Lore and behold: introducing Sorrosyss
Sorrosyss, September 4th, 2017
Translated by: Stefania

Greetings! My name is Serenika and I'm the new member of the Access The Animus team. I will take care of writing articles about the Assassin’s Creed plot with a keen interest on the Modern Day and Isu elements of the story both concerning the main games of the franchise and the expanded universe. As a first article though, I'd like to introduce myself by telling you a bit about my story.

Where to begin – perhaps at the start. As with many Assassin's Creed fans, I started the journey with the franchise at the launch of the original game in 2007. Around the time I had been watching documentaries, and reading some interesting 'theories' across the internet. As such, when I read that the game would feature the Templars and the Middle East I knew it was something I'd like to try out. I've always enjoyed the mystery of the unknown and to explore themes and possibilities that are often disregarded by most. Here then was a chance to explore some of the more popular stories about the time period. Little did I know that my interest barely scratched the surface of what was to come.

Beyond that very brief description, I knew little more about the game. It came as a big surprise to meet Desmond Miles, and to suddenly be thrust into this intriguing Modern Day setting where countless conspiracies were evidently truth. My love for the mystery and secrets of this universe deepened with the sequel, and it was then that we were properly introduced to the First Civilization. I was in love with this concept from the beginning, and
anyone who has watched an episode of Ancient Aliens knows how fascinating the engineering feats of ancient humanity truly was. To spin that narratively into a high technology past was just amazing to me, and over time as we learned more about them – including introducing my beloved Juno – I just wanted to know more and more. To this day, the Modern Day and Isu elements remain my favourite parts of the Assassin's Creed story.

With each release I took the time to collect my thoughts, and would often speculate about what was to come in the next release. It was around the time of Black Flag that I actually started engaging on the Ubisoft forums with other fans, and shortly after that I found myself writing analysis posts – explaining what I thought of certain topics. As my English writing improved (not my first tongue), I then moved onto actually turning speculation into theories. Over the past few years I extended this beyond the games, and into the Expanded Universe of Assassin's Creed as well. To Ubisoft's credit, the transmedia has helped make the lore of the series feel more connected and alive than ever, and makes theorycrafting an absolute joy to speculate on. I honestly can never get enough, and always love to find out what happens next in this magical world of mystery.

And thus we come to today. The Assassin's Creed community has been one of the most welcoming and positive experiences of my life. Through it I have learned so much, had some insightful debates, spoken with some of the wonderful creative minds at Ubisoft, made new friendships, and in doing so have ultimately been blessed to help my friends here at Access The Animus. It is an honour to do so, and after ten wonderful years with this franchise, I am so excited to see where the next decade of mystery takes us. I'll certainly be passionately speculating about its future and sharing some theories and analysis as articles. With Origins set to reboot the love for many fans, I'll even be revisiting some of the franchise's oldest unsolved mysteries. We will never stop learning - not while history remains our playground.

Thank you for your valued time. Safety and peace be upon you.


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