The origins: Triple Helix DNA
ATA Team, April 4, 2014
Translated by: Sara

"In order to understand the future, we have to look into the past."

Released by the ACInitiates Twitter account, this advice found its explanation in yesterday's memory from the "Abstergo" section of the ACI website. The past we are talking about revolves around the first steps of the Genetic Science history that led us to the modern achievements in Medicine, Biology and so on.
DNA science has always been related to the AC games, being them based on the Animus technology which exploits the users' genetic memories in order for them to relive their ancestrors' lives. What does this memory add to what we already know about this matter then?

First things first.
The letter is written by Clinton B. Rosenburg and it deals with the work of scientist Linus Pauling. But who was Pauling?

Linus Pauling was a scientist who worked in the first fifty years of the 20th century contributing with his studies to the development of the chemistry / biochemistry knowledge. Together with other scientists of his time like Watsons and Crick, he can be considered like one of the fathers of the biomolecular ad genetics science.
In yesterday's memory we can find some hints to his working career. Clinton B. Rosenburg, in fact, refers to him by saying:

"I will spare you the details but you will find his triple-helix model, made of three intertwined strands of DNA, to be highly elegant. It rivals his earlier work on protein structure."

The less important information (for what concerns the AC universe) that we can learn from this few words is that Pauling, before working on his actual project, centered his studies on the "protein structure". He actually did it in the mid-1930s and, in particular, he was the first scientist to hyphotesize the hemogloblin structure (a complex blood protein) and its chemical reaction with oxygen.
Nowadays, his studies lie as basis for modern science and everyone who works in this field knows these elementary notions. We have to always remember though, that Pauling worked without the huge technology that we can use today and these achievements were great successes in the biomolecular science.
DNA structure
from Pauling's article
After that research, however, he dedicated his knowledge to genetics and, especially, to develop the DNA structure. Pauling had the ability to think unconventionally and this led him to create a three helix model (which actually had a lot of elementary problems in it). This model is the one mentioned in the memory and it was published in 1953 on the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), an important scientific journal born in 1915 (for those who'd like to see/read Pauling's article, you can find it here). In the same year, Watsons and Crick published their research and proposed their own hyphotesis of a double helix DNA and Pauling admitted his mistakes explaining in several articles what led him to the wrong reasoning.

Modern studies on the triple-stranded DNA are now revealing, after fifty years from its conception, how useful it could be. It seems, in fact, that by adding a strand to the normal double-helix DNA, scientists could be able to regulate gene expression. This could be used in the cancer pharmacology and therapy because through these methods it could be possible to "tell the cells" which genes they should or should not express.

It is possible, then, that Abstergo, already in 1952, understood the potential of these discoveries about DNA. These theories could, in fact, find practical applications in the Abstergo modern day plans. For example, the stimulation of particular genes could be the key with which Abstergo could succeed in making Animus users reliving their ancestors' memories.
Another example could be the project of collecting the 250 blood samples in the Vials (mentioned in the AC4 files) in order to sequence a complete First Civilization genome.
In the end, Pauling's theory could be supported by the analyses of John from IT's DNA because the genetic manipulation operated by Juno for the creation of the recurrence of the Sages' DNA may have happened through the stimulation of the genes with the triple-stranded DNA. These are the potential repercussions in Abstergo's modern day projcts but how did the company get close to Pauling?

Yesterday's memory answers this.
We know that in 1952 there was an Abstergo Industries department called Abstergo Chemicals. Following Rosenburg's words, the Director of this branch gave him the control of the Chemistry Life Foundation, which seems to be somehow connected to Abstergo. The objective of this Foundation seems to be the support (and maybe the financing) of the research of scientists like Pauling.

The memory is not the only example of Abstergo's interest towards the scientific community of that time. We already know a memory sequence from Project Legacy, set in Pasadena two months before yesterday's ACI memory (June 17th, 1952). The PL memories revolved around Jack Parsons, a chemist and a rocket engineer who worked for Caltech (California Institute of Technology), a private university set in Pasadena in which Pauling operated in the same period. The memories' finale suggests Parsons' death inside his laboratory which was blown up by Abstergo operatives.

Abstergo operatives before the lab explosion
This creates a connection between Parsons and Abstergo that, in the light of yesterday's memory, could have happened through the Chemistry Life Foundation (exactly like it happened for Pauling).
Another element that supports our theory is that the ACI memory and the PL one are set in the same place, namely Pasadena.

