Assassin's Creed Rogue: Cave Paintings

The Cave Paintings are hand-made paintings that can be found in various caverns around the game world. By analyzing them with Eagle Vision Shay and the player can discover an ancient and tradional native story that can also be adapted to the AC lore.

Writer: Susan Patrick

LOCATION: Otietani, River Valley (136, -368)
TITLE: The Beginning

In the first days of the world, the earth was covered with water. There was no light in the sky, neither sun at day nor stars or moon at night.

LOCATION: Dekanawida, River Valley (487, -642)
TITLE: Underwater

Under the surface lived the water animals. Loon, Kingfisher, Otter, Muskrat… they lived in darkness.

LOCATION: Dekanawida, River Valley (487, -642)
TITLE: Apple Tree

In the sky the Great Spirit sat beneath the branches of a glowing apple tree with roots that sank into the clouds.

LOCATION: Red Bank, River Valley (375, -962)
TITLE: Looking below

One day, the Great Spirit called to his daughter, the Sky woman. He pulled up the tree so she could look down to the earth.

LOCATION: Mont-Saint-Denis, River Valley (941, -443)
TITLE: Help them

“How can they live in such darkness and chaos” asked the Sky Woman. The Great Spirit replied, “If you desire, you can bring them light and order.”

LOCATION: Old Growth Forest, River Valley (301, -453)
TITLE: Falling

“The Great Spirit gathered tup the Sky Woman in his hands and gently lowered her down. When he let go, she began to fall slowly towards the earth.”

LOCATION: Rivičre Aurifčre, River Valley (564, -321)
TITLE: Wonderment

“The water animals lifted their heads and looked up in wander at the glowing woman in the sky. “What will happen when she reaches the water?” they asked one another.”

LOCATION: Orenda, River Valley (280, -419)
TITLE: Finding Earth

“All the animals dove as deep as they coulf to find land. None could hold their breath long enough until finally, Muskrat brought up a little bit of earth in his paws.”

LOCATION: Coeur-de-l’Hiver, River Valley (501, -191)
TITLE: The Great Turtle

“A great turtle arrived, and Muskrat put the earth on his back. The turtle grew and the earth multiplied until they became a great island, which men now call North America.”

LOCATION: Black Ridge, River Valley (69, -747)
TITLE: Swans

“From beneath the water, the swan flew up to meet The Sky Woman.They caught her and carefully sat her down upon the new land.”

LOCATION: Genessee, River Valley (367, -25)
TITLE: Twins

“The Sky woman thanked the animals. “Now I can give this land spirit”, she said. She then gave birth to twin sons.”

LOCATION: Aarushi, River Valley (931, -38)
TITLE: Laughter and tears

“The son who was born first was born laughing, and was called the Good Spirit. The son who was born second caused the Sky Woman so much pain that she died. He was called the Evil Spirit.”

LOCATION: Aarushi, River Valley (946, -47)
TITLE: Lighting the sky

“The Good Spirit grieved for his mother. But he took her eyes and raised them into the sky, so one could become the sun and the other the moon. Her tears became the stars. This way, the world would no longer be in darkness.”

LOCATION: Vieille Carriere, River Valley (531, -41)
TITLE: Growing

“The Good Spirit buried what was left of his mother under the earth to nourish the soil. All the trees and plants would grow out of her.”

LOCATION: Anticosti, North Atlantic (190, -152)
TITLE: Mischief

“Meanwhile, while the Good Spirit worked in the light, the Evil Spirit did mischief within the Shadows.”

LOCATION: Gros Morne, North Atlantic (486, -307)
TITLE: Shadows

“The Evil Spirit crossed the land, moving from shadow to shadow. “I will ruin everything my brother has made!” he said.”

LOCATION: Fogo, North Atlantic (913, -69)
TITLE: Harmful things

“And so, when the Good Spirit made strong trees and swift deer, the Evil Spirit made poisonous berries and stinging insect.”

LOCATION: MHS Miranda Wreckship, North Atlantic (727, -180)
TITLE: The First Humans

“Finally, the Good Spirit took red clay from the earth and made humans. He taught humans how to speak and live together. The jealuos Evil Spirit made himself servants out of sea foam.”

LOCATION: Terra Nova, North Atlantic (793, -479)
TITLE: Humanity

“The Good Spirit saw that his creations heeded his words, and were capable of wisdom. He wished they might live forever in harmony.”

LOCATION: St. John's, North Atlantic (870, -634)
TITLE: Stubborness

“The Good Spirit saw the mischief that his brother did and knew that even his help would not be enough. He told his brother to stop making trouble but the Evil Spirit refused.”

LOCATION: Pearl Island, North Atlantic (944, -930)
TITLE: The Challange

“Knowing that his brother would respect only violence, the Good Spirit reluctantly challenged the Evil Spirit to combat. The winner would rule the world.”

LOCATION: Nerepis, North Atlantic (126, -743)
TITLE: Victory and Banishment

“The Good Spirit and his people united and triumphed over the Evil Spirit. He banished his brother to a cave beneath the earth.”

LOCATION: Le Chameau, North Atlantic (70, -478)
TITLE: The End and Beyond

“This is why there is still evil in the world. But people can also cast out this evil and find the good spirit within. All people can choose the path they follow.”

LOCATION: Grande-Entrče, North Atlantic (371, -479)
TITLE: Evil Remnants

“On the surface, though, some of the Evil Spirit’s servants still wandered from shadow to shadow. Their influence causes men to do evil things.”

When all of the 24 cave paintings are found by the player, the game will show a 25th file (The Legend of the Sky Woman), which contains the entire story with all the files put in the correct order.