Analysis about the leaked picture of the Assassin of the next AC chapter
AJ23, March 11, 2014
Translated by: Stefania, Sara

The leaked picture

No, we cannot see it distinctly and it's a picture taken from the distance but it's exactly its "cryptic nature" that arouses our curiosity.
Here you go, then, with the analysis of what we were able to get.

Analysis of the probable new Assassin
  1. Analyzing the style and type of outfit, the Assassin could be historically placed between 1800-1850, in Great Britain (Regency/Dandy Era) or France (Napoleonic Empire/French Restoration).

  2. Our Assassin has a "Total Black" dress or however he wears very dark clothes (except for the shirt).

  3. On the right hand, he probably holds a gun / revolver. We cannot, however, exclude the possibility for it to be a hidden blade (maybe different from usual ones as for Connor), even if marketing posters got us used to see it on the left hand.

  4. Around the neck of the assassin, we can see something that reminds us of the "plastron" (or Ascot), a piece of clothing used as a tie in the time period between 1800 and 1850. It is still used today especially during important events (even during Weddings for example). Coincidentally, the word "plastron" comes from French language (and French word comes from Italian language) and it represents a piece of armor that protected the medieval knights.
    Plastron, Paletot & Waistcoat
    In addition, the plastron was used by the English knights during fox hunting, in case they needed cloth for fast bandages.

  5. The jacket could be a Paletot or a Tailcoat (both derived from Frock Coat) . They are long jackets that were used in both formal and informal events, but also as an official military uniform. Note : there is the Paletot -Sac too, a jacket similar to the normal Paletot, but characterized by a " lined hood".

  6. Under the jacket there’s a "Waistcoat", a more formal gilet at the beginning of the 1800s, but that, with time, became an article of clothing of less importance, and more informal in the eyes of the community. The Waistcoat in turn covers a shirt. From what we can understand, both the waistcoat and the shirt are white, or anyway very light.

  7. Around the waist, our assassin seems to have a big belt with the emblem of the brotherhood. On the Assassin’s left thigh there may be a belt for the gun, that would clash with the considered era, but that would be justified anyway by the use of the gun.

  8. The belt wraps around a pair of "Pantaloons" or "Breeches". Both were smooth and elastic tight-fitting pants with buttons to the sides, but the first ones were, in some cases, ankle pants
    Pantaloons & Hessian Boots
    while the other type was worn mainly above the knee or just below. They are the ancestors of the modern riding breeches and of some type of military pants.

  9. The boots, that seem to cover the pants up to the knee, are probably the "Hessian boots”, a name originating from the boots the German army of the area of Hesse used to wear during the military campaigns in the 18th century. As for the other garments analysed, also the Hessian boots are still used in the world of the equestrian disciplines.

What do you think about it? Do you agree or do you see something different?

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