Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Your Guide to Everything we Know so Far
Sorrosyss, Last Update: September 17th, 2018
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Welcome to your guide to all we know about Assassin's Creed: Odyssey! This collation will be keeping track of all the new info leading into the Odyssey launch, and will be periodically updated as new details emerge. Hopefully this is of help to new fans, or those simply seeking to know some finer details about the title.

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Note: I have placed story details behind a spoiler tag, so view at your own risk. Please also bear in mind that the game remains in development, therefore any and all details can change prior to the game's release.

Release Information

The game is intending to release on October 5th 2018 - for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S.

The Protagonists

The game is the first to feature a gender select option, in the form of two playable characters; Kassandra and Alexios. You will play as your chosen hero for the entirety of the game. Both are grandchildren of King Leonidas I of Sparta.

They are Spartan Misthios, a mercenary common to Ancient Greece. By defeating other mercernaries throughout the game world, their standing and fame will increase, as they represent free will against oppression.

They are known as the "Eagle Bearer", as they have a controllable male eagle companion known as Ikaros, who works mechanically just like Senu. The connection to the eagle will be explained within the narrative.

The chosen character can be highly customized, by changing five unique slots: Helmet, Torso, Arms, Waist and Legs.

Hair and facial features cannot be adjusted. The colour of your hood will match the chest piece wore.

Their personalities are similar in that they are described as being sarcastic, short tempered, charismatic, and magnanimous.

The Open World of Greece

We will visit Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War in 431 BC, as Athens (and the Delian League) and Sparta (and the Peloponnesian League) wage
war upon each other.

The world map is in a constant dynamic state of war between the Peloponnesian and Delian leagues, represented by red and blue areas respectively. Known as the Nation Power system, each area has a Leader to be eliminated to seize control of the region for a specific league. Their influence and defences can be weakened by undertaking actions within the area.

There are many distinct biomes, such as forests, beaches, volcanic islands, and mountains. There are 600 points of interest.

Confirmed explorable locations include regions like Attika, Lakonia, Makedonia, and Messara. Specific locations include Mount Taygetus, Sparta, Athens, as well as the varied islands like Delos, Mykonos, and of course the Aegean Sea itself.

There is a fully dynamic weather system in place, which can allow for large scale rain storms.

Epic Ship encounters return from Black Flag and Rogue.

Besides Athens and Sparta, there are other factions in the world, such as Bandits, Cult Guards, and Huntresses of Artemis.

Wood resources can be gathered, which in turn can create arrows.

Parkour tomb puzzles will return.

There is an arena where mercenaries can meet up and battle, as well as partake in pankration.


Conquest Battles are large set piece encounters that occur when a Leader is eliminated, and involves players choosing a side between two armies of up to
150 soldiers. (Sparta or Athens) The battles provide the best rewards in the game.

The three skill trees are: Hunter, Warrior or Assassin. There are also unique abilities for the Spear of Leonidas.

Some new abilities include Rush Assassinate, Rain of Arrows, as well as being able to perform the infamous Sparta Kick.

Up to 12 abilites can be selected for use in combat, resulting in a wide variety of playstyles and builds.
It is possible to respec your abilities at any time.

Certain special abilities can now be mapped to the D Pad of controllers.

Bows have their own weapon wheel this time, to ease quicker selection.

There is a heavier emphasis on the Adrenaline bar, which fills up during combat, and enables you to unleash Special Attacks.

Engravings can be used at a Blacksmith to improve the quality of your equipped weaponry and armor, such as adding perks that improve adrenaline generation.

Confirmed weaponry includes: Swords, Daggers, Heavy Blunt weapons, Heavy Bladed weapons, Staffs, Spears, Bows and Arrows. You will again be able to equip and swap between two melee weapons during combat.

As with Origins, weapons have their own rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary), as well as various attributes and perks.

Shields are no longer equippable.

There is a variety of different arrow types, including paralyzing, poison and fire arrows. A special ability allows Ghost Arrows to fire through walls. It is possible to shoot arrows from cover.

Your ship crew can be summoned into combat to assist you by an ability known as Call To Arms, which works mechanically like the Brotherhood summon of older games.


There is no Hidden Blade in the game. Assassination is performed by neck snap, or by the Leonidas Spear.

Enemies can be knocked out for non-lethal takedowns.

It is once more possible to hide in bushes and shrubbery.

Bodies can be picked up and hidden.

The whistle distraction ability returns.


Mounts return, with horses confirmed.

A newly developed naval system has been introduced for traversing the Aegean Sea.

Players will have access to their personal ship, the Adrestia, which acts as a base of operations. It has an interactive crew to manage whom can bring unique perks, whilst the ship itself is both upgradeable and customizable. Quests can also be obtained from a board upon the ship.

The Adrestia is capable of ramming other ships to partially restore its health, but also comes equipped with arrows and javelins for ranged attacks.

It is possible to board enemy ships. If they are sunk instead, you can dive underwater afterwards to loot its treasure chests.

There are underwater helmets, that can increase your breath duration below the surface.

It is possible to board enemy ships.

Not all quest objectives will now be shown on the map or compass, in the interests of increasing exploration and investigation of the game world.

You once more have a torch, for exploring dark caves and at night time.


There is no mention of Multiplayer returning for this title.

Online functionality will be similar to Origins.


Over 30 hours of dialogue have been recorded for the game.

The soundtrack is composed by The Flight.

Alexios is voiced by Michael Antonakos.

Kassandra is voiced by Melissanthi Mahut.

