A Gaze Into The Nexus: Awaken the Sixth
Sorrosyss, September 28th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers from across the franchise.

The sixth sense. Given to humanity as a gift from Those Who Came Before - the Isu, it has passed down through history to those with the remnant precursor DNA to use it. Known to its users as Eagle Vision, it has evolved to include further abilities - thus we often now coin it Eagle Sense.

To date we have seen several examples of the skills it provides including:

  • Seeing the aura of people

  • Detecting heartbeats

  • Precognition

  • Postcognition

  • Seeing other's people's memories

  • Enhanced eyesight

  • Enhanced hearing

  • Lie detection

  • See through solid objects

  • Track individuals

  • Analyse clues and trajectories

  • Thermal detection

  • See invisible ink / imagery

Both the Expanded Universe and Origins appear to be adding some more interesting abilities to the list though.


We've seen some brief examples of this previously in the franchise. For instance, Arno Dorian exhibited the ability to share his vision with nearby fellow assassins. (Communal Sense)

Within the Reflections comic series, Connor's daughter Io:nhịte, was shown to be able to see through the eyes of an eagle. Within the early Origins gameplay footage, we've also seen a similar arrangement between Bayek and his pet eagle Senu.

Bayek can also supposedly tame animals, and it makes you wonder if this is further evidence of a symbiotic connection brought about by the sixth sense.

Isu Powers?

In a recent issue of the Official Assassin's Creed Collection, we had some very interesting paragraphs. One that Consus is confirmed to be able to communicate without the use of a Shroud, and secondly and most importantly - Juno has powers?!

This opens up a whole load of possibilities. What could the Isu actually do even without a Piece of Eden? Telekinesis? Psionic abilities?

If we look at Juno based on the evidence of the existing games, we've already seen her performing some interesting feats:

  • Convinced Clay to aid Desmond Miles.

  • Dominated Desmond's mind to kill Lucy.

  • Took on the mental image of a Phoenix to Connor.

  • Mentally attacked Daniel Cross.

