The McFarlane Action Figures
MATH, July 25, 2015

In 2013, Todd McFarlane and his team joined with Ubisoft to offer the fans the opportunity to have in their possession a small version of some of their favorite characters from the Assassinís Creed franchise. Now in 2015 with four series and other derived products from the franchise such as hidden blades and limited edition resin statues, the McFarlane teamís has proven the Assassinís Creed fans it can deliver a strong lineup of great products to please our eyes.

Today, me and the ATA team present you these action figures from McFarlane Toys. Each of them is being depicted with 360 degrees view and my personal notes.

The first line of action figures that we could purchase was dedicated to the Kenway family and characters from the beloved Assassinís Creed IV Black Flag. The Assassinís Creed Series 1 consists of a total of eight figures and was first released in August and October 2013. Each came with a code to unlock exclusive in game gears, weapon or boat sails. Therefore, badges could be unlocked on the Initiates website and each figurine could be added to the ownerís personal collection.




Series 2 is short on figurines but not on quality: two new characters and an updated look for one more. Yes, this series only has three heroes. Each one of them unlocked their respective avatar on Initiates and also added up 20 Uplay points to the userís account. The set was released in September 2014.


Like its predecessors from series 2, each action figure comes in a package with a code to unlock 20 Uplay points and an avatar on the Initiates website. Only the Arno figurine would unlock the exclusive outfit designed by Todd McFarlane in Assassinís Creed Unity . This time, McFarlane goes and catch up on the earlier characters of the franchise and a new one. The set came out in November 2014.



Due first to release in April 2015, the series has been pushed to September of the same year. As of now, three figurines have been announced: Shay Patrick Cormac, Arno designed by Todd McFarlane and the Eagle Vision version of Arno. I would suspect that more would be added, at least one more, since Assassinís Creed Syndicate is set to release later this year. The new game could also mean a new series of figures and the new characters Jacob and Evie Frye could be added to it.

So far a photo concept of the figurine of Jacob Frye has been spotted on Gamestop Italy. No further information has yet to surface but Iíll be sure to keep you posted and update this section when time comes.


In this section, you will find occasion action figures that are not part of any specific series.


I can conclude that this partnership has flourished over the years and if you are like me, can only wish for more.
This is it for now but here are a few questions for you the fans: Do you own any of McFarlaneís figurines? What is your most cherished one? Are there any characters they havenít done yet and you would be pleased to see it become part of a series? Please share your thoughts in the comments and donít hesitate to ask me any question regarding the McFarlaneís action figures, Iíll try my best to answer them.
Hope you will enjoy and for now,

Rest in peace fellow ďLudosĒ and may the Father of Understanding guide you.

- Math

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