Assassin's Creed: The Resurrection Plot – Review & Summary
Written by Sorrosyss, July 4th, 2023

Note: Non Spoiler Review, but a full Story Summary follows

Assassin's Creed: The Resurrection Plot is a new novel written by Kate Heartfield, and is published internationally by Aconyte books. It is also the second release in a proposed trilogy titled The Engine of History. This title though is set shortly after the industrial revolution era, ranging from 1869 to 1889 AD.

The book continues the story of our two primary protagonists, the first being the Englishman Simeon Price, a former soldier of the British Empire who now operates extensively for the Assassin Brotherhood. The second protagonist is the French woman Pierrette Arnaud, a former equestrian acrobat from a horse troupe, who trained under Simeon and now acts as an Assassin within her own right.

The central plot continues the search for a weapon known as The Engine of History, though the two characters initially embark on a quest for the elusive Ankh of Eden. The story actually contains a surprising number of historical figures, as it twists between settings encompassing England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Egypt and Russia. I was impressed at how the author managed to weave in several real world events of the era into the narrative, even going so far as to again include factual assassination attempts on world leaders to the storyline. Given how close it is to the Assassin's Creed Syndicate time period, for those of you who love crossovers, I can also confirm that there is indeed a few cameos from characters of that game. That being said, there are also a few other Easter eggs present for the more hardcore fans.

Victorian London, 1885 AD
Source: Wikipedia
The emerging technology of the Victorian era is certainly one of the major aspects to proceedings, and Heartfield does a good job in describing these new world wonders from the perspective of our characters. It was ultimately a time of great technological advancement, so it should come as no surprise here to see Assassins and Templars battling over new science that might give them an edge. And yes, that's correct lore fans, we actually have the true Assassin and Templar factions back for a change. Such a refreshing concept, after the deluge of proto-faction content in recent years.

The book notably provides us some interesting insights into how the Brotherhood has operated internationally throughout the ages, such as how it communicates, and even offers a rare glimpse into the rituals of Assassins in more recent history. The Templars' constant thirst for knowledge and tactical advantage is also present here, as they seek out temples and artifacts from the precursors who came before.

As we always like to propose in our reviews, the Assassin's Creed “template” has always been a story involving some remnant of the Isu Era, through the historical setting, and into the Modern Day itself. Sadly, the latter aspect is completely missing from proceedings here as well, giving us no real framing reference or relevance to the overall meta. I'll let you decide if that bothers you, but I can at least state that this is a strong historical tale, with well researched insight to the time period and location settings of the era. There are indeed a few different Pieces of Eden present within the tale as well.

Overall, it is a strong transmedia release, coming in at 317 pages. With yet another beautiful cover image created by Bastien Jez, in my view it is one of the better Assassin's Creed novels that we have. It doesn't particularly require you to have a grounding in the backstory of the games, and could be enjoyed quite easily as a standalone story. I would highly recommend reading the first book prior though, The Magus Conspiracy, as you do need the context and background that comes from that for the continuation in the trilogy. If you are new to the franchise though, it just gives you enough flavour of the Assassin and Templar war to intrigue one to want to learn more. Heartfield shows a strong understanding of the tones of the franchise, and it is clear she put a huge amount of effort into making this book a reality. It is comforting to know then that there is still a further book coming in this series from her, which will evidently take the story further and later in the nineteenth century and theoretically up until the first World War. There are some unresolved narrative threads remaining from the ending of this book, so it will be interesting to see how those progress going forwards.

Assassin's Creed: The Resurrection Plot is available from the July 4th 2023, both digitally and physically from all good stockists.


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Cairo, Egypt, November 1869 AD

Pierrette Arnaud stands atop a rooftop overlooking the city. She is joined by a local female Assassin known as Safiya El-Nadi, who in turn watches her husband Gamal Sabry selling books in the street below. They discuss the plan for the evening, with Pierrette to attend an opera house in order to meet the Khedive Ismail Pasha – Viceroy of Egypt, who is celebrating as his grand project of the Suez Canal nears completion.

A signal from Gamal below, draws their attention. Below the roof, a European dressed man leans against the wall, apparently eavesdropping upon them. Safiya swings down, removing the man away from the street and down the alley, promptly killing him. Pierrette joins her, and the two recognise him as a Templar contact. The Templars had evidently been following them, and may now know their plans.

Pierrette continues on alone to the Opera House. Her real mission is to intercept a Templar named Albert Hawkins from speaking with the French Empress Eugenie, both of which were also invited guests of the Khedive. She removes her old cloak to reveal a new ball gown she is wearing, and heads inside the reception area. Sure enough, she spots Hawkins speaking directly to the Khedive, trying to lobby him for more money to complete a railroad within Egypt. She mingles amongst the guests near to the Khedive to overhear the conversation, before an aide introduces her as an expert equestrienne. The Khedive is delighted to greet her, and is keen to hear about her knowledge on organising circus performances. As they talk, Hawkins slips away. She makes her apologies and tries to find Hawkins.

