Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Your Guide To Everything We Know So Far
Sorrosyss, Last Update: May 21st, 2020
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Welcome to your guide to all we know about Assassin's Creed: Valhalla! As tradition with every release, this collation will be keeping track of all the new info leading into the Valhalla launch, and will be periodically updated as new details emerge. Hopefully this is of help to new fans, or those simply seeking to know some finer details about the title.

Note: I have placed story details behind a spoiler tag, so view at your own risk. Please also bear in mind that the game remains in development, therefore any and all details can change prior to the game's release.

Release Information

The game is intending to release "Holiday 2020" - for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Stadia.

The Protagonist

The game features a gender select option, as you take on the role of Eivor - a Viking raider from Norway in the year 873 A.D.

Both genders are considered canon. The explanation for this is to be revealed.

As a clan leader, you will lead your band of Vikings to 9th Century England, hoping to conquer the untamed Anglo-Saxon land.

The chosen gender can be highly customized, by changing their hairstyle, beard, or even applying body tattoos and paints of differing colors.

Eivor's personality is described as being fearless, driven, cunning, and a lone wolf.

As with previous games, Eivor has a controllable bird companion known as Sýnin, who works mechanically just like Senu and Ikaros. For the first time, this will be a raven.

The Open World

Eivor begins their story in the chilly climes of Norway, before embarking on a journey to England by longship.

The English world map is in a constant dynamic state of war, as the various factions battle for land. It is possible to make alliances with other leaders, such as through arranging marriages.

Eivor can engage in raids on fortresses and Saxon targets, or with more narrative centric larger battles called Assaults.

There are many distinct biomes across the two countries, such as forests, grasslands, beaches, and snowy mountains.

Confirmed explorable locations include regions like the North Sea, East Anglia, Northumbria, Mercia and Wessex. Specific locations include London, Winchester, Stonehenge and Jorvik (York). Hadrian's Wall and Roman ruins are also confirmed.

There is a fully dynamic weather system in place, which can allow for large scale rain and snow storms.

Snow on the ground will be deformed by your traversal.

The longship can be used to traverse the rivers of England, as well as the North Sea. It is customisable, along with the attached raiding crew of 8 members. The crew can be made up of characters you encounter within the storyline.

Resource gathering returns to aid crafting.

There will be puzzles in the world, such as navigation challenges.

Mini-games return to the franchise such as hunting, fishing, dice, brawling, flyting and drinking competitions.

Your Settlement

Within the open world, you will eventually make a new home in England. This settlement marks a return of base building to the franchise.

Your settlement can be customised visually with different elements such as adornments, and statues.

Many buildings can be upgraded and offer gameplay and financial benefits to Eivor.

Clan members can be recruited to the Settlement.

There are many interactions possible around the settlement, such as fishing, sitting on chairs, laying in your bed, talking with inhabitants, using objects, or consult your War Chief.

A barber shop will offer you the option to adjust your hairstyle or beard.

A tattoo parlor will allow you to customise your appearance with different colored tattoos and war paint.

A dedicated Blacksmith will allow you to modify and upgrade your weaponry.

A barracks can be built to improve your defences and open up new quests.

Quest lines will be large arcs, with a focus on trying to make the arcs unique in tone and content. They have been compared to TV episodes, and will help focus the Viking cause and rush for resources in England.


Combat is described as more visceral, with a heavier focus on
impact this time.

There will be a greater emphasis on different enemy types, compared to earlier games to keep combat feeling varied. There are currently 25 enemy variants.

It is possible to dismember and decapitate opponents in close quarters.

Enemies will have potential weak points that can be exploited.

There are three distinct gameplay archetypes possible. (Assumed this is again Assassin, Warrior, and Hunter).

There is a skill tree system present, but it will be presented differently this time and offer even more customisation..

There is a skill tree system present, but it will be presented differently this time.

