Assassin's Creed Conspiracies: Issue 1 Review
Written by Sorrosyss, July 8th, 2018

Assassin's Creed Conspiracies is a new English language comic release by Titan Comics. It was originally titled Assassin's Creed Conspirations, and was previously released in both French and German by Les Deux Royaumes. Conspiracies sets itself in one of the more recent historical time periods, an oft fan-requested setting of World War Two. Against the backdrop of this most destructive conflict, it captures the story of Eddie Gorm, an English former soldier trying to earn a living as a dock worker in London during
the Blitz of 1940. Before long the character is thrust into the Assassin's Creed world, as the battle between the Assassins and Templars becomes indelibly linked to the wider struggle.

Written by Guillaume Dorison, the story does a fine job of taking in both sides of the war, as we are treated to scenes across England, Germany and Norway. The depiction of Eddie is a very real one, and a harrowing backstory that would no doubt have been a similar case for many soldiers in that dark period. Other featured characters are relatable, with each having their own goals and desires yet not all are completely honest about them. Anyone who is familiar with the time period will also recognise some famous names who crop up during the narrative,
Nikola Tesla
most notably that of Nikola Tesla whom is a character deeply associated with Assassin's Creed lore.

I was especially excited to find that the story does take in First Civilization elements to a very strong degree. Anyone who enjoys Isu content is highly advised to pick this issue up, as it very much examines the early origins of the Animus technology, as well as exploring the potential
of combining current human technology with that of the First Civilization's Pieces of Eden. (A theme that we are more than likely to see a lot more) The issue also briefly brings in the Modern Day setting (much to the delight of hardcore fans I am sure), and leaves us with an interesting cliffhanger forthe second issue to come.

Special mention should be made to Jean-Baptiste Hostache, for his excellent artwork throughout the issue. The use of colour really does give a dark and oppressive atmosphere to the proceedings, and one that is entirely appropriate for the setting through the primary palette use of grey, green and brown synonymous with military attire of the time. Some of the establishing shots used to open scenes, are so filled with authentic detail that it gives your imagination no trouble in picturing the story before your eyes. Action scenes are also handled well here, as it is often very easy in comics to over emphasize fights with over the top effects. Thankfully that is not the case here.

All in all, if you have an interest in the Assassin's Creed franchise during the World War Two period, then you are highly recommended to pick the issue up. Modern Day and Isu fans also have elements here to cater to their interests. Conspiracies provides a compelling exploration of lore, it asks its audience some difficult questions, opening mysteries and wonders to leave you excited to find out more. Fortunately the second issue is to be released very soon, but for now the first issue of Conspiracies will be releasing on August 8th 2018.

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