Assassin's Creed Initiates: The Lost Son - Haytham's Story


1 - London // England // 1725-12-04 - THE YOUNG EAGLE

Haytham Kenway was born in London, England. He was the son of Edward Kenway, a rich and inscrutable man with an enigmatic past. His mother, Tessa Stephenson-Oakley, came from a good family who shunned her when she married Edward.

Haytham had an older half-sister, Jenny, who was Edward's daughter from a previous union. Haytham suspected Jenny knew the truth about their father, but refused to tell her little brother.

2 - London // England // 1733 - THE LONELY CHILD

Haytham began to suspect that his family was different. Although he was looked after in every way, he had no contact with other children. The neighboring children were forbidden from even looking up into the windows of the Kenway house.
Shortly before Haytham's eighth birthday, he spoke to Tom Barrett, a neighbor boy, through a hole in their fence. Tom asked if the stories about Haytham's father were true, but Tom was called away before Haytham could learn just what those stories were.

3 - London // England // 1733-12-04 - MEETING REGINALD BIRCH

For his eighth birthday, Haytham's family took him to White's Chocolate House for cake and hot chocolate. Haytham met his father's property manager, Reginald Birch, who made a show of courting his half-sister Jenny. As they left White's, the group was accosted by aggressive beggars.

One of the beggars broke through the crowd and lunged at Tessa and Edward sprang forward to defend her. Haytham was surprised to see that his father carried a sword hidden in his cane, however, it remained sheathed. His father shoved the beggar into Reginald who threw the attacker to the ground and pulled a knife on him. Edward demanded that the beggar be spared and threatened to end his business associations with Reginald if he did not comply, and the beggar was reluctantly spared.

4 - London // England // 1733-12-04 - REAL STEEL

After returning home from White's, Haytham received a sword from his father. Edward began to instruct Haytham in combat and swordplay. He also taught him about a curious kind of philosophy, in which he was encouraged to question everything he had been taught through traditional education.

5 - London // England // 1735-01-03 - FRIEND OF THE FAMILY

Reginald Birch became a regular visitor to the Kenway House as he continued to court Jenny. The young woman, who was considered a great beauty, remained cool to his advances. Meanwhile, Birch made a point of gaining Haytham's confidence, flattering the boy into revealing details of his secret training.

6 - London // England // 1735-12-03 - ATTACK ON KENWAY HOUSE

Haytham overheard an argument between his father and Reginald Birch. A few nights later, the Kenway house was attacked in the middle of the night by masked men. Haytham killed one of the attackers to save his mother's life. However, he was too late to save his father. Reginald Birch eventually arrived and rescued Haytham.

One of the attackers, a man with pointy ears, took Jenny as a hostage. He threw her in a carriage, but as she was taken away, she uttered a single word: “traitor”.

7 - London // England // 1735-12-10 - REGINALD BIRCH, TEMPLAR KNIGHT

On the day of Edward Kenway's funeral, Reginald Birch revealed to Haytham that he was a member of the Templar Order, a society of people striving to maintain peace in the world through structure and discipline.

Birch revealed that his Templar connections suspected that Jenny was taken to Europe. To Haytham's surprise, he was to accompany the family friend on the search.

8 - London // England // 1735-12-11 - MEETING THE BULLDOG

Reginald Birch introduced Haytham to Edward Braddock, a gruff Templar Knight in charge of finding Jack Digweed. Edward Kenway's former gentleman, Digweed, was the suspected traitor who facilitated the attack on the Kenway house.

Haytham and Braddock took an instant dislike to each other.

9 - Troyes // France // 1740 - THE SEARCH FOR JENNY

For five years, Haytham and Birch scoured Europe for signs of Jenny. All the while, Birch tutored Haytham in Templar lore. Haytham discovered that while both Birch and his late father taught him to question everything, Birch's philosophies were more rigidly black and white. Haytham found comfort in this absolute approach.

At the end of five years, having found no clues to Jenny's whereabouts, Birch and Haytham settled in a chateau near Troyes, France.

10 - Liverpool // England // 1744-04-19 - HAYTHAM THE TEMPLAR

Haytham matured to become a full-fledged member of the Templar Order. His first mission was to kill a greedy merchant in Liverpool.

He soon gained a reputation as an efficient killer.

11 - Altea // Spain // 1747-06-10 - JUAN’S JOURNAL

Haytham killed Juan Vedomir, a merchant who betrayed the Templar Order. Vedomir was suspected of collaborating with the Assassin Brotherhood.