Confirmed weaponry includes: Swords, Daggers, Heavy Blunt weapons, Flails, Maces, Heavy Bladed weapons, Throwing Axes, Staffs, Spears, Bows and Arrows. Shields also make a return, and can be dual wielded.

As with previous games, weapons and gear have their own rarity, as well as various attributes and perks. Each item is reputedly unique.

Runes can be applied to weapons and armor to improve their statistics.


Eivor has a Hidden Blade, marking a popular return for Hidden Blade assassinations. It is an over-arm version, similar to that used by Darius. It can be upgraded to provide instant kills.

Social Stealth mechanics of some descript are promised to return. Social Stealth mechanics return, and it is possible to go incognito and blend with crowds.

There is the ability to feign death, to escape difficult combat situations or detection.

A manual hood toggle is confirmed. It provides some benefits against detection.


Mounts return, with horses and wolves confirmed.

Players will have access to their personal Drakkar longship. It is possible to travel between Norway and England as you choose.

Both your mount and ship are callable at any time, the latter is only if near water though.


Valhalla is a singer player game. Multiplayer is not returning for this title.

Online functionality will be similar to Origins and Odyssey.


It is possible to fully customise an NPC raider in your clan. These are called Jomsvikings.

This particular raider can be shared online with your friends, who can use them in their own games.

If a friend uses your raider, you can earn some rewards as a perk.


Composers are Jesper Kyd, Sarah Schachner and Einar Selvik.

Male Eivor is voiced by Magnus Bruun.

Female Eivor is voiced by Cecilie Stenspil.

Sea Shanties implied to return.

Game Systems

The interactive dialogue choice system returns. There are a variety of responses, including the ability to outright lie.

Decisions can impact the game world itself, in both the short and long term, as well as providing new outcomes and questlines.

It is possible to romance characters throughout the story, via the dialogue system. Same sex relationships are amongst your options.

Players will have a power level calculated by the gear and skills obtained. Enemies will be rated in difficulty against your power level.

You will be able to adjust the look of Eivor's equipment, as a version of the Visual Customization “transmog” system used in Odyssey will return.

Animals can again be tamed, including bears. There is an ability to summon a wolf and likely other animals.

Eagle Vision will be termed as Odin Sight in this game. This is consistent with how Vikings previously termed the ability in the Last Descendants novel Fate Of The Gods.

Hoods will stay up in conversations if equipped as such.

The Modern Day

Layla Hassan returns for the Modern Day story content.

There will be playable game sequences. A "new type of experience" is promised.

The First Civilization (Isu)

Further First Civilization back story will be explored. (You can likely expect some Norse gods will be Isu)

Story Details (Potential Spoilers!)Click HERE to read at your own risk!

The factions known as The Hidden Ones and Order of the Ancients return. These are recognised precursors to the Assassin Brotherhood and Templar Order respectively.

Eivor obtains their Hidden Blade from encountering The Hidden Ones.

The Great Heathen Army will feature in the story.

Although grounded, Norse mythology will be heavily featured throughout the story.

King Alfred the Great is a confirmed antagonist, and enemy to Vikings.

Development / Staff

Work began on Valhalla in 2017, and has been primarily developed by Ubisoft Montréal, whom previously released Assassin's Creed: Origins. They have been supported by 14 other Ubisoft studios.

Creative Director: Ashraf Ismail

Narrative Director: Darby McDevitt

Lead Producer: Julien Laferrière
Art Director: Raphael Lacoste

Ubisoft Club

Various challenges and other rewards are expected to be included.


There will be traditional loading screens for players to run around in.

An official novel adaptation is set to release around the game launch, written by Matthew J. Kirby.

Game Editions

Preorders come with the bonus mission "The Way of the Berserker".

A Season Pass is available, which offers new content with "new lands and gear". One confirmed mission is titled "The Legend of Beowulf".

- Standard

- Gold Edition

- Ultimate Edition

- Collector's Edition

- Amazon Limited Edition

- Drakkar Edition


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