Struggling through the Rumors
ATA Team, February 25, 2014
Translated by: Sara

Here we are again, right into that period of the year in which the rumors keeps blowing our minds and some of them could seem the real deal. Having so many new information every day, however, could lead us fans into a great confusion. With this article we want to keep track of what is happening during these days, helping you and ourselves to have a complete overall view. This page will be updated every time that something new leaks out so follow us to discuss with the other fans and to wait with us for the official announcement of the new AC chapter!

February 21st, 2014 - RUMOR #1
Reddit user "Monkeytitan", who claimed to be employed in the American chain store Best Buy, opened a thread about a box containing five AC5 posters.

He reported that, unluckily, he could not take any picture (because of obvious layoff reasons), but sneaking inside of the box, it seemed to him to see Connor in new robes with a Tomahawk in his hand and French Flags. From his words we learn that "The beak was smaller and it had hints of red". Lastly, he wrote that the poster wouldn't have been released before March 2nd.
The hypotesis of a coming back for the Connor character, split the community in two different sides. Italian fans were mainly deluded by this possibilities while the foreign community generally reacted positively.

But which is the truth behind this rumor?
In the past months, Darby McDevitt always denied the possibility of a new game with Connor as a protagonist, both on the Reddit and Initiates Q&A. Ubisoft, however, has always been able to surprise us and Darby is famous for his ability of trolling the fans so we can't be sure about Connor's destiny until the new game release. About the French Flags, always considering the rumors as true, they could refer to the French Revolution which is a setting that twisted among the theories since Brotherhood. If you recall the game finale, in fact, you will remember that Shaun said:

I know this, I know this symbol. That's a Phrygian cap. It stands for freedom... and that, that's a Masonic eye. Now those two come together in only one place...

Those symbols can be found on the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and, because of that, theories started about this historical period. To fuel the mindfuck, moreover, some fans found in AC3 an "easter egg" in which they saw three pieces of laundry whose colors resembles the French Flag.

Thanks to our fan Uday Vichare who remind us about this Easter Egg

Going back to the Best Buy employee, the user didn't post any other info in his thread nor photos of the posters. Nonetheless, the thread has been deleted. We can easily understand the reason why it has been cancelled if we consider the social attention the rumors received but interpretation of that is up to everyone of us.

February 23rd, 2014 - RUMOR #2

Two days after the first rumors, new pictures leaked out and this time from a supposed Sony employee who took the pictures from what seems to be a video created for public events. In this case, there is a title too and it's "Assassin's Creed: Great Fall". We kept looking at the images we found and the doubts about them were many. We tried, then, to analyze what we had in order to find something who could help us understanding their true nature. Our grapic designers created a detailed picture to highlight the points that didn't convince us.

Some hours later, we found on the net a video that you can find on this link: in this short scene, we could see an Abstergo logo which turned into Erudito's Symbol with a wonderful song as a background and with the voice of a man speaking.
After some researches, we found out that the words we were listening to belonged to Clay Kaczmarek, Subject 16, from "The Lost Archive". The video seemed fake but we had nothing more than that and so we waited.

February 24th, 2014 - UPDATE TO RUMOR #2
One day after its appearence on Youtube, on the forums of, some guys confessed to be the authors of the leak. They released the pictures and when everyone started to think they were fake, they released the video in which one of them filmed the PC monitor and added applauses in the beginning, creating the echoing voice too. In addition, they shaked the camera to give the illusion of being in a conference. Then, one of them, uploaded the video on Youtube and erased it to give the impression that it was Ubisoft to take it out.

We have to be honest, this was a great fake. Chapeau guys!

February 24th, 2014 - RUMOR #3? PROBABLY NOT
Obviously in these days a lot of fake news are leaking so DO NOT BELIEVE TO EVERYTHING YOU READ. For example, surfing through the web, we found this supposed press release in which they talk about an AC5 set in the Industrial Revolution, London.

February 26th, 2014 - UPDATE TO RUMOR #3
On February 24th, we posted a link to a press release that we marked as fake. In these last days, a lot of pages suggested that it could have been the real deal. The press release stated that "Assassinís Creed V follows the story of Samuel Fey, as he enters the Assassin Order in a time of change and Templar rule. Fey is a successful and respectful entrepreneur, who works outside the corrupt law to guarantee the security of his own and othersí futures. Taking place during the closing years of the Industrial Revolution in Victorian London, players will explore all new locales as they uncover the truth behind the hidden ongoing rebellion".
Being that these rumors about the fact that it could be the real deal, we are going to recap now the reasons why we think it's a fake.

1- This press release has been posted on Tumblr by a user called "vittoria-agli-assassini". We think that a press release with this importance would have been posted by Ubi itself and on official channels.

2- It went on Reddit, already suspected to be fake, and the link on Tumblr were it was posted, got shut down.

Later, pages and fans began to talk about it and yesterday, the fanpage AC Chile posted a pic about London and it was covered by the chimney smoke of the Industrial Revolution. The picture we're talking about seems to be fanmade and this is supported by the opinion of our graphic designers that recognized the Photoshop filters used to create the visual effect. In addition, the assassin's logo used as the "V" of AC V is an easy stylistic choice that could be used almost by everyone.

February 26th, 2014 - RUMOR #4
The new rumors revolve around ancient Egypt. The title should be AC:Desert Son and the picture suggests this setting. This image, however seems to be fake because the "Press Start" that we can see at the bottom of it, it's out of place at this development level. It implies, in fact, that at least a demo should be ready to be played and, at the end of february, it's impossible.

For now, that's all folks! Keep following us to fresher news!

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