Haytham obtained Vedomir's journal , which included phrases of Assassin philosophy that Haytham recognized as being remarkably similar to the words of his late father. Most of the journal was in code, however, and Haytham could not decipher it.

12 - Prague // Czech Republic // 1747-06-18 - FAMILY

Haytham met with Reginald Birch, who revealed that Haytham's mother had suffered a fall and died from her injuries. Birch offered his condolences, assuring him that the Templars were his family now.

With some hesitation, Haytham gave Birch Vedomir's journal. Birch was convinced that it contained clues to the location of a First Civilization storehouse. Those Who Came Before had long been an obsession for Birch, but Haytham remained skeptical of Birch's theories.

13 - London // England // 1747-07-03 - THE AFFAIR

Haytham returned to London to interrogate Betty, his former nursemaid in the Kenway house, and, he now realized, Digweed's secret lover. Betty claimed that Digweed was blackmailed by an unknown man with a West County accent and denied any knowledge of his whereabouts.

The next day, she attempted to send Digweed a warning letter. Haytham intercepted the letter only to discover that the man he sought was hiding in Germany.

14 - St. Peter // Germany // 1747-07-14 - DIGWEED’S FATE

Haytham and Birch tracked Digweed to Germany. The address on Betty's letter, which Haytham intercepted in London, led to the St. Peter General Store. Haytham threatened the shopkeeper's son for Digweed's location and the shopkeeper confessed that Digweed had a cabin in the Black Forest. He also revealed that two British soldiers had just asked after Digweed.

Just then, Haytham saw one of the soldiers riding away. It was “Pointy Ears”, Jenny's kidnapper. When they reached Digweed's cabin, Haytham and Birch found Digweed about to be murdered by the other soldier. Haytham chased the soldier and discovered that he was the man with the West County accent who blackmailed Digweed and orchestrated the attack on the Kenway house.

Haytham fatally wounded the soldier, who revealed that Edward Kenway was an Assassin and had been killed for something in his possession. Papers Haytham found on the soldier's body revealed that he served under Edward Braddock.

15 - Black Forest // Germany // 1747-07-16 - THE BLACK FOREST

Digweed succumbed to his injuries and died before Haytham could question him. Instead, Haytham lashed out at Birch, accusing Braddock of being in league with his father's killers. He set off to chase “Pointy Ears”, leaving Birch behind.

After days of pursuit through countryside and battlefields, Haytham caught up with “Pointy Ears”. Before Haytham could extract any information out of him, they were both apprehended and knocked unconscious by Braddock's soldiers.

16 - Zwolle // Netherlands // 1747-07-17 - THE HANGED MAN

Haytham and “Pointy Ears” were mistaken for deserters from Braddock's ranks and were sentenced to hang. In an attempt to save “Pointy Ears” for later questioning, Haytham set out to destroy the gallows. Alas, the man died, taking any clues to the murder of Edward Kenway with him to the grave.

17 - Bergen op Zoom // Netherlands // 1747 - THE COLDSTREAMS

Braddock refused to help Haytham with his investigations, but invited him to join his men in battle at the Siege of Bergen op Zoom. After the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, Haytham left his service with the Coldstreams, but remained with Braddock's unit on several peacekeeping missions.

Meanwhile, Haytham began to make inquiries among the ranks of the Coldstreams, trying to uncover a connection between “Pointy Ears” and Braddock. He met Private Jim Holden, whose brother was hanged on the day Haytham arrived. Holden exposed Braddock's cruelty and corruption, and Haytham began to see that Braddock was turning his back on the Templar Order.

18 - London // England // 1753-06-07 - THE CODE BREAKER’S SON

Haytham met with Reginald Birch, who gave him a new assignment. Haytham was expecting another killing contract, but instead, Birch told him that he had a code-breaker and affiliate of the Italian Assassins named Monica, who could decipher Juan Vedomir's journal. However, she refused to cooperate unless she had the help of her son Lucio, who had been missing for years. The Templars tracked him to a rebel compound in Corsica, and so Haytham was sent to retrieve him.

19 - Corsica // 1753-06-25 - THE ENEMY’S BLADE

Haytham snuck into the compound and saw Lucio among the Corsican rebels. He also noticed Lucio's bodyguard, an Assassin known as Miko.

Haytham orchestrated a conflict between the rebels and the Genoese military, taking advantage of the chaos to abduct Lucio. Miko attacked, but Haytham managed not only to escape, but to steal Miko's hidden blade. He spared Miko's life, but both promised to meet again.

Haytham left the boy with Birch's associates, who took him to France.

