The beginning of Protvino's madness
Markuz, March 27, 2014
Translated by: Sara

It seems like the "Russian" front on ACInitiates did not end yesterday. Today's memory, in fact, revolves again around Galina and the Russian Assassins and, even being part of the "Modern Times" section, it is set in June 28th, 2013.

The interesting fact is that this memory is written by Galina's twin sister who started to digitally update her grandmother and mother's journal, long abandoned by her mother because of her intense work into the Animus.

In this case, then, we are reading Galina's sister's thoughts and we are getting to know her worries about the dissolution of the Russian Academy of Science and about its substitution with a politic-governative organization under the same name. This fact, happened for real exactly on June 28th 2013, "stinks" of Templar plot, even because of the governative control on every structure of the Academy which, up until then, supported the Assassins. Sadly though, in addition, there are no resources left in the Russian Brotherhood and the Assassins who laughed at the Animus and Galina's mother's team
(mentioned in the "Post-Sovietic Science" update) are dead. All of this is referred to the facts that happened in June 2013 but, in the memory, Galina's sister hints to something else. Her mother's first idea was to test the Animus on herself only and we do not know how long she really acted that way but, as the memory states, "since December", during one of those Animus sessions, everything changed. Being the memory set on June 28th, 2013, Galina's sister is talking about December 2012. This means that her mother began to test before December 2012 but, probably, not "much" before. This shows a lot about the lack of energetic and economic resources of Galina's mother's team and about how their Animus project could be perceived by the other Russian Assassins, considering that she received the Animus prototypes in 1977. Basically, Galina's mother team succeded in developing their Animus in 30-35 years while not only Abstergo did it in 3-4 years (the Subject 1 dialogues come from 1981) but they also created the various evolutions too that we got to know following the franchise.

As we said before, however, everything changed in December 2012. Galina's sister tells us about a power surge that happened during one of her mother's sessions into the Animus. In this situation it was as though the machine "came to life" and this is the moment in which the woman says that she saw Eve, as mentioned by Galina in the "Meet Galina" update.
The reference to December 2012 is not there by chance because it is in that very period that Desmond sacrified himself to save the human kind and freed Juno "into the grey" as an electrical impulse. Following this path, then, the Protvino lab could have been the first destination of the newly-released Juno. The motivations which could validate this theory are many:
  • Juno was spotted into the lab's monitors in March 20th, 2014 while Galina's mother was strapped into the Animus ("Matricide" update);
  • We can see Juno in two monitors of the artwork for today's memory (one on the far bottom right and one on the left);
  • The power surge in December 2012 was almost certainly caused by Juno's arrival in the lab as an electrical impulse(or maybe it was a consequence of the beginning of the catastrophe stopped by Desmond);

Juno's constant presence in the lab could validate the theory according to which the supposed Eve that Galina's mother saw could, actually, be Juno who was trying to deceive her. It's however still possible that Juno showed her the real Eve but why should she have revealed information about the woman that probably represents the most important reason of the fall of her species?

After this vision, Galina's mother felt "invigorated" and, following today's memory, she doubled her efforts about the Animus. Since that moment, she began to force into the machine every single Assassin of the Protvino building, a desperate attempt to save her own team and the cause of the Russian Assassins. Galina's mother idea, perhaps, was to strengthen the Assassins through the abilities learnt into the Animus but it is also legit to think that the message by the fake/true Eve could have given her a practical objective to reach in order to help the Brotherhood (a piece of Eden maybe?). In particular, Juno could have manipulated Galina's mother relying on the "Divine nature" semblance of her own ologram, as already happened in the past.

However, since December 2012 until June 28th 2013, all the Assassins of the Protvino building were strapped into the Animus and they ended up being insane probably because of the Bleeding Effect. We already met this kind of madness before, especially in Subject 16's muddled dialogues and messages written in blood for Desmond. In this memory, this insanity is described with more details, telling us that she could hear her mother's test subjects screaming and clawing at the walls. Facing this kind of result, it was decided, probably by Galina's mother herself decided to seal them off into a section of the Protvino compound. This fact led Galina's sister to wonder about their source of nourishment, raising in her mind the hypothesis of cannibalism.

Going back to today's memory, Galina's sister writes that suddenly the madmen have changed and that they are no less insane, but have massed near Mother's lab, (can we theorize that the lab is located next to the sealed off area or maybe into it?), as if they are waiting for something.

The behavioural change of the insane Assassins is not, almost certainly, accidental and, in this case, the memory's artwork helps us by showing us Galina and her sister inside their mother's lab.

As we said, today's picture shows us two monitors in which we can spot Juno's figure. It is possible, then, that the madmen massed around the lab because they somehow got to know about Juno's presence in the lab. According to this theory, we could hypothesize that their "madness" depends on an interaction with Juno while they were using the Animus and through which Juno could have convinced them to become disciples (like John from IT, even if John, being a Sage, was a "natural" Juno devotee). In this case, their "delay" and their massing around the lab could find an explanation and we could be in front of the first group of Juno's converts of her post-release life.

The memory ends with Galina's sister final considerations. Up to June 28th 2013, it is likely that she and Galina are the only sane people left into the Protvino building and this sentence hides two meanings. The first one and most important is that Galina's sister realized that her mother too got insane bacause of the Animus (or because of Eve / Juno, we would add). The second one, less evident, is that even while being insane, at least at the beginning, their mother made an "emotonal" decision, deciding not to sacrifice her daughters and save them from madness. This choice sadly had a short life and, in fact, simultaneously to this memory, she decided that Galina's twin sister would have been the next subject to be forced into the Animus.

Before doing it, however, Galina's sister tells her twin what she discovered about Bill and about his agreement with their mother concerning the bridge in the Moscow zoo. It seems like the theory we wrote in our article, dedicated to Bill and Galina's mother was correct when we hypothesized that Galina walked under every full moon in the zoo hoping for someone to reach her, exactly because that was what the sisters decided.

That's all for this memory, stay tuned for updates!

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