Khedive Ismail Pasha
Source: Wikipedia
She finds him within the Royal Box, apparently trying out the Royal throne. He then climbs up to the Wives box, where she quickly follows suit, and eliminates him there with her Hidden Blade. She places her handkerchief into his bloodied neck, a token of her confirmed kill. Hiding the body behind a curtain, she climbs back down and notes Hawkin's cane placed alongside the throne. Picking it up reveals it to be some kind of bomb. Realising she is pressed for time before the Opera begins, she ties the cane to her dress and carefully leaves the main area. She finds her way to the darkening garden of the evening, and gently places the cane into a pond. As she dons her old cloak once more, she hurries away from the garden as a loud explosion rings out behind her.

The morning after, Pierrette awakens in the guest room at Gamal and Safiya's house, her temporary accommodation whilst in Cairo. The three discuss the cane bomb, concluding that it can't have been gunpowder, but perhaps the newer “dynamite” that they had heard about. They agree to go and consult with Amira Benyamina, the elder Assassin who had relocated from Paris to Cairo, and once been a teacher to Pierrette's own mentor – Simeon Price. They discuss the bomb, as well as the railroad extension that Hawkins had been lobbying to direct to a remote site. It is agreed that the site is worth investigating further for any Templar presence.

That evening, Pierette, Gamal and Safiya leave the city upon camels under the cover of darkness. After a while of trekking, they come across Hawkins' rail road, and follow it as it winds south east. Eventually the track ends, the work evidently uncompleted. They rest the camels for the night, but are surprised when a man approaches them, none other than Simeon Price himself. Pierrette runs to embrace him. They sit around a fire and discuss matters. Simeon reveals that he had followed a group of Templars from Constantinople through to Port Said, their leader being the infamous Armen Kazan. They had apparently gathered at a nearby cave, to which Simeon had been about to infiltrate. It is Simeon's belief that Kazan holds the Ankh of Eden, an Isu artifact said to be able to resurrect the dead. His intent was to spy on what the Templars were doing with the Ankh, but now with the four of them, obtaining the object was potentially an option. Safiya stands on a hill, and using her Eagle Vision says that she sees a glimmer on the other side of the cave, perhaps another entrance. They agree to investigate.

Ankh of Eden
Source: ACWiki
Half a mile away, Safiya finds a door that opens inwards to a tunnel. The four of them make their way down into the darkness, Pierrette wielding a lit lantern. Along the walls are hieroglyphics of horses, which Safiya recognises from the era of Hatshepsut, making them likely 1,500 years old. They come to a small crossroads chamber, with statues of Isis, Osiris, and their son Horus depicted. Opposite them is the statue of Set, who by historical account had killed Osiris, leaving Isis to to use the Ankh upon her slain husband, in order to create a son who would take revenge upon Set. The four of them suddenly begin to feel angry towards one another, with the others calling out Pierrette's recklessness. As Simeon takes a step forward towards Pierrette, he blanks out and finds himself alone in pitch black corridor, confused over what just happened.

Pierrette finds herself running away, before she regathers herself. She follows a corridor that leads to a maze of doors, that seemingly keep returning her to the same spot. Eventually she chooses a door with Osiris above it, and finds her way to a room with Templars. As she chooses her target, one of the men approaches her from behind, forcing a struggle between them, before she takes him down. The sound brings two others running, who she eliminates with her knife. She presses on to find the room leads out into an amphitheatre, with twelve more Templars scattered around the area. In the centre, three stand over the Ankh, the Piece of Eden sitting for all to see on a stone slab. Donning a mask, she creeps closer, pulling out her pistol at their leader, Armen Kazan.

As he chants to the crowd, she fires off a round directly to his chest, silencing him forever. She then shoots a woman near him, before throwing in a smoke bomb and leaping towards her enemies. She fires her gun some more and slashs at anyone she can see in the smoke, taking down eight of them before a bullet grazes her collarbone. Losing blood rapidly, she loses her footing before she is grabbed by two of the Templars. Once captured, she finds the face of Art Hennighan looking back at her, the man who had once tortured her years before. Her wrist and ankles are tied by chains, whilst the Ankh begins to glow. A nearby painting of a horse on a wall, presumably holding the animal's corpse, begins to change shape. At that moment, Simeon and the others burst into the room, and begin fighting the remaining Templars. As blood loss takes hold of Pierrette, the last image she sees is a full size horse running past her and bowling over people as she passes out. Simeon scrambles to get to his feet, as the astonishment of seeing a horse appear out of nowhere staggers many of them. Hennighan takes the opportunity to grab the Ankh and runs down an escape tunnel. Safiya tends to Pierrette, urging Simeon to chase down the Templar. He does so and finds Hennighan further down the tunnel, trying to place a rope around the horse in order to escape. Gamal follows up behind Simeon, trying to land a shot with his pistol, but misses and startles the horse, triggering it to run away pulling Hennighan along within the rope. As the horse leaves their sight, the two Assassins elect to follow the drag marks in the sand to pursue. They follow the trail to the Suez Canal itself, where the hoofmarks end – the horse and Templar evidently already departed by boat.