This would end our analysis about yesterday's memory but we wouldn't be us if we didn't consider every single picture of every single ACInitiates page :P and so, as a preview for this memory, in the website homepage we found this picture:

You can see, in this pictre, a lot of letters (yesterday's one included), all written by Clinton B. Rosenburg and, from them, we tried to obtain the best we could. So here is the transcript of what we could understand:


Mr Director,
I'm sick and tired of all these condescending...
getting from your office. I've never shown anything to you....
and I've always done what was asked of me ...
my personal agenda. I don't deserve this. And if
(ATA Hyphotesis) this was not
enough, my career keeps nose diving.

I'm being punished for being a free thinker.
(ATA Hyphotesis) The only
one around here.

I know I wasn't able to ever reproduce my...
results. But I don't think that was worth ....
who cares if I'm right or wrong anymore? The...
(ATA Hyphotesis) company
that chewed me up and spat me out.
I'm now stucked in a corner of the company. I'm (?) to do research anymore. All I've...
(ATA Hyphotesis) done is
babysitting a bunch of uppity Technicians ...
"bleeding edge" machinery.

You keep sending me new "toys" every ...
I could be pacified with technology, ...
Our great and benevolent corporation...
resources. I have thought it would ....
whole human genome, we (?) routinely...
don't get interrupted with something ....

I must keep our "Masters" happy. I...

I thought you were my friend.I...
be the one to take the first bite (?).

Clinton B. Rosenburg


December, 10, 1984

Mr. Director,
I don't know if you are still a part of Abstergo. Sometimes,
when I get lost in (?), I wonder if you were existed at all. I've just retired I think my time here is coming to an end.
We are sequencing whole genomes in a matter of months now, we're under phenomenal pressure to reduce delays further and ship everything to this man Vidic. We truly are nothing more than an assembly line at this point.

What a waste.

I'm not stupid you know, even this old man has realized our masters are after something of utmost importance hidden in the Human Genome. They spare no expence to provide my kids with the most advanced technology to increase productivy.

Like everyone here, I've heard the most preposterous rumors about Vidic's Animus project, that memories of someone's ancestors are encoded in one's genes. That Abstergo believes that claptrap explains why so many millions of dollars keep souring in here. It just makes no sense.

And to top it off, I've never found another sample with a triple-helix DNA. My life's obsession was all for nothing.

So long my friend

Clinton B. Rosenburg

The LETTER ON THE RIGHT is the one from yesterday's memory with the only difference that in this one there are two highlighted words: "Pauling" and "DNA science".

As we can see from the letters we found, Rosenburg seems to be a Templar reporting to his Superior in rank but, during the time lapse in which these letters are written (1952 - 1984), his attitude seems to have drastically changed. While in 1952 he was willing to be helpful and grateful to his Director, in the other two letters he is in direct contrast with him and he feels like he was used by Abstergo.
We learn, in addition, that Rosenburg's career is falling apart and that he is tired of his Director's condescending behaviours. For some unknown reasons, it seems like Abstergo stopped considering him, "sticking him into a corner", in order to focus on other scientists with "bleeding-edge" machinery. In the first letter, Rosenburg also suggests that he has been interrupted while working by someone/something related to Italy. In the second one, we can find the confirmation for that: Rosenburg's team is sequencing whole genomes under high pressure by Abstergo in order to be able to send the results to our "beloved" Doctor Warren Vidic. This leads Rosenburg to get even more convinced to be nothing more than a tool in his "Masters'" research of "something of utmost importance hidden in human genome". Of course, the Masters that he mentions are the contemporary Templar Grand Masters and it's highly likely that they were trying to understand the true origins of human kind and consequently all the possible information about the First Civilization.

Rosenburg, in his letter from 1984, talks about Vidic's Animus Project and about how it works too. This means that the Animus Project was not complety Top-secret and, considering the date on the letter, we can contextualize these pieces of information around the time in which Vidic's experiments reached their forth subject, Daniel Cross.

Rosenburg closes the letter with a big mistery: he states, in fact, that during his life he was able to find a triple-stranded DNA sample which became his life's obsession. Sadly, however, since that moment, he wasn't able to find other ones anymore.

What if the triple-stranded DNA represents the genetic model for TWCB? Could this single sample that obsessed Rosenburg actually belong to TWCB? We know in fact that, in 2013 already, dozens of Vials had been found by Abstergo and the "Crypto-History: Artifacts" file from AC4 confirms that "Abstergo took an interest in the Vials recovery at some point in the late 1980s". Also, the file mentions that "to date, only three have been found with their original contents intact, and of these, only one contained a confirmed sample of precursor DNA". It is, then, likely that the sample in Rosenburg's possession is the one from the aforementioned Precursor DNA sample.

What do you think about it? Quite interesting matter, indeed, don't you think?
Stay tuned!

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