ATA Team, March 15, 2014
Translated by: Markuz

Welcome to this special article of Access the Animus! As you can see from the title, we, with heart in hand and immense honour, want to announce that we reached another important goal for our team, in other words we are now part of the Initiates Ambassadors program.

If you still don’t know, Assassin's Creed Initiates is a platform that wants to be the ultimate destination for all the fans of Assassin’s Creed. The website deals with the plot of the AC saga in the Database section, which is updated almost every day both with new and “nostalgic” contents, but it also has a strong dose of both internal end external interactivity (the latter one with the games of the franchise), through the daily Lost Memories mini-game and with the more complex game of the Missions related to the last chapters of the saga.

These interactions, together with the completion of the various videogames through Uplay, contribute to the Rewards System for the users included in the website. Initiates recognises and rewards the previous efforts of the fans of the series. The more games you have completed, the bigger synchronization rate you have achieved, and the higher level you have reached in Multiplayer all contribute to how MANY XP you get and, when the user level grows, these points give you various rewards on the site (badge, avatar, new missions) and sometimes also in-game contents.

The website also has forums for users to jump in to, through which the ComDevs can directly interact with the community. Forums are also used to host Q&As with the developers, allowing fans to ask questions, doubts and theories.

In these 10 months of life, the ATA team set itself the goal to become a source of news and analyses, a complete portal to confront ourselves with the community about those aspects that made Assassin's Creed one of the best series of the videogame industry. We discussed every day, starting from simple discussions about gameplay, up to debates about the mysteries and tricks of the plot, an aspect that we are very fond of. At this point of “our story”, in which the Initiates Community Developers(and so also Ubisoft in general) are rewarding us with this opportunity of collaborating with them, we are even more happy to have “persisted in the mindfuck" and to have dedicated our free time to this, maybe, greatest passion that brings us together as ATA Team.

We want to thank firstly Gabe Graziani (Initiates ComDev Supervisor) Sick-Steeny and Escoblades (Community Developers) for the chance they gave us, but we also want to say a sincere “Thanks for the opportunity” to all the other people working inside AC Initiates!

That said, we are going to explain the priorities for this project that we're going to bring forward as Ambassadors of Initates:

  1. PLOT-RELATED ARTICLES: This is our “jewel in the crown". We will deal with all the details of the AC plot, trying to do the appropriate analysis and observations. We will not only deal with the plot connected to the games, but we will extend our analysis to the whole AC Universe(comics, books, games for portable consoles when possible), with the greatest attention to the events regarding Initiates and the paths of the saga connected with it.

  2. INTERVIEWS: As already happened with the Initiates Community Developers we will try to do our best to get inside Ubisoft interviewing the people working on the saga.

  3. AUDIO/VIDEO FILES: As we already did in the past, we will upload videos to our Youtube channel containing elements of the plot to be analysed, but also elements about hidden contents of the games, as for example “The last words of Daniel Cross". Also, to support our articles, we will create videos on our Youtube channel, in which we will do small recaps of the contents we create, so that our work will be more usable. Obviously the videos may have a different approach depending on the type of content we’ll show.

  4. VIRAL GRAPHIC WORKS: Our amazing graphic designers Xander and Simonsens will create viral images and other material to support our social pages, and that we hope you will like as AC-themed images.

  5. AUDIO/VIDEO PODCASTS: We are planning a series of podcasts in collaboration with our beloved Envoy and Ambassador colleague NonDairyGold.

    The podcasts will focus on Initiates and the AC saga in general, giving you discussions, theories and maybe also interesting guests. We will have more details soon.

Obviously we still have the chance to create new contents with the increase of our experience and the suggestions of our users, so we use this occasion to ask you a simple question: What kind of content would you like to see on Access the Animus? Your suggestions are a very precious element for us, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you want to see something in particular. Your ideas will surely be of some help to improve your experience on Access The Animus!

Last but not least, we thank again the whole team of Initates and Ubisoft, for the opportunity they gave us and we feel like wishing all the other ambassadors an exciting experience and a good work.
Stay with us for this new experience with ATA. Stay tuned!

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