The Suez Canal, 1869 AD
Source: Wikipedia
Simeon and Gamal return to Safiya, who warns that Pierrette's condition is worsening. They help her up onto a camel, with Safiya aiming to take her to a doctor in Cairo. Gamal looks at the indent inside the cave, and suggests that the Ankh itself somehow concentrated the memories of the dead to all those within the crossroads room they had entered – explaining their unusual aggression towards one another at the time. Simeon suggests they return to investigate, and sure enough nothing remarkable happens on their second visit to the crossroads. They check the horse murals on the walls, and digging behind the paint, realise that there are in fact bones layered into the walls. They guard the cave for two days, awaiting any sign of Templars returning. None come, and they are happy to find a group of Assassins enter instead, to relieve them of their guard duty, apparently sent by Safiya.

They make their way back to Gamal's house, and go to rest immediately. When Simeon re-awakens, he makes his way to the main room, and is relieved to find Pierrette sitting up talking with Amiya, the latter greeting him with a hug. They discuss matters, namely the fact that European Templars are seemingly operating in Egypt. Amira suggests that Simeon and Pierrette (once recovered) travel to Paris to see if they can pick up the trail of Hennighan and the resurrected horse. At that moment, Gamal enters with a telegram for Pierrette. She opens the message and translates the code. It reads “L Siddall exhumed please come E Frye”.

Hippodrome, Kensington Gardens, London, England, 1851 AD

Victorian time Southampton
Source: Daily Echo
As Simeon heads to Paris, Pierrette makes her way alone to Alexandria, before taking a ship back to England. She is lost in thought throughout about how she had left the dangerous book of Ada Lovelace's designs within her friend Lizzie Siddall's coffin, and that it might now be in the hands of the worst kind of individual. Upon arriving at Southampton, she gets upon a train to London, arriving at Waterloo Station a few hours later. There she meets Evie Frye, an Assassin that had recently liberated London from its Templar influences alongside her brother Jacob.

They take a cab to Chelsea together, where Evie explains that Lizzie's husband, Gabriel Rossetti, had actually been the one to request the exhumation, apparently to retrieve a “poem book” from the coffin. The local Assassins had searched for the book but to no avail. Pierrette leaves the cab at Gabriel's new home, with Evie providing her address to meet up later. Pierrette is greeted at the door by the housekeeper, and is shocked to find a series of exotic animals within the living room. Gabriel enters and explains that he has become somewhat of a collector. Pierrette questions him about the exhumation, to which Gabriel explains his eye sight had worsened, and that he'd needed to sell another book to make ends meet. His best work had been in a poem book within the coffin, but he had ultimately been persuaded into the exhumation plan by Charles Howell, a business advisor.

Gabriel Rossetti
Source: Wikipedia
Later that evening, Pierrette arrives at the house of Anne Blunt, Ada Lovelace's daughter. She explains to Anee why she hid the book in her mother's coffin, and that she would welcome her assistance in planning a social meeting with Charles Howell. Sure enough, the next evening an invitational card game of whist is planned, with Anne and Howell playing in a pair versus Pierrette and Evie. The conversation eventually turns to the coffin, where Howell reveals that he had got to know undertakers, who noted the second book, and that it had been of interest to the recently deceased Templar John Elliotson. When the coffin had been exhumed, the two books were to be disinfected, however the group of undertakers and Howell had been startled by a woman dressed entirely in veiled white, who seemingly appeared and then vanished with one of the books out of nowhere. Pierrette immediately suspects it to have been the Templar Countess Konstanze von Visler.

Paris, France, July 1870 AD

Simeon had spents months looking for Hennighan, but had not dug up any true leads. He was pleased to meet his old friend Michel Moulin, who was the local Assassin leader, and was awarded a Parisian Templar target to try and find any new intelligence on their enemies. That target was Virgile Donat, a glass factory owner. Simeon elects to wait outside the factory until the owner makes his appearance, deceiving him by handing over a newspaper, and then promptly stabbing him in the stomach. As the Templar lays on the ground, Simeon questions him as to the location of Hennighan, but he only offers that he is in Paris and the name of “The Engine of History” before dying.

