A Gaze Into The Nexus: The Curious Case of the Precursor Boxes
Sorrosyss, May 12th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers from across the franchise.

The Precursor Boxes have appeared a number of times throughout the franchise. The first one we were introduced to was given by Ezio Auditore to Shao Jun, and later ended up in the West Indies passing through the hands of Adéwalé. Whilst there have been many debates as to whether this was the same box, it would be naïve of us to believe this to be the only one ever created by the Isu.

As First Civilization artifacts, we have certainly seen them do quite a few interesting things. Reputedly when used in combination with the Voynich Manuscript, a Precursor Box was actually able to translate its unique imagery. We also saw that Shay Cormac was able to gain access to a holographic map from a box in Assassin's Creed: Rogue. The Koh-I-Noor was also able to power one to do the exact same feat in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India.

By far the most interesting development though came within Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia. When a Shard from a Staff of Eden on a necklace around Nikolai Orelov's neck touched the Precursor Box, it interacted with Anastasia Nikolaevna. For a few brief moments she took on the memories, voice, and personality of Shao Jun. It was strongly indicated that Anastasia had to keenly focus to stop the entity taking hold of her completely.

So what could this imply? Does it allow for a full copy of a memory to take over a person, both mentally and physically? We've all seen the Bleeding Effect from the usage of an Animus, whereby genetic memory basically allows the user to gain the abilities of their ancestors. Herein we see the same
kind of effect, but from Pieces of Eden. How could this have happened? Well, I would assume that the box has some kind of DNA recording capability, and by token it would mean that anyone that has touched the box could theoretically be imprinted onto another person. Alternatively, could the Box be accessing the Nexus of spacetime? It wouldn't be the first Piece of Eden to do so, such as the Crystal Ball that Connor used in AC3.

The events of the Conspirations comics takes this a stage further, with the implication that the Bleeding Effect experienced by Modern Day users is not in fact an echo or software feedback at all, but rather in theory an unanchored consciousness travelling through the wormhole of spacetime. Does this mean then that the “soul” of Shao Jun did in fact time travel forwards? Maybe. You can certainly imagine the possibilities that this could offer
though. Picture a scenario where a brain dead patient in a hospital is forced to touch a Precursor Box. With little mental resistance, in theory could a long enough exposure result in a historical entity completely and permanently taking over a body in the Modern Day world?

Flash forward to AC Chronicles Russia's epilogue, and we now know that Álvaro Gramática has now gained a Precursor Box for the Phoenix Project. Whilst the box may yet be used with other Pieces of Eden, it feels to me that what occurred to Anastasia was significant enough to take up most of her story arc within the game. By this implication, I would assume that Álvaro might one day be using the box to bring back an entity whom has previously touched the box. Whom could it be? Eve? Aita? Consus?

One suggestion is that Abstergo may use the box to empower its agents with some of its former great warriors. Throughout the centuries there have been a few notable elite members of the Templar order, known as Black Crosses, with the likes of Albert Bolden amongst their numbers. As Abstergo has Shay Cormac's box, his genetic imprint is presumably on the box. Could the legendary Otso Berg yet be infused with the imprint of Shay to bolster his own power?

Then of course the question must turn to what the Assassins could do with the box. If they are able to retrieve the Koh-I-Noor and Ezio's box, could we yet see Mr Auditore making a shock return? What about if the hybrid Eve once touched the box, and suddenly becomes one with Galina or Charlotte?

There is certainly a lot of storytelling potential to this development. Amidst the myriad of abilities they appear to possess, the true legacy of these seemingly innocuous boxes may yet still be to come.

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