Written by ATA Team, May 15th, 2023

We have always been a very small team but over the years Assassin’s Creed has become a huge franchise that covers not only games but transmedia, collectibles, art, events, history and so on.

In the article for our 10th Anniversary celebrations we wrote:

“And speaking of past and future, we thought that our 10th anniversary could have been the right moment to evolve something that comes from our past and that needed to change, as we all do. We have spent 10 years with our logo representing us but we have decided to change it as a symbol of our own evolution in an attempt to always be better.”

And it is exactly because of that intention that we think that now, after 10 years, we should open up to new horizons in order to collect more and different experiences and offer our community more content with wider perspectives.

And here is our question for you: Have you ever thought that a specific type of content or topic might be missing on ATA? Do you have any specific talent in content creation you think you would like to share with us and the community to bring that content to life?
Do you have a passion for writing, editing videos, art, collectibles and you think you could create some quality content to be shared?

Well, starting today, Access the Animus is launching the VORTEX PROGRAM, our collaboration program aimed at fans who might be interested in helping us create the best content for the Assassin’s Creed Community at large.

In fact, we are opening the floor to any fan who would like to make a guest article, video or any other content for one off purposes, provided they fit with ATA’s direction and approach. If you are interested in this kind of voluntary based collaboration (you can start and stop participating any time you’d like!), please write to us at the following email - info@accesstheanimus.com - describing your talent and what kind of content/support youmight consider to share with us for the program!Over time we may open and close the applications period, depending on the participation to the program and the Access The Animus team’s current commitments.

Here are some examples of activities that are at the core of ATA:

  • Writing articles about lore, collectibles, theories etc.
  • Pitching / Editing short and / or long form videos
  • News writing
  • … but we’d really like to hear your suggestions and proposals about new content that hasn’t landed on Access The Animus yet!

We do not require an ongoing commitment and, if your proposals match ATA’s direction, we will gladly discuss a customized collaboration!

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