Paris, 1870 AD
Source: Wikipedia
Simeon returns to the Assassin Bureau, hidden below the coalworks of the city. He confirms Donat's kill to Michel and then discusses the pending war rumors between France and Prussia. Michel suggests it is down to them to prevent all out war, and that the Hennighan search will have to wait. He requests Simeon to undertake some sabotage work along the French border, and provides two men to assist him. The two men are brothers, Jules and Fabrice Sabourin. Michel shows a map of telegram lines, and wants them to cut them along the border to prevent any attempts at declarations of war between Templar lines. Simeon and the brothers travel together and begin making the cuts to the lines. After cutting several, a gun shot rings out with Jules high up on a pole. He eventually falls, breaking his arm in the process. The three run and get into their horse and cart to escape.

Later that evening, a Doctor tends to Jules' arm, whilst Simeon finds a note under their door, warning them about destroying “their property”. Simeon deduces from the tone of the note that it must be none other than Konstanze Von Visler. Shouts come from outside, and Fabrice goes to investigate. When he returns, he hears that war has been declared, their efforts evidently not enough.

London, England, July 1870 AD

London, 1870 AD
Source: Lost London
Pierrette walks the streets in heavy rain under her umbrella. She had spent months searching for the countess to no success. She had pressed a local Templar known as Tom Shallow for information, but he yielded little. In response, he sent some of his gang after her, and sure enough she finds herself surrounded near her lodgings. She takes the three of them down, and tells the woman amongst them to inform Tom that he is to cease all operations, or her next visit would be less civil.

That evening, Pierrette visits her old circus friends, the troupe of which are now run by Tillie Wallin. She meets Tillie and her son Spider, before taking the latter to watch the performance with her. As the crowd watches, Tillie makes a mistake and falls from high above. The fall kills her instantly. Pierrette takes Spider to an assistant and goes to her dying friend's side.

Montmartre, Paris, France, September, 1870 AD

Montmartre, 1870 AD
Source: Wikipedia
Simeon had made his way back to Paris after the war erupted. One afternoon in September, he receives a visit from Monsieur Sabourin, father to the two brothers. Standing at the doorway, he demands that his two sons leave the apartment, and join him on the front lines. Simeon tries to ask him to leave, but the two brothers eventually relent from hiding and come to the door to meet their father.

The streets of Paris erupt into chaos, as the Empire evidently collapses in on itself. Simeon makes his way to the Assassin Bureau, and meets with Michel once more. He is asked to retrieve and relocate some important individuals (one being the Empress herself), and take a carriage to pick them up. As he makes his way through the crowds, a person leaps from a column directly onto the seat next to Simeon – it is Pierrette. They discuss Tillie's death, and the countess's message to Simeon, both admitting frustration in their respective searches. The Empress suggests her Dentist's home as a safe refuge. When Simeon stops the carriage there, he notices Pierrette has quietly disappeared. The Dentist manages to smuggle the Empress out to safety, whilst over the coming days Paris resorts to full war preparations. The Assassins even help out with the fortifications to the city. Simeon comes across Fabrice, who sadly informs him of his brother Jules' death on the front line.

By the time October arrives, the city is surrounded and under siege. Foods and supplies are low, when Simeon meets with Michel once more, with a small group of Assassin leaders. They discuss the war and how to break the Prussian lines. They are shocked when a lone Templar enters their hideout, Victoire L’Estocq, who declares that both of their Orders have a common goal and should work together. Michel recognises that she actually wants help to leave the city, as the Assassins hold all the transport links. Simeon also states that they actually want the present government to collapse as they've lost their hold over them. The Templar feigns disgust, and leaves the hideout in shame, her ploy for cooperation seen through.

In the weeks that follow, Simeon joins the French forces defending Paris against the Prussian onslaught. Eventually they intercept a pigeon that was apparently being used by the Templars. Its coded messages state L'Estocq was in Brussels with Konstanze Von Visler. Simeon immediately suspects that Hennighan is probably there as well, and requests to Michel to spare him from duty to travel to Brussels and investigate, heading first to Tours where the interim French Government resided. The Assassins arrange for a hot air balloon to be readied, and Simeon climbs aboard to meet the pilot, Monsieur Lebrun, a railway worker by profession.

