Poll: What is an Assassin's Creed Game for you?
Markuz, June 25th, 2018

The Assassin’s Creed community has been growing for more than 10 years now. Some have left it and some have joined along the way. Because of that, the community itself is very diversified, with fans that have been following the franchise since 2007 and other equally respectable newcomers every year that choose to try a game of the franchise and fall in love with it.

With such a diversified community, obviously also comes a diversified set of opinions about each and every aspect of the franchise which, equally obviously, leads to ongoing discussions. It happens with every new release of the franchise, it happens every day and if you have followed the community on Twitter, on Reddit, on the forums and on every other social medium, you know what we are talking about.

This year was no different with the reveal of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and some of the elements that were announced about it, with a lot of discussions arising about the lore explanation for the dialogue choices / choice of the main character, about what is canon and what is not and about the fantasy / sci-fi elements of the game.

What permeated all of these debates - and many more - was and is an underlying discussion between a lot of fans about how AC has changed and evolved throughout the years and how the most recent games and especially Odyssey may or may not seem different from the initial chapters of the franchise and from… “what an AC game is”.

In fact, this is the gist of this whole article / survey. What is an AC game? As we mentioned before, the community is now so diversified and the opinions are so different among its members that we thought of having this survey to actually have an idea of what the community considers on average to be an AC game. In the survey you’ll be able to select more than one option and we suggest you to only select the options that you really feel are part of what an AC game is for you and avoid selecting the ones that you deem unnecessary. Leave a comment at the end of the page to let us know why you voted certain things and not other ones and let's try to understand what makes an Assassin's Creed game what it is for each and everyone of us!

So, without further ado, here is the survey!

Stealth gameplay
Combat gameplay
A story about Assassins vs Templars (organizations)
Modern Day elements (in general)
Third person interactive Modern Day
Events in the past having an impact on Modern Day
Material for Cosplay
Hidden Blades, Hoods, Missing ring finger etc. (iconography)
The Leap of Faith
The use of an Animus (or equivalent)
A story about Order vs Free Will (ideologies)
First Civilization elements (in general)
Pieces of Eden
Interactions with First Civilization entities
Eagle Vision (as in heightened / sci-fi “blue” vision that allows to see enemies in red and targets in yellow)
Eagle Vision (as in using an actual eagle to tag enemies)
The fantasy of being an Assassin in a historical era
Historical tourism and education
Interactions with historical characters
Conspiracy themes
Third person action adventure elements
References to other stories of the Assassin’s Creed franchise
A charismatic main character
Parkour / Free-running gameplay
Social Stealth
Naval elements
A villa / main location to manage
First Civilization locations to visit and interact with
Character customization
A highly detailed world design

The survey will last for an entire week so that as many people as possible can participate and share their feedback. After that we’ll share the results on our social media.

Considering how this is a hot topic among the community, we ask all of you to avoid any kind of offense towards other fellow members of the community in the comments and to respect their opinion.

Thank you all for participating in the survey!

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