20 - Droupt-St-Basle // France // 1753-08-12 - A SURPRISE VISIT

Haytham arrived unannounced at Reginald Birch's chateau to check up on Lucio and his mother, only to find both of them shackled in a dungeon. Birch revealed that the journal pointed to the existence of an amulet that could open a First Civilization storehouse.

Haytham and Birch argued over the treatment of the prisoners. Haytham threatened Reginald into guaranteeing their survival.

21 - London // England // 1754-04-18 - THE AMULET

Haytham met Reginald Birch at the Royal Opera House in London. His assignment was to retrieve the amulet from around the neck of an Assassin identified in Vedomir's journal. To Haytham's surprise, the target was Miko, Lucio's former bodyguard. Haytham killed Miko with his own hidden blade, taking the amulet for himself.

22 - London // England // 1754-04-18 - MASTER KENWAY

The Templars believed that the amulet was a key that would open a storehouse built by Those Who Came Before. They did not know what was inside it, whether it was weapons, knowledge, or some object of unfathomable purpose. But they knew that its contents were powerful, and wanted to reach it before the Assassins.

The Templars' research concluded that the precursor site was somewhere in the British colonies around Boston or New York. Haytham, now promoted to Grand Master of the Colonies, was dispatched to find it .

23 - Atlantic Ocean // 1754-04-19 - THE PROVIDENCE

Haytham's journey to North America began on a ship named The Providence. When he had time to himself, he sat at the desk in his cabin, contemplating the challenges he was likely to face in North America, a territory rich in opportunities to increase both the Templars' goals and his own personal power.

24 - Atlantic Ocean // 1754-05-21 - A TREACHEROUS JOURNEY

While onboard The Providence, Haytham noticed the crew engaging in suspicious activities. The captain called him aside to investigate, fearing a possible mutiny. In particular, Haytham noticed that every night, a crew member dropped a painted barrel into the water. He realized that they were leaving a trail behind.

Finally, 33 days into the voyage, a ship appeared and fired at the Providence. It was a warning shot; boarding was imminent.

25 - Atlantic Ocean // 1754-06-14 - LOWER DECK

Despite there being no signs of mutiny or damage to the ship, the captain ordered Haytham to take cover in the lower decks. There, he was confronted by Mills, a crew member who revealed he'd been tracking him since the killing at the Opera House. At Haytham's request, the man offered him a sword so that he might fight back with honor.

After killing Mills, Haytham confronted the captain with the truth: there was no mutiny, the attacking ship was just following Mills' instructions. At first, the captain said he would give Haytham up, but Haytham convinced him to sail into a storm to evade his pursuers. With Haytham's help, they managed to escape safely.

26 - Monongahela River // USA // 1755-07-09 - THE BRADDOCK EXPEDITION

In July 1775, Ziio found Haytham and told him the time had come to attack. She brought fighters from the many tribes that Braddock had driven from their lands: the Abenaki, the Lenape, and the Shawnee. Haytham expressed thanks for the help, but emphasized that they couldn't just destroy the expedition; Braddock himself had to be killed so he could not launch another.

Haytham disguised himself as one of Braddock's soldiers and infiltrated the line of march. He drew a pistol on Braddock, but before he could pull the trigger, French and native troops launched an attack on the convoy. Charles Lee saved the disguised Haytham from accidentally being killed by his allies.

Braddock fled into the woods, and Haytham gave chase. George Washington came to Braddock's aid and pointed his gun at Haytham, but Kaniehtí:io appeared and put a dagger to Washington's throat. Haytham pursued Braddock deeper into the woods, where he killed him and took his Templar ring. With his dying breath, Braddock insisted the world would be a better place if they were allowed to apply the sword more liberally.

Although Haytham wanted to watch Edward die, he was forced to hide, and could only watch as George Washington and his men recovered the dying General Braddock and took him away.

27 - Fort George // USA // 1781-09-16 - A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY

Connor had all but eliminated the Templars from the colonies and was making his way to Fort George, searching for Charles Lee.

Meanwhile, Haytham knew his life would come down to one last stand. Believing Lee was the best hope for the Templars, he gave him the First Civilization amulet and helped his protégé escape. Thus resigned, Haytham stayed behind to confront his son.

Connor attempted to reach out to his father, and end the cycle of violence between Assassins and Templars. However, Haytham decided that reconciliation was impossible and that one of them had to die. A brutal battle ensued, and Haytham died by Connor's Hidden Blade. Before dying, he admitted he was proud of his son's accomplishments, but told Connor he'd have been better off killing him the first time he had the chance. After the fight, Connor found his father's journal, which brought him some understanding, but also many regrets.