Victorian era Hot Air Balloons
Source: Daily Mail
The balloon rises high above the city, and Simeon takes the opportunity to pour out leaflets to the Prussian solders below, informing them that the French have removed their leaders, and that if the Prussians did the same – the war could end. Lebrun pulls out a knife on Simeon, but the latter overpowers him and hangs him over the edge of the basket. Simeon inspects Lebrun's pockets, and realises that he is carrying the Ankh with him and must therefore be a Templar lackey. Lebrun manages to grab the stowed anchor, and lands it directly to Simeon's throat, flooring him to the bottom of the basket. Lebrun wraps a rope around Simeon's neck and attempts to choke him. Simeon eventually manages to wrestle free, but only just manages to topple Lebrun out of the basket, regrettably with the Ankh still upon him. The balloon flies onwards as Simeon catches his breath. He notes it is losing altitude rapidly, and elects to release the pigeons travelling as passengers. Fearing a bad landing, he stands upon the the edge of the basket, and makes a leap of faith to his best guess of a safe landing.

Tours, France, October, 1870 AD

Pierrette has spent two months looking for Hennighan. She'd heard from the local paper seller, that a man fitting his description had come to the stall on occasion. Pierrette was therefore watching the paper stall from the rooftops, when she spotted Simeon sitting in a cafe opposite. As the rain begins to fall, she scans the rooftops and spots a sniper, aiming down at Simeon. She shouts out to distract the sniper, pulling out her gun and aiming it at him as she leaps over to where he lays. She is shocked to discover the sniper is actually
Tours, 1870 AD
Source: Media Storehouse
Hennighan. He pulls out a handgun, startling Pierrette, who then slips on the wet roof and through an open window. As Hennighan clambers over to check if she had fallen to her death, she exits from a window on the other side, climbs up, and grabs the sniper rifle, turning its butt edge upon Hennighan and knocking him down to the roof tiles. She climbs onto him and holds a knife to his throat. He manages to roll her off, forcing her to launch her Hidden Blade into his chest. She asks where the countess is, to which he points at Simeon, who now stands upon the roof too - before dying.

The two Assassins catch up as they flee the scene. Simeon reveals he had landed near Le Mans, and made contact with Assassins there, and had been trying to seek assistance for Paris from the government in Tours. As the official had made him sit at the highly visible window, it was clear that they were now in league with the Templars. He explains that he believes that the countess is now in Brussels, but that he should go alone as he believes that she is tired of the Templar/Assassin feud and might be able to reason with her. Pierrette reluctantly agrees to let him travel alone, and instead elects to head to Le Mans, to make contact with the Assassins there.

Brussels, Belgium, November, 1870 AD

Brussels, 1870 AD
Source: Tumblr
Simeon travels to Brussels and finds accommodation. Finding a map seller, he makes his way to the cathedral of St Michael and Saint Gudula, and elects to scale to the roof to take a wider view of the city. When he returns to his rented room, he finds the landlady with a calling card from the visitor. Bearing the countess's seal it invites him to a Château Aarden at 5pm that day. Realising it might be a trap, he heads to a telegram shop, and sends messages to Pierrette and Michel as to his and the countess's whereabouts.

He travels by carriage to the site, which sports a sizeable tower. Arriving early, he sneaks his way inside before finding the countess, and pulling a gun on her. She confesses that she could have killed him at any time, but would prefer that the two of them speak. She offers him a drink, and leaves Ada's notebook on the table for him to retrieve. He takes out a page, before setting it on the nearby fire to burn. She asks what he desires, and Simeon states that he wants Templar influence away from the French government. She agrees, in exchange for a detailed understanding of the workings of the Assassin Brotherhood. A truce is proposed, as the countess explains that war ultimately benefits chaos and the principles of the Assassins, whereas peace can in turn bring the Order that the Templars crave. Simeon agrees not to kill her that day, to which she laughs in response.

By January of 1871, the countess had been true to her word, showing Simeon all Templar locations around Paris and that every individual member had left the city to the machinations purely of the French people. Prussian forces surrounded the city, forcing a difficult surrender. Simeon and the countess ride around a sleigh on the Château grounds, where she reveals that the Ankh has still not been located. They discuss Kaiser Wilhelm coming to power, and declaring a new German Empire. The countess tells Simeon about how her father had sought ancient artifacts and that she had continued his work. The two argue over philosophy, but it becomes apparent to both that their two orders are not so dissimilar.

When the May of 1873 arrives, Simeon is visited by Gamal. They discuss the situation in Paris, but Simeon also suggests that he believes that the countess may actually be looking to defect to the Assassins. As the summer turns to July, Simeon journeys to the Château once more. Whilst waiting in the lobby for the countess, he is attacked from behind by the butler, who attempts to garrote him. Simeon manages to overpower him, lancing his Hidden Blade through the butler's throat. The countess enters the room in shock, Simeon's pistol now trained on her. As he approaches her, she pulls him towards her and kisses him.

