internet) a fuel tank, offices and also an emergency power supply. The pictures just seem to imply that the docks we saw could very well be part of the Olavsvern base itself. In this case, if the base had been an Assassin hideout, could we hypothesize a connection between the Assassins and the Norwegian government in the late twentieth century?

The Secret Naval Base of Olavsvern

In conclusion, as noticed by ACInitiates forum user Kaerion42, the location shown by Bill could be easily comparable with one of the Assassins marks in the map from Altair's codex.
The map in Altair's Codex
This is the same symbol that also indicated in this same map the Great Temple in Turin: it is possible, then, that in that location there is some kind of First Civilization building, an element that could be of great interest for William, especially after the loss of his son. There are already several assumptions / expectations from the fans that Bill might have searched for a Temple of TWCB to have an interaction with them and to let off his steam about the loss of Desmond.

Finally , if Gavin's crew is really going to reach William, there will maybe be some clarification about the theories / hypotheses that indicate William as Galina Voronina's father.

That's all for this last ACInitiates memory of Initiates and for the new direction of Gavin and his team. Stay tuned to see how events will develop!

Banner Artwork by Okiir

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