AC:Unity - A leak that seems to be the real deal
Markuz, March 16th, 20134
Translated by: Stefania, Markuz

Exciting days for the fans of Assassin's Creed. This time, Kotaku is the source which is creating hype through the publication of an article showing some screenshots of what appears to be the Alpha version of the new AC chapter. As usual, here is our image analysis:

The Unity logo seems to confirm one of the past leaks appeared on Neogaf that mentioned the logo of the next AC cut in half like the logos of Quantum Break and Beyond.

In this case the numbering seems to have stopped and there is no trace of number 5, but itís only rumours for now so itís too soon to talk about it.

From this image we can already get some information. At the moment our assassin is less muscular than the past Assassins. He/she wears a dark blue and brown outfit, which is very close to the "blue suit with a tinge of red in the clip(might change)" of the leak on Neogaf.We can already see a potential modification of the gameplay, with the choice of giving to two different buttons the parkour up and parkour down functions. Since itís an alpha version, the mini-map doesnít work and at the moment the visible characteristics of the HUD are really few, except perhaps the new design of the hand-held weapon in the lower right.
From this picture we can finally deduce at least one of the locations, in other words Paris, because what you see in the background on the right is the back of Notre Dame Cathedral. The setting in Paris is another confirmation of the rumour on Neogaf that said ďthe game is set in Paris and England (London?) " Here we can also have a frontal view of our Assassin. The aspect is very similar to the one we tried to describe in our article , with very noticeable and visible boots and gloves. Also in this image we can better see the tinge of red due to the sunlight.

From this image, taken almost from the same position of the previous one but with a different angle, we can better see the equipment of our Assassin, including surely a sword and a gun and... no hidden blade at the moment. Also we can understand where the Assassin is through Google Maps, in other words on 'őle Saint-Louis, connected to the back of Notre Dame through a bridge.

This picture, that perhaps can be placed halfway between the last two, shows the interior of a courtyard. On the left we see a carriage, another element that confirms the Neogaf leak, who said that "looks like victorian era judging by the way npc dressed, architecture, horse carriages parked on the streets" even if in this case we can't see horses. The most important thing that can be seen from this picture, however, is the pediment which seems to bear the Assassins insignia. This might suggest that the building we are looking at is the new Villa of the protagonist. This theory is supported both by the fact that at the center of the picture we see an open door , and by the fact that also in this image it is possible to see an open door, so the building can be explored inside.

"The pediment"

In addition to this, the Neogaf rumor mentioned "Villa management is back. MC has his own villa (guy says its ezio's villa from AC:B)." If this is true , we would have an analogy with the Assassins' hideout on Tiber Island in AC: Brotherhood, but with a kind of management perhaps more similar to that of Villa Auditore from AC2 .

In this image, we can again emphasize how all of this comes from an alpha version of the game, as stated by Kotaku. We can see a staircase without a step, a bare square / garden without people and also some bright red and bright blue elements that probably need to be adjusted. In addition to that, in this picture like in the other ones, next to the minimap it is possible to see the Assassins logo, which could also be a reference to the return of the "Brotherhood" mechanic introduced in AC: Brotherhood , considering that the Neogaf rumor, who is proving to be more and more true, says that the protagonist "will be heading the french divison of assassins."

Analyzing the purely architectural / urban aspects, the Paris that is presented in these images already has all the characteristics of the European city of the eighteenth-century: the skyline and the profiles of the houses are characterized by classic mansard rooves (an invention dating back to the seventeenth century by French architect Mansart). It is also possible to recognize some elements of the late baroque period if not already of the neoclassical one. The presence of the bossage (the classic bricks carved in a rough stone fashion), of doric lesenes and (more generally) of classic architectural elements, allow us to narrow down the time period to the revolutionary and / or post-revolutionary one. In particular, in favor of the post-revolutionary period we can see the robes of the crowd in this picture and also from the robes of the protagonist.

All these similarities with the rumours on NeoGaf make us think that also the remaining elements may be reliable.

  • The main character would have a name similar to Arno/Harno or most likely Arnaud(Arno, together with its variations, is an ancient name of German origin meaning "Eagle-Wolf")

  • The gameís Codename is AC:Unity. The title isnít the final one, which may contain the words "Battle" or "Fight", but the NeoGAF user doesnít remember that.

  • From the video that Neogaf user saw, the game seems to be a Cross-gen title, but his/her source affirmed that it would have been a Next-Gen only title.

  • Graphically, the video the Neogaf user saw was very good, but it was a pre-production video. It had an amazing depth of field and the crowd density was much greater than the one in the previous games, although some elements of the crowd appeared and disappeared into thin air.

Stay with us and let's wait for other news!

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