The next morning, the two lay in bed. The countess confirms that she wants the freedom to continue her work, but it is clear from the butler incident that the wider Templars are not interested in her wishes and intend to eliminate him. She concludes a partnership with the Assassins may well be the solution she needs. Simeon leaves and meets with Gamal and the poet Arthur Rimbaud at a publishers office in central Brussels. Simeon relays to Gamal that he is being targeted by the Templars, and elects to leave the city on the next train to Paris.

Arthur Rimbaud
Source: Wikipedia
As the train travels, it grinds to a halt over a bridge. Train staff inform everyone to leave the train onto the bridge, due to an alarm. Simeon helps everyone leave, and then is the last one left in the carriage, save for a woman – Countess Konstanze von Visler. She informs him that she has feelings for him, the first time in her life, and that she is prepared to walk away from the Templar Order. She tells him that she has issued a telegram in his name to the Templar leaders, telling them that he intended to kill her on this very train. To cover her death, she has actually arranged for a real bomb to be placed upon the train. She states she will pledge herself to the Assassins if it means she can remain with him. With seconds to spare, the two leap from the train carriage to the river below and to safety.

Suez Canal, Egypt, July 1873 AD

Pierrette had taken a new task from Amira whilst in Paris, and had travelled to Egypt to investigate a suspected artifact smuggling ring, with ties to the Templars. She breaks into an office supposedly used as a front, and searches the filing cabinets. A Templar man enters the room, where Pierrette shoots him in the foot and ties him to a chair. He reveals that some of the codes used in the files are actually names, but shares nothing further, triggering an alarm under the desk. Pierrette returns to Cairo, and checks the list of names with Amira but nothing tallies up. Amira suggests she travels to London, to check them with the local Assassins there.

London, England, July 1873 AD

George Westhouse
Source: ACWiki
Pierrette travels to meet her old circus friends initially. She spends time with Spider Wallin, who gratefully does not remember her, as she had been sat with him on the day of his mother's death years before. After three days with the troupe, she goes to meet with the Assassin George Westhouse in a pub in Crawley to discuss the names on the list. He confirms that most of them are shipping companies, and indeed that most of them have or would soon be declared bankrupt. One stands out though, Drake Trading, who work with steamships. Westhouse pledges to send some Assassins to investigate. Later that evening, she receives a cryptic telegram stating that reports of their death are incorrect. Puzzled by who it could be from, she is informed separately from Westhouse that Simeon has been killed. She smiles realising the truth is now apparent to her.

The Alps, Switzerland, July 1873 AD

Simeon and Konstanze made their way to the Alps, and rent a cabin there, far away from prying eyes. A St Bernard sat outside the cabin, who would bark at strangers, and they named him Javert. After a few months using funds from Konstanze's hidden (even to Templars) bank accounts, Simeon reaches out to Henri Escoffier, an Assassin he had once worked alongside, who now resided in Zurich. He explains that he wanted to introduce a new ally, and Simeon and Konstanze make the journey into the city to meet with Henri. As a show of faith, Konstanze reveals much of the workings of the Templar Order, and these meetings continue for several months. She explains that she had worked on the “Engine of History” as a weapon, but it had not been successful.

A cabin the in the modern day Swiss Alps
Source: The Guardian
Whilst back at the cabin, she continues to work on her experiments, making copious notes, as well as training in Assassin techniques with Simeon. After three years of trust established with the Zurich Assassins, Konstanze asks for her first assassination target, and it is granted. She travels to a business conference in Brussels, the target – Maynard Poole, a cartographer and known Templar. Two months pass, and Konstanze does not return, leaving Simeon concerned alone in the cabin. Eventually Henri comes to the cabin, confirming that she had made contact, her target eliminated. She had also managed to destroy several Templar records in the process, as well as finding a lead to a map of Pieces of Eden that could prove useful. Henri points out though that she had been seen in conversation with King Leopold, which was not part of the plan.

The next day, Konstanze returns in the evening, having travelled with Henry Morton Stanley, a man famous for exploring Africa. She invites him to stay for a few days, and explains to Simeon that he could help with finding artifacts. Simeon is asked to light the fire, at which point Henry pulls a gun upon him. Simeon throws the fire poker at him to disarm him, before noticing that Konstanze now has her pistol locked upon him, the betrayal evident. Instinctively, he grabs Henry, using him as a shield, before pushing him into Konstanze, and escaping out the door into the night, the dog running with him.

London, England, December 1879 AD

London covered in fog
Source: Daily Mail
Pierrette was amazed at how bad the fog had become in the city as winter rolled in. She had been investigating the Drake company for years, but had no real traction in success as yet. She goes to visit the Troupe on her return to London, but finds Spider playing truant with other children, playing in the streets instead.