Leonidas is voiced by Elias Toufexis.

Sea Shanties return.

The Origins composer, Sarah Schachner has confirmed that she has not worked on the Odyssey soundtrack.

Game Systems

Odyssey is the first game in the franchise to feature an interactive dialogue system. There are a variety of responses, including the ability to
outright lie.

Decisions can impact the game world itself, in both the short and long term, as well as providing new storylines and multiple different endings.

It is possible to romance characters throughout the story, via the dialogue system. This includes characters of the same gender as the protagonist. Romanced characters may join you on your ship.

rforming illegal actions can lead to civilians reporting the player, and due to a new Notoriety System, leads to a bounty hunt. Players can choose to pay the fee to the bounty sponsor, kill the sponsor, fight the mercenaries, or hide from them. Without resolution, they will continue to hunt the player across the game world.

Civilians may choose to assist guards and mercenaries in combat against you.

There is a Mercenary Ladder, which shows your characters immediate rivals and ranking in the wider Mercenary world with circa 50 mercenaries displayed at once. Rising up the ranks will allow access to discounts at shops.

Ship Crew members can be recruited throughout the game world, by hiring or convincing them after defeat in battle.

A full XP and levelling system returns, akin to Origins.

A full XP and levelling system returns, akin to Origins. Level 50 is the current level cap.

Ainigmata Ostraka are hidden around the game world, and work mechnically similar to the Papyrus activites of Origins by requiring you to decode clues to locate them.

Animals can again be tamed. There are no smaller cats in the game world this time though. Tamed animals can be petted.

The Modern Day

Layla Hassan returns for the Modern Day story content, and will “travel a bit.”

There will be playable game sequences.

Elements of the Modern Day will be optional, including dialogue - allowing players to delve as deep as they desire to.

The First Civilization (Isu)

The lineage of the First Civilization will be explored, with a heavier emphasis placed upon the narrative.

The player character chosen is somehow connected to the First Civilization, and will wield the Broken Spear of Leonidas, a damaged Isu creation.

Besides the Spear, other Pieces of Eden will feature within the game, with an Apple of Eden already confirmed.

Story Details (Potential Spoilers!)Click HERE to read at your own risk!

The conflict between Order and Free Will are central to the plot. First Civilization artifacts are key to this division.

The hero is born into a powerful Spartan family, but events lead them to escaping to the world as a Mercenary across the Aegean Sea.

Kassandra and Alexios are siblings, and two separate unique individuals.

It has been speculated that Leonidas is a Sage, as he appears to have different coloured eyes in some screenshots. This would also explain the high Isu DNA count of the main protagonist.

The Cult of Kosmos are a mysterious mask wearing organization, and the primary antagonists to the hero. Killing members will result in acquiring shards to upgrade the Broken Spear of Leonidas.

The hero has a horse called Phobos. At the start of the game, players can choose Phobos from a variety of different horses.

Your ship captain is called Barnabas.

The philosopher Socrates features within the story, and leads to philosophical debates.

The physician Hippocrates features within the story. Other famous historical characters include Herodotus, Perikles, and Aspasia of Miletus.

Mythical entities appear to be included, such as Medusa and a Minotaur. However, they appear to be humans who have been changed by Pieces of Eden.

The Daughters of Artemis are a faction within the game that offers hunting quests for legendary animals.

Layla has discovered the lost book of Herodotus, which tells the story of a Spartan Mercenary that came into contact with Isu artifacts. There are two possible DNA matches, hence the choice of historical character.

Development / Staff

Work began on Odyssey in 2015, and has been primarily developed by Ubisoft Quebec, whom previously released Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

Creative Director: Jonathon Dumont

Senior Producer: Marc-Alexis Côté

Narrative Director / Writer: Melissa MacCoubrey

Narrative Director: Melissa MacCoubrey

Game Director: Scott Philips

Art Director: Thierry Dansereau

Greek Historical Specialist: Stephanie-Anne Ruatta

Ubisoft Club

The Mycenaean Dory spear was a special reward that was obtainable through the Ubisoft Club app during the week of E3.

Evie Frye is a confirmed Ship Crew member Club reward, whom can also assist in battle.

A full male Assassin ship crew, full female Assassin ship crew, or Medjay ship crew are all offered Club rewards.

Two ship designs are confirmed Club rewards; The Babylonian and The Phoenician.

Various challenges and rewards are expected to be included.


A quick save option has been added to the menu.

Multiple save slots are again offered.

The game will launch with a photo mode.

A New Game Plus mode is planned as post launch content.

The alternate control scheme from Origins returns, for those whom prefer it.

Two episodic Premium DLCs are planned: Legacy of the First Blade (December 2018) and The Fate of Atlantis (Spring 2019).

Assassin's Creed III Remastered is included as part of the Season Pass. (Expected March 2019) It includes all of the game's DLC, as well as Assassin's Creed Liberation.

The Lost Tales of Greece are free content updates, that offer new story missions and will be added periodically post launch.

Daily and weekly missions are included, and offer opportunities to obtain exotic gear and items. These will include challenging unique mercenaries, epic ships, and mythical beasts.

A reversible cover image is included in the physical release, allowing you to display Alexios or Kassandra.

An official novel adaptation is set to release after launch. It features the story from the perspective of Kassandra, suggesting that she is the acknowledged canon choice.

If we have missed anything, or something is wrong, or indeed if any new details emerge please do reply to let us know and we'll do our best to keep this updated. Please ensure you cite a source for confirmation of the information. Thanks!

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