ATA Team, August 25, 2014

In the past few days, some leaked videos of ACUnity have been released through the net and in a short period of time they have spread around the web. These leaks, coming (according to who published them) from the recordings of Ubisoft testers, showed highly "spoilerish" content with unreleased game mechanics and material.

As you know, on our Facebook page we have always had a very open policy about leaks, especially for what concerns pictures rather than videos. Yesterday’s and today’s events, however, made us think.

Access The Animus is a project born, first and foremost, to deepen the plot and help the community to understand it and get an overview through the various releases of the franchise. The second objective of our team has always been, from the beginning, to inform in a way that is as clear and reliable as possible. In this sense, however, we need to make a clarification. The drive that led us to found Access The Animus is, above all, the passion that binds us to the Assassin's Creed franchise and that we like to share between us and, most importantly, with our community.

With this in mind, it is clear that our intent is not to damage neither our fans nor, least of all, a franchise that, as a hobby, fills our days. The leaks from yesterday gave us the chance to meditate on the fact that certain leaks go beyond the limit after which information does not bring benefit anymore but damage.

In addition to this, beside the above mentioned reasons, we want and we need to protect our work that is put at risk by publishing Ubisoft copyrighted material that is not eligible for distribution.

The Access The Animus Team has, therefore, decided to change its policy for what concerns the leaks and to develop a more "conservative" one, so to speak, first and foremost to preserve the gaming experience for all the fans that follow us. We all know how the AC games draw a lot of attention and these leaks may be interesting when they are released but on the long-time period they just ruin or, at least, weaken the enthusiasm of those who, then, will play the game because: "Ah, yes, I already saw this in that leaked video some months ago." As a second reason, not less important, being great lovers of the franchise, we want to preserve and protect the daily work of people who make efforts for years so that our gaming experience is as satisfying as possible.

This does not mean that we will not post anymore leaks of any kind but, surely, we will put our efforts in trying not to promote the disclosure of leaked material that we deem not suitable for a healthy growth of the community and the franchise.

We are aware that we have a lot of fans (and for this we can't thank you enough) and, therefore, we are making a decision which is as fair as much as it is difficult. We know that some of our fans will not appreciate this change of course, but we hope you can understand the motivations behind it.

ATA Team

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