One year with ATA!
Simonsens, May 11, 2014
Translated by: Stefania

One year ago a group of friends with a passion for Assassin’s Creed launched Access the Animus.

It was the evening of May 11th, 2013 when the first visitors read the articles by Markuz and Hephaestus, when we saw the first “Like” on Facebook and your first comments. Today we are here, talking about how beautiful it was to launch this initiative, to see it grow so much and so well, and we can't deny that our efforts are repaid day by day by your daily presence. One year spent getting to know each other, understanding your ideas and your thoughts. We met many of you on the Facebook page and on Twitter, through your comments on the website, discussing on Initiates, and all of that enriched Access The Animus, making you an essential part of this project. For this reason the ATA team feels the need to take a bow and to thank you for putting your trust in our work and we hope that your affection keeps on supporting us for the times to come.
And speaking of times to come, it’s time to talk about the new projects on Access The Animus. In fact, considering the amount of fans from all over the world, we decided it's time to improve our service.

First of all, we’d like to introduce you to the new members who officially will join the ATA team:

  • Sara: our Web Master, the person who built the Access The Animus site;
  • Stefania: the person behind our Twitter account and translator of the website content;
  • Sab: our videogames enthusiast. The new writer who will work on the analysis about the gameplay-related aspects of Assassin’s Creed.

Today we’re here for something more important, though, in other words ATA 2.0.
As you can see, we upgraded the website, modifying its structure and appearance, making it more intuitive and usable. With the current configuration of Access The Animus you will find some changes and some interesting additions.
First of all, the home page has been reorganized. On the page, in addition to the banner showing the top articles, you can check an updated chronology of the latest articles, divided among the sections with greater frequency of writing. At the top of the page, instead, you can see the navigation menu including: Sections, News, Database and Articles by.

With the new update the sections are increased and are now divided in:

  • Inside The Animus – Analysis and in-depth examinations about the games and the expanded universe of Assassin’s Creed;
  • Entertainment - Articles on miscellaneous aspects about the Assassin's Creed saga;
  • IntoTheInitiates – Articles dedicated to the plot developments on AC Initiates;
  • Interviews – Interviews with developers and people connected to the AC world.

These articles are further divided by author in the section “Articles by”.

Also, with the new Access The Animus we implemented an additional section: the Database.
It’s a project that we have been thinking to realize for a long time and that we are pleased to offer you with this update. In this section you can find all the hard-to-find official material (mainly written) that will help you to increase your knowledge about the lore of the game (in case you didn’t examine it) and to clarify your ideas on many aspects of the plot. Obviously this section will be constantly updated, concurrently with the release of material from the upcoming games.

Now you will have the chance to search the website thanks to the search bar in the navigation menu. In this way you will immediately find the answers to your questions.

On the right you can see the interface that will allow you to access the social pages of Access The Animus, the latest articles, the latest videos on our Youtube channel, the most recent comments and the pages related to the one that you are currently visiting.

As always you’ll be able to leave a comment on the articles thanks to Disqus, which allows you to access the service using your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or registering on
As for the social networks, the activity will remain pretty much the same, continuing regularly.

Our program includes much more, but we’ve decided to unveil everything all in good time and to keep secret some surprises that, we promise, will arrive soon.

This brief explanation ends here. We invite you to visit and discover the new website and we hope this update, with all the changes we made, is to your satisfaction and usefulness. Also our digression on the last year ends here, we want to renew our heartfelt thanks to Ubisoft and Ubisoft Italia, to the Assassassin's Creed and AC Initiates teams, to our Twitter followers and in general to you, our community, which accompanied us during these beautiful 365 days.

Thank you.

ATA Team

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