As summer arrives, she goes to stay again with her friend Anne Blunt, who recently has returned from Arabia. She shows off the new horses she obtained whilst out there, one who can reputedly run to 50mph. She explains they came from the lineage of a remarkable horse that had come from the port of Yenbo. Recognising this could be the infamous resurrected horse, Pierrette sends out a message to both Simeon and Michel.

Saint Petersburg, Russia, March 1880 AD

Simeon had been so infuriated with the events surrounding Konstanze, he had elected to travel to Russia and continue his search for the Ankh.
Victorian era Saint Petersburg
Source: Russia Beyond
He engaged with the local Russian Assassins, who had evidently been working to assassinate the Templar loyal Tsar. As he makes his way through the city an explosion rings out.

Crawley, England, April 1880 AD

Spider tires of the circus life, and it is suggested that he stay with Pierrette at the horse stud farm for a time, both as guests of Anne Blunt. As recompense for staying with Anne, Spider and Pierrette both ride and train the horses. One day, Pierrette receives a visit from George Westhouse. He has come to warn of a Templar assassination plot against Queen Victoria, and requests her assistance. He hands her a uniform, and tells her to make her way to Windsor.

A few days later, Pierrette finds herself astride a horse pulling the carriage of Queen Victoria herself. She waits for the Queen to arrive at the Royal Windsor train station, and is shocked to spot Spider on one of Anne's horses a few yards ahead of her – presumably after he had listened in on her conversation with George. Pierrette spots a gunman in the crowd, but Spider sees him first, sending the horse over the barriers and knocking him to the ground. The Queen comes aboard her carriage, and the procession heads for the palace as planned. Once safely delivered, Pierrette rushes back to find Spider and the horse, but both have departed. She returns to the horse stud farm to find Spider, berating him for placing himself in unnecessary danger. The two argue, before Spider departs that evening.

Queen Victoria
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Four months pass, and Pierrette receives a visit from Gamal and Safiya. They talk about the horses, before returning inside the house. Anne informs them that the British fleet had begun bombarding Alexandria in Egypt.

Paris, France, March 1889 AD

Simeon had recently returned to Paris, and was already back to work on targets for the Brotherhood. This time he was seeking the gang leader known as Centime within Belleville, who he quickly tracks down and kills at a public urinal.

A few days later he receives a visit from Fabrice Sabourin, who informs him that Konstanze has been spotted within Paris, at the Gare de l’Est train terminal. The Brotherhood believes that she will be at a machine exhibition, but Simeon believes it to be a trap. He sets off in investigation, checking with individual cab drivers if anyone recognised her photo that he still carried. He finally finds someone who does, and elects to head to the Grand Hotel room she was seen at, and climbs up to the executive suites from outside. Letting himself in from a window, he investigates her room and retrieves a lockbox from a drawer, before hearing approaching steps.

Fabrice enters the room, calling out to Simeon. He says he saw Konstanze enter the room, and they break down an adjoining door to the next room. They enter just as Konstanze leaps from the window to a woman waiting to catch her. She yells that there are thieves in her apartment, trying to draw witnesses. Simeon leaps out after her, but when he closes upon her, he realises it is in fact a young woman dressed just like her – a decoy.

The modern day Gare de L'est
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Simeon and Fabrice return to Michel to report on what had occurred. The latter attempts to break into the lockbox, finding it a kind of puzzle box. They eventually find a ciphered letter inside, stating that the Engine of History design had finally been realised, and that once combined with the “tower” and a Piece of Eden, they could control the continent. The opposite side of the letter shows a sketch of the Eiffel Tower, which was nearing final construction.

London, England, March 1889 AD

Ariel Fine passes away, and Pierrette attends her funeral along with the rest of the troupe. She had continued to search for Spider, with no real success. However, she spots him standing a distance away at the funeral, now a man of 21 years, paying his respects. As they reunite, an Assassin approaches Pierrette with a telegram, evidently from Simeon requesting her help in Paris. Not wanting to lose touch again with Spider, she suggests he come to France with her, and that they stay together for a time to get to know each other.

Mayfair, London, England, 1861 AD

Pierrette endures days of questioning and wounds inflicted by the Countess, as she seeks answers to what Ada's notebook contains. Not only is part of it written in code, a lot of it contains seemingly random sentences placed together. Pierrette eventually offers to have a go at reading and decoding the book, so she is provided pencils and paper. After a few days, she states that she has found reference to a temple and the converging of lines in Bath, a town in England. She protests that her hands are too cold to write due to the wintery weather, and the Countess arranges for a fire to be lit in the fireplace of the room. Still wearing her pendant necklace, Pierrette remembers it contains a flammable powder. She opens it and blows some towards the fire, igniting the Countess's outfit. Pierrette takes the moment of surprise to grab her knife and the notebook from the table, cut her binds, and throws her chair through a nearby window. She then leaps outside to the rooftops, and makes her way halfway down the street across the roofs before her energy gives out and she collapses near to a young and surprised chimneysweep.

