A Gaze Into The Nexus: The Hidden Twelve
Sorrosyss, October 19th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers from across the franchise.

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One of the more recent mysteries of the Assassin's Creed franchise, the Hidden Twelve came to the forefront thanks to Unity. During the game you are able to unlock database entries known as Assassin Intel, and one such entry titled “Security Breach Memo” contains a very interesting comment by Juno.


But what on earth is she referring to? Let’s make some guesses.


I've spoken previously about how there are Christ parallels to Juno's story. Would it be a surprise to discover that she too has 12 Disciples? She refers to samples in the same breath, therefore would it be a surprise if she kept twelve of her nearest friends or advisors as Blood Vials to be brought back in the New Eden?

Another intel in Unity perhaps offers another insight:

Source: AC Wikia
What of the Assassins?

Corrupted. Short-sighted. Their purpose is fulfilled. The Assassins must die. Before they find my Others...

Others, Beloved?

Are there other Isu members still roaming the Earth? It's possible, especially if sealed deep underground somewhere. Hermes Trismegistus was a recognised Isu, and he was seemingly able to survive until the last few thousand years ago. Some people have suggested that the Hidden Twelve may in fact be the Olympians, but when a few of those are actually Jupiter and Minerva – it doesn't really make much sense for them to be so. Equally I would discount the Twelve Imam possibility – I just can't see Ubisoft touching that topic honestly.

As a further thought though, what exactly have the Assassins 'found' so far? That's right...


Could she in fact be referring to 12 artifacts? By that I mean of course – Pieces of Eden. They would certainly have the power to remake the world. We may have in fact already have heard of these Hidden Twelve, namely as Apples of Eden.

Source: AC Wikia
Cast your mind back to Assassin's Creed III. When Juno mentions the various solutions they tried to save the world, one was to try and control reality by enthralling the world's collective conscious together:

“They were used to command. To control. To own. But we soon discovered another use. When enough sat in thrall and were told to believe, their thoughts took on form. What was imagined became real. If a hundred minds could wish away a wall or create a tree, what might a thousand do? Ten thousand? More? Might we change the consensus and will the threat away? We resolved to send one into the sky where it illuminate us all. Once placed, a sentence would be uttered: Make us safe. In this way, we would change the consensus. We would save the world. But it never came to be. We sent a dozen of them skyward - but there was no way to maintain control. To direct the beam. To enthrall the world. To speak the words.”

That's right. 12 were sent into the skies. Does she now look to recreate the experiment and enthrall the world swiftly? This could explain why an Apple is once again a focus in Origins. Speaking of which...

Egyptian Entities

For years we have heard nothing further on the Hidden Twelve, until something caught my eye at E3 2017. Within the Ubisoft Lounge were twelve images, each dedicated to what we assumed were Egyptian entities or gods. Some may even be representative of targets within Origins.
Thanks to Chariflame for the pictures.

We know from early footage that there are stargazing challenges within the game, which are each performed at a stone circle. It turns out that there are twelve of these very circles. The puzzles and collectibles of previous games have nearly always ended up opening a hidden Isu vault or artifact, therefore after several hints of hidden secrets below the pyramids just what might we be opening? John Standish (Aita) famously joked that we should have all been astronauts as the possibilities are all “out there” amongst the stars. Are these the Hidden Twelve hiding what Juno desires? I suppose we will find out soon enough.

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