Assassin's Creed Initiates: The Liberator - Aveline's Story


1 - New Orleans // New France // 1757-05-01 - DISAPPEARING ACT

A few years after her father married Madeleine de L'Isle, Aveline de Grandpré's mother Jeanne mysteriously vanished. Madeleine, already responsible for Aveline's education, continued to care for her, treating the young girl as the daughter she never had.

2 - Louisiana Bayou // New France // 1759-11-12 - WELCOME TO THE BROTHERHOOD, SISTER

Impressed by her commitment to freedom and justice, Agaté, an Assassin, took Aveline de Grandpré under his wing. After a few months of intense training, he inducted her into the Brotherhood, becoming her mentor.

3 - New Orleans // New France // 1765-01-16 - NEW ORLEANS BY NIGHT

Aveline frequently dreamt of her long lost mother. One night, after a particularly disturbing nightmare, she was woken by Madeleine de L'Isle, her stepmother. Wondering about her mother's fate and too wired to sleep, she waited for Madeleine to leave, donned her Assassin outfit, and went to the pigeon coop that served as a dead drop for Assassin messages.

Gérald Blanc, a family friend and Assassin informant, had left a letter revealing that slaves were vanishing from a nearby plantation. Though the owner reported them missing, Gérald's network found no trace of them. Aveline decided to investigate.

4 - New Orleans // New France // 1765-01-16 - A SLAVE IN TROUBLE

In order to find out more about missing slaves at a nearby plantation, Aveline went to a special dressing chamber that had been prepared for her and dressed herself as a slave. There she received further intelligence that a delivery was scheduled for the plantation, so she hid herself in a wagon to gain access to the grounds.

Once inside the plantation, Aveline blended with the other slaves to avoid attention from the guards. She found a slave who told her that the slaves were not escaping, but were being taken, the most recent being his sister, Thérèse.

Aveline used her Eagle Vision to track Thérèse's movements and found the young, pregnant slave in a nearby barn. She learned that slaves were being treated fairly by the owner, but that his son was responsible for kidnapping – and possibly murdering – several slaves.

The two women were discovered and attacked, forcing Aveline to kill the owner's son and his men. Aveline then guided Thérèse to safety.

5 - New Orleans // New France // 1765-01-16 - THE SAFE HOUSE

Having no other recourse, Aveline brought Thérèse – a pregnant slave she had liberated – to her family mansion, where her worried stepmother, Madeleine de L'Isle, was waiting for her.

Aveline lied to her about the exact circumstances of her meeting with Thérèse, but asked for her help in securing the slave's freedom. Although Madeleine was annoyed with Aveline's impulsiveness at bringing a slave to their mansion, she agreed to help.

While Madeline saw to Thérèse's medical needs, she ordered Aveline into town to fetch her new traveling clothes. When she returned home, she found her parents eating lunch. After her father Philippe excused himself from the table, Madeleine assured Aveline that she had taken care of Thérèse and that she would be safe. She also offered to help should similar situations arise in the future.

6 - New Orleans // New France // 1765-01-29 - TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS

Aveline went to her father's warehouse to meet Gérald Blanc. There, she spied on a conversation between him and her father, Philippe, who was frustrated over shipments disappearing. Gérald insisted on investigating the matter.

Aveline stealthily followed Gérald through the city, until he met with a supplier, Monsieur de Saint-Maxent. De Saint-Maxent was furious that his shipments were being stolen from him, and blamed the captain of his supply ship, suggesting that he was corrupt and taking bribes.

Aveline took the initiative, located the ship in question, and bribed the men guarding it. Once onboard, she charmed Captain Carlos Dominguez, and discovered that he had diverted de Saint-Maxent's shipment to another buyer. While Dominguez was distracted, Aveline stole some of his paperwork and discovered that the goods were being kept in two nearby warehouses.

7 - New Orleans // New France // 1765-01-29 - HER FATHER'S TROUBLES

Aveline searched the docks for the two warehouses that contained the goods stolen from her father's business partner, Monsieur de Saint-Maxent. She made her way past the guards and located the right crates using her Eagle Vision.