Paris, France, March 1889 AD

Pierrette and Spider travel to Montmartre and meet with Simeon, the latter catching them up on Konstanze and the Eiffel Tower. The three go to meet with Michel and other high ranked Assassins. They discuss potentially destroying the tower, concerned that it is the exact opposite of hiding from plain sight, but concluding they have no other choice to stop the Templar plot. They plan to place dynamite upon the legs of the tower, dressed as workmen to get past the night guards.

Pierrette looks at the letters and notes from Konstanze's lockbox. She makes a phone call to Anne, but as they talk she realises that most of the work of Ada and Konstanze surrounds calculations, and predictions. She considers that the Engine of History is actually a way of predicting the future, from the patterns of the past. This would mean that the Eiffel Tower would in fact be nothing more than a trap, the destruction of which would be pinned on the Brotherhood, painting them as international terrorists. She realises Simeon and the Assassins have already left, and tells Spider to try to find and inform the others to stop the operation.

She finds a bicycle outside, and sets off in search of Simeon. As she rounds a corner, she is startled to see Konstanze waiting for her, pistol in hand. A bullet rings out and hits Pierrette in the hip, forcing her off the bicycle hard to the ground. Konstanze reveals that she knew it was worth her time monitoring the phone lines, and it had led her to their location. At this moment, Spider fires his own gun, scaring away Konstanze. He gathers up Pierrette, and says he will rush her to hospital. She tells him that the destruction of the tower is a deliberate ploy to be pinned upon the Brotherhood, and that he must warn the others like she ordered. He reluctantly puts her down again, and does as he is asked, running away.

Meanwhile, as the night reaches 3am, Simeon carries the dynamite, hidden below a cart full of soil. Dressed in a filthy worker's coat, he walks past most people without notice on his way to the tower. Once near, he sets the cart down in an alley, moving the dynamite into a backpack. He heads to the tower and places the explosives on each supporting leg, at which points he spots Konstanze approaching, accompanied by a teenage girl. Simeon watches as they climb up the tower, then follows suit by climbing the outside structure and surprising them. Konstanze is not fazed, and informs Simeon that the girl is his daughter, Gisela. He asks the girl to be let to go free, unconvinced of the claim to be his daughter. Konstanze orders her to head on up to the next floor, and Simeon promptly throws a knife to Konstanze's leg, dropping her to the floor.

The Eiffel Tower
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Gisela starts to run up the tower, Simeon in pursuit, determined to grab and take her to safety before the bombs destroy the tower. Limping behind, Konstanze follows. Once they reach the top, Gisela turns to face Simeon and pulls out a metal ball. She holds it in front of her, and Simeon suddenly becomes dizzy and falls to the ground. At this moment, Spider leaps from a nearby railing and knocks the ball from Gisela's hand. Simeon recovers himself and returns to his feet, recognising the ball as an Apple of Eden, devices he had heard much about that could evidently control minds. Spider holds a knife to Gisela's throat, and relays Pierrette's message to Simeon not to destroy the tower, as it is not the Engine of History – predictions are.

Konstanze reaches the top, and Simeon pushes her against a girder, putting his Hidden Blade to her throat. She claws his face, and the two struggle, as he tries to land the death blow. Gisela breaks free and pushes him off the edge, as he holds on to the platform for his life. Gisela tends to her mother's wounds, as Spider rushes to haul up Simeon. Once back on the platform, they turn to see Konstanze and Gisela wearing backpacks, which open to reveal leather and metal wings. The two women then leap and glide to safety. Konstanze's wounds got the better of her, and she failed to operate one wing correctly, spinning out of control and into a rapid descent before hitting the ground hard. Simeon had told the other Assassins to detonate the bombs at 4am if he did not return, and he only had minutes to spare. It left no time for he and Spider to get back down the stairs. They elect to turn on one of the spotlights, and using his jacket in morse code spells out “stop, no gods, no masters, stop”. 4am arrives, and the tower still stands. The message was received.

Simeon and Spider eventually make their way to the bottom of the tower. Both Konstanze and Gisela are nowhere to be seen, and they remove the charges quickly before the dawn sun arrives. They travel to the hospital to check on Pierrette, but Michel already relays that she will live when he joins them in the cab heading there. Simeon thinks on his daughter out there somewhere, who now believes his father a monster who evidently killed her mother. As they get out of the cab, shouts of “No gods, no masters!” ring out. Apparently his message had been seen by others, the fight for freedom still very much alive.

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