Protagonist: Bartolomeo d'Alviano
Setting: The Battle of Agnadello
Time period: 1509 CE

Introduction video of the chapter: "Welcome to the DDS Program. Please remain still while we synchronize your first assignment. In 1509 CE, the Battle of Agnadello dealt a devastating blow to the Venetian army. You will relive this battle through the eyes and mind of one of its captains, Bartolomeo d'Alviano. Please report any anomalies you encounter."

First memory group: DEATH DEFIANT

The world bleeds red as I struggle to open my eyes. Steel bites steel in the distance, chased by labored shouts. I have fallen in battle. The enemy ignores me; they have left me for dead. I soon will be if I do not act!

Memory 1 FIRST AID
I shudder as I shift my weight onto one leg. I have been stabbed at least twice, and my bleeding brow makes it difficult to see. I must tend to these wounds before I bleed to death!

It's just a scrap, but it will do!

This should help stop the bleeding!

It's dirty, but I have no time to be picky!

This should hold for now!

That stung!

I manage to stop the bleeding! I remove my slashed helm and dress my head wound with the tattered remnants of an enemy flag.
Memory 2 - RALLY POINT
Fallen condottieri float in the muck around me. Most have been slain or scattered by the French cavalry. I must rally the survivors.

With me, brothers!

Come, they haven't killed us yet!

Are you going to play in the mud all day? To my side!

We have survived worse than this!

Stand up! You can lick your wounds later!

My rallied crew is battered, but determined. They are eager for blood. So am I!
Bianca, my beloved blade, is lost somewhere in the mud. I will return for her, but for now I must arm myself with inferior weaponry.

Sorry, but you have no need for these anymore!

I have trained with better weapons than this, but I take it anyway.

As long as the blade is sharp, I can make use of it.

This will taste a Frenchman's blood before sunset!

Not bad at all!

I have collected a small arsenal from the dead and dying. I heft a sword in each hand and my pockets are now full of surprises, should the enemy attack me.

Second memory group TURNING THE TIDE

The three detachments who broke us still patrol the outskirts of Agnadello. We were routed and wounded. They have dismissed us. Today, the dead rise!

We charge the northern patrol! To them, it must seem as though we have risen from beneath the mud. Wave after wave we pour into their ranks, blades raised.

My enemy swings high, exposing his ribs. A fatal mistake!

This one tries to parry. I hit his sword full force, knowing one of my men will gut him as he struggles for balance!

A boot to the groin sends my victim crawling through the mud! Three of us put our swords through his back.

This one is barely an adult. A shame, but there's no mercy on this battlefield!

Roaring, I tackle my victim! I stand, but he does not. The crossed hilt of my dagger protrudes from the mud like a tombstone.

Victory! We lost a few men, but the enemy has lost its entire patrol. We scavenge what equipment we can and move on.
Memory 5 THE RUSE
Under the guise of surrender, a handful of us approach the western cavalry patrol. The bulk of our army waits in the vineyard, ready to flank!

They suspect something. I distract them with a plea for the life of my men.

I try to bribe them. Land, wealth, women. Anything to keep them focused on me!

My men creep up from behind while I hold the enemy's attention.

They demand that we throw down our weapons. We do it. We will soon have more to choose from!

I need to keep them busy just a moment longer!

By the time they realize our deception, my men are nearly upon them. They try to spin their horses, but they trip over each other. We make short work of them.
Atop the enemy's own steeds and wielding stolen weapons, we ride down the remaining patrol! We will lose horses to their pikemen, but we have the numbers.

A soldier thrusts his pike deep into the neck of the horse beside me, toppling its rider. I veer off to trample him!

I sweep my longsword off my horse's flank and hack through my opponents!

Two Frenchmen try to flee, but our plan requires no survivors! I signal to my men and they cut them down.

I am nearly dismounted as a pike catches on my saddle! I grip the pole and charge forward, knocking the wind from my attacker.

Our horses have difficulty maneuvering through the soggy ground in a skirmish, so we ride them out of combat and charge back through.

The last patrol has been silenced! We are not sure if Agnadello's garrison heard any of the battles, but we believe they were masked by the harsh storm.

Third memory group VYING FOR THE VILLAGE

Stunned villagers wander the streets, but it appears the enemy has left Agnadello. Surely Louis would not abandon his prize! We must prepare for another attack!

One section of Agnadello still burns! Its residents have mostly evacuated, but we wish to win their trust. We will help them control the blaze.

The villagers bring us buckets and show us where to fill them.

For every fire we douse, another springs to life!

The heat is nearly impenetrable, but it does not deter my mercenaries!

The flames spread to another building, but the villagers extinguish it before it can grow!

The scorched corpse of a building collapses. My men deftly sidestep the flaming debris!

We have fought back the inferno. Many of the villagers are without homes, but they are a tight community. They will take care of each other. We have earned valuable allies here.

Some of the villagers are eager to fight alongside us. Some of them are veterans, long since done with war. Others are young and eager to fight back against the invaders. We turn none away.

His scars tell me he has seen his share of battles!

This one is crippled, but he assures me he can ride a horse. I accept.

A father and son enlist. I can sense the pride each has for the other.

I have fought some of these men under different flags in the past. It does not matter. For now, we are allies.

Some of the recruits are visibly shaken. My men cheer for them as they join us and make them feel welcome. Their spirits lift.

We have managed to expand our army with the good people of Agnadello. They believe they will fight, and they may yet, but we merely intend the French to believe we have received reinforcements from my cousin.

The local blacksmiths have offered us their forges. They work through the night to provide us with more weaponry before the French return.

Impressive quality! I have paid for inferior blades in the past.

My men test the balance of the weapons. Perfect!

Some of my mercenaries have specific requests for their weapons. The smiths are impatient, but they oblige.

Smiling, a smith asks me to test the blade he has crafted. I am impressed. He is not. I hand it back to him and he continues to toil.

We marvel at the efficiency of the village's craftsmen.

We replace our broken blades with sturdier ones crafted by Agnadello's skilled smiths.

Though the villagers fear retribution for aiding us, we push them to help us gather supplies. We promise to defend Agnadello.

I offer my gratitude as the villagers bring in more supplies.

These men are used to hard work in the vineyards. They do not disappoint us.

Even as they assist us, the villagers occasionally peer over their shoulders. They are spooked.

Some of the villagers have retrieved supplies from their own homes. I vow to repay them once we have won this battle.

These people sacrifice much to aid us. We will not forget.

Agnadello is not a large village but with the help of its people, we have managed bolster our supplies.

Memory 11 STAND!
We have done our best to prepare, but the storm is upon us! Louis XII's armies have returned. We needed more time! The enemy cavalry tears through the streets of Agnadello! We brace for impact!

I send my fiercest mercenaries forward and they are trampled within moments!

The enlisted villagers hold their ground against a charge, but they are soon obliterated by enemy archers!

I tear half a dozen men from their horses, but it makes no difference. Agnadello is completely overrun!

I am struck again and again! I struggle to remain upright!

I bark orders to my men but they cannot hear me! We fight through the chaos!

Once again, I taste my own blood! The bodies of my fallen Brothers are strewn about the city. An endless wall of enemy blocks me from escape. Their leader gloats. I stare into his face, one I know all too well, as he shackles me.