Aveline returned to Monsieur de Saint-Maxent to give him the good news about the recovered cargo, and he promised that her father would receive a considerable discount as thanks.

8 - New Orleans // New France // 1765-02-04 - THE KEY TO THE PROBLEM

Aveline returned to the Grandpré Warehouse in time to see Gérald deliver the news about the recovered shipments to her father Philippe. After the elder de Grandpré took his leave, the two Assassins discussed the documents that Aveline had stolen from Captain Dominguez. They contained the name Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer, a known Templar.

Gérald did not know de Ferrer's purpose in Louisiana, but he received word that he would be attending a social event at the Governor's mansion later that evening. Aveline agreed to enter the mansion discretely. Gérald mentioned that a house near the mansion was for sale, which would provide an ideal spot for a dressing chamber where she could switch between guises.

Aveline scouted the governor's mansion and followed a butler to a meeting with a man who would supply food for the event. From him, she stole a key that would give her access to the kitchen near the south entrance of the Governor's mansion.

9 - New Orleans // New France // 1765-02-04 - THE COLONY'S GOOD

Aveline entered the mansion of the French governor of New Orleans, Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie. She made her way to his office and spied on a conversation between the French governor and the Spanish Templar Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer. They were discussing plans to send slave labor from Louisiana to a Templar work site in exchange for d'Abbadie remaining governor of the colony.

De Ferrer left and Aveline killed d'Abbadie. As he lay dying, the Governor confessed that he did not regret his deal with the Templars, as he desired nothing more than to keep the colony under French control. Aveline asked about de Ferrer's plans and d'Abbadie told her that he knew nothing of the Templar plans, only that he was to provide them with slaves and vagrants for labor.

Aveline escaped from the mansion.

10 - New Orleans // New France // 1765-02-05 - AT THE PUB

Aveline found a member of Dominguez's crew who informed her that the Captain could be found at the pub. She made her way across town and found Dominguez, who was quite drunk. Aveline asked him about his connection to de Ferrer, and Dominguez admitted that he transported goods to and from New Orleans, but did not know anything more.

Aveline returned to her father's mansion. Philippe thanked Aveline for her help in sorting out the family's business affairs and gave her a page of her mother Jeanne's diary.

11 - Louisiana Bayou // New France // 1765 - THE LOAS GUIDE YOU

Aveline was summoned to the Louisiana Bayou by her mentor Agaté. The Templar's sudden activity unnerved him, so he retreated further into the swamp, and challenged Aveline to use her gifts to find him. She navigated through the Bayou and uncovered the clues her mentor had left her and located his new hideout.

12 - Agaté's Hut // New France // 1765 - THE FALSE MACKANDAL

Aveline joined her mentor Agaté at his new hideout. He informed her that a man was posing as his deceased mentor François Mackandal, and that this imposter was beginning to wield a dangerous influence in the Bayou. Agaté wanted Aveline to discover the False Mackandal's true identity and motivations.

Before Aveline left to track the imposter, Agaté gave her a blowpipe that once belonged to the real Mackandal, who was an expert in poisons. After some practice with her new weapon, Aveline felt ready to continue her mission.

13 - Smuggler's Hideout // New France // 1765 - MEET THE SMUGGLERS

Agaté revealed that the False Mackandal was gaining followers and that they were attempting to take over smuggling operations in the Bayou, but their final goals remained unclear. He suggested that Aveline contact a smuggler named Élise Lafleur, who was well versed in the swamp's underworld.

Aveline crossed the Bayou and located the Smuggler's Hideout. She arrived to see some of the False Mackandal's followers threaten a defiant Élise Lafleur. Aveline silently killed some of them before joining the fight in a more public manner.

Élise and her partner Roussillon demanded to know Aveline's identity and purpose. Aveline told her that she sought only to bring the False Mackandal to a final end and offered to help restore the smuggler's control over the Bayou in exchange for their help uncovering their camps spread out through the swamp.

14 - Louisiana Bayou // New France // 1765 - A FAITHFUL ACOLYTE

Aveline met Élise in the swamp and they traveled by canoe towards one of the camps controlled by the False Mackandal. Élise mentioned that she started to have trouble with the imposter's men at the same time the new Spanish governor arrived.

When they exited their canoe, the two women were attacked by an alligator. Aveline managed to kill the beast and claim its egg as a prize.

Élise revealed that there were two bases, the first was near a wrecked ship, with the second one further along the river. Aveline killed all the followers in the first base. Inside the wrecked ship, she found a letter from the False Mackandal that talked about a “sacred ceremony” and his desire for more men to join his ranks.

15 - Louisiana Bayou // New France // 1765 - THE SECOND CAMP

Aveline found the smuggler Élise near Mackandal's second camp. Élise spotted two of Mackandal's followers and recognized them as escaped slaves from San Danje, a shanty town located in the Bayou.

Élise decided to return to her base of operations but asked Aveline not to hurt the men from San Danje. The Assassin followed one of Mackandal's acolytes to a secluded area of the camp and killed him. She searched his body and found another letter from the False Mackandal which stated that the Voodoo ceremony was scheduled for the Eve of Saint John.

Aveline returned to the Smuggler's Hideout and talked to Élise's business partner Roussillon. She knew when Mackandal's ceremony was going to take place, but not where. Roussillon suggested that she consult a witch doctor in San Danje. Élise had gone ahead to deliver supplies to him but had forgotten a small package. Roussillon assured the Assassin that by earning the witch doctor's trust, she would receive the secrets of the Bayou. He also asked to see her when her mission was complete, as he had some more work for her.

16 - San Danje // New France // 1765-06-23 - A DARK INFLUENCE

Aveline traveled to the Bayou shanty town called San Danje and met up with Élise and the witch doctor. She gave him the supplies provided by Roussillon. The Witch Doctor did not like the dark influence that Mackandal was spreading over the people of San Danje and offered to help in any way possible. He revealed that Mackandal was likely to be found on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain and that he was armed with a powerful poison. The witch doctor provided an antidote but warned that it would not be able to stop the poison, merely limit its damage. Aveline drank the antidote and decided to disguise herself as a slave to infiltrate the ceremony.

17 - Louisiana Bayou // New France // 1765-06-23 - EVE OF SAINT JOHN

Aveline, disguised as a slave, and Élise traveled to Lake Pontchartrain by canoe and arrived at the False Mackandal's camp, where they saw the imposter talking to the Templar Rafael Joaquin de Ferrer. The False Mackandal, otherwise known as the renegade Assassin Baptiste, had a plan to poison the nobles of New Orleans and avenge the slaves, fulfilling his late Mentor's ultimate goal, which in turn would see control of the river fall into Templar hands. De Ferrer promised that if the plan succeeded, Baptiste would be inducted into the Templar Order. After de Ferrer left, Mackandal began the ceremony.

Aveline slipped into the ceremony site undetected and joined the dancing acolytes. She attempted to hit Baptiste with a dart from her blowpipe but before it could connect, Baptiste hit her with a dart from his own. He recognized Aveline's weapon as being the one that Agaté had stolen from him.

Baptiste admitted to usurping the identity of his deceased Assassin mentor and using it in a plan to force Agaté out of hiding. Thanks to the antidote, Aveline survived the poison attack and killed Baptiste's bodyguards, forcing the Voodoo leader to confront her himself. After a fierce duel, Aveline assassinated Baptiste.

As he lay dying, Baptiste recognized the locket around Aveline's neck, claiming to know a woman from his shared past with Agaté who wore an identical one. But before Aveline could get the woman's name, Baptiste perished.

18 - Agaté's Hut // New France // 1765 - THE WHOLE TRUTH

Aveline took her leave from Élise and returned to Agaté. She reported that Baptiste was dead and that he was working for The Templars and de Ferrer. When Agaté asked her if she learned anything else, all Aveline admitted to was that Baptiste had hoped to draw him out of hiding, rather than share any of her discoveries that may relate to her missing mother.

19 - New Orleans // Spanish Louisiana // 1768 - PRELUDE TO A REBELLION

After France's defeat in the French-Indian war, Spain gained control of Louisiana and established a Spanish governor in New Orleans. Answering a summons to her family's warehouse sent by her ally Gérald Blanc, Aveline encountered a riot as the citizens of New Orleans rebelled against their new masters. Aveline defended the citizens from Spanish soldiers, whom she dispatched. When she was finished, Aveline questioned some citizens about the reasons for the uprisings. She learned they were upset about the surge of kidnappings following the Spanish takeover.

Aveline met Gérald at the warehouse, where he presented her with new headquarters for her Assassin activities. He also provided a place to manage her father's trading empire, as well as a room to change outfits and store her weapons and tools. As a final surprise, he gave her a parasol that also doubled as a dart gun.

His gifts to Aveline graciously accepted, Gérald turned to new business. A rival, Mr. Bouché, had set up a stall in the market, claiming that de Grandpré's coffee eroded the nerves of those who drank it. This slander had already started damaging sales. Aveline promised to cut Mr. Bouché's campaign of lies short.

20 - New Orleans // Spanish Louisiana // 1768 - ELEGANT AND DEADLY

Seeking to stop a campaign of slander against her family's coffee business, Aveline sought one of Gérald's informants and followed him to Mr. Bouché's stall in the market. One of Bouché's employees was spreading lies about the dangers of de Grandpré coffee and urging the citizens of New Orleans to drink East India tea instead. Aveline confronted the merchant and demanded an explanation, but all the poor illiterate employee could do was plead ignorance, asking that she seek his employer in his warehouse.

At Bouché's warehouse, Aveline dispatched a guard with her new parasol dart gun and confronted Bouché. She demanded he stop slandering her family's reputation and issue a public apology. Having no intention to apologize, Bouché claimed that his profits were declining because he was losing too many slaves. Having no sympathy for the down-on-his-luck merchant, Aveline left.

She reported back to Gérald, who surmised that Bouché's financial trouble made him sell off his shops. Aveline decided to buy him out so she could pay his slaves a proper wage and set them on the path to freedom. Gérald promised to look out for similar opportunities in the future.

After Aveline bought one of Bouché's shops, she returned to Gérald. She believed that she had put an end to the problem of vanishing slaves when she killed Governor d'Abbadie. However, the problem had only gotten worse because now laborers and the poor were being abducted as well. Aveline decided she wanted to investigate the problem further. Gérald suggested she begin her investigations at San Danje, in the Bayou. Accordingly, she went to the docks, met Gérald again to have the company settle travel costs, then set out for the Bayou.

21 - The Bayou // Spanish Louisiana // 1768 - VANISHING SLAVES

Aveline arrived at San Danje and met with the Houngan she'd helped years earlier. She informed him she was investigating a new series of disappearances and asked if anyone had gone missing in the vicinity. The witch doctor replied that so many people traveled through San Danje that it was difficult to keep track. He suggested she talk to their mutual acquaintance Elise, who might have a better idea. He then gave Aveline a new type of poison for her blow gun darts.

Aveline reunited with Elise and immediately brought up the missing slaves. Elise confirmed she'd seen convoys of people being carted off. While Elise didn't know where they were being sent, she knew the convoy originated from the Fort in the Bayou.

The next day, both women met along the convoy's path and raced to catch up with it. Aveline eliminated the guards and Elise recognized some of the prisoners. She called out to a slave named Chrisfait, who replied he didn't need rescuing because he was being taken to a work site in the south where he had been promised freedom. Aveline and Elise were skeptical and decided to investigate the Spanish fort where the convoy originated.

22 - The Bayou // Spanish Louisiana // 1768 - STORMING THE FORT

After intercepting a convoy full of slaves heading to an undisclosed destination in the south, Aveline and Elise approached the Bayou Spanish fort. Aveline voiced her frustration about having failed to stop the abduction of slaves the last time.

Aveline silently eliminated the fort's guards. Once inside its walls, Aveline chased the ranking officer in charge while Elise provided cover fire. After killing the officer, Aveline opened the fort's cells to free the prisoners. Once again, the women were met with no gratitude, as the laborers were visibly upset that they would not get to board the work ship. Elise escorted the workers back to San Danje while Aveline returned to New Orleans.

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