How Juno Will Save Us All
Sorrosyss, October 5th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers from across the franchise.

Credit to non-cubic for this artwork

Juno's return to a new body is nearing reality. Throughout the ages the group known as the Instruments of the First Will, in one form or another, have worked to further Juno's resurrection - primarily with the assistance of Sages, who result in her husband Aita's partial reincarnation each time. But what will happen when the legendary Isu herself walks the Earth once more?

One thing is clear. Juno views humanity as tools and a means to an end. Itís present even in the name of her faction - instruments. As with the time of the Isu era, she expects humanity to fall back into place as the subservient creatures they were designed to be. Whilst the Templars have previously tolerated her faction in the interests of obtaining more Pieces of Eden, it is clear that neither group intends to work with the other for the long term, with the Instruments' manifesto even outright calling for the destruction of the New World Order.

The Grey has always been a control mechanism to Juno, a promise of paradise Ė a digital immortality, a desired afterlife. Her push for humanity to join her there is a distraction from the true reality of her plan though. Every person that plugs into an Animus or Helix touches the Grey, granting Juno new knowledge and leads on Pieces of Eden Ė especially on those that may aid in her resurrection. If Abstergo can reverse engineer the healing element of the Shroud within a synthetic Isu body, Juno may have an immortal life to once again walk the earth with. From there it is a simple step to bringing back Aita, and the rest of her race, shaped in her new image.

If we imagine the scenario where Juno would return, it could be intriguing for the greater human populace. Here we have a pale white humanoid, with glowing eyes, whom has apparently risen from the afterlife and from a secret historical past that we knew nothing of. The parallels to the story of Christ are quite strong, especially when you factor in that there is a Shroud present in both cases. It has even been suggested that the 'hidden twelve' are in fact her version of Christís disciples, and could actually be Egyptian 'gods' to be introduced in Origins. The Juno symbol too, that which the Instruments use, is similar to the Christian Cross as a rallying image. Whatís more, if Juno was to then perform 'miracles' with Pieces of Eden (or her own powers), what is to say that sections of humanity would not genuinely believe her to be an angel, or indeed a metaphysical chosen daughter of god? I can imagine it would not just be Christianity or other faiths that would view these events as profound, but such a world and life changing scenario would certainly colour the opinion of many people around the world - especially those seeking a saviour, as Juno promises herself to be.

In one swift moment, by revealing herself to the world she would instantly have followers and believers eating her every word. History tells us that people often gather behind great leaders, and one whom is promising a paradise - in this case, The Grey - would certainly capture the hearts and minds of many. As with many real world cults, one should not underestimate the lengths that the Instruments may be prepared to go to.

This should be a terrible wake up call for both the Assassins and the Templars. Through sitting in the networks of the world, not only does Juno know their locations and identities, but she can expose her enemies to the greater world with ease. The two great factions would find themselves horribly outnumbered by the Instruments, with a spotlight shone on them for the first time. You can guarantee that there are likely other Isu weapon caches hidden throughout the world, and being a scientist herself Juno can no doubt either recreate or improve on existing Isu designs, especially with humanity's advances in technology. Then of course, she can even bring back other Isu, or recreate warriors from her era - again giving her a huge tactical advantage. The realisation of a New Eden and a shift in the world dynamic would be just a few small steps away.

Credit to the excellent Darthdestruktor for his artwork

Practically overnight, she could create a global third faction to dominate the modern day of the Assassin's Creed universe. Minerva warned that this day would come to pass. The prospects should be frightening for Assassin or Templar alike. As the allure of Juno increases, both factions will lose members to the Instruments. This much we have already seen. How can you fight against an unseen enemy within your own ranks? Who can you truly trust? The Beloved would have you believe only she can be. But with Eden and the Isu ultimately restored, humanity's usefulness will dwindle for her. At which point we will all be "saved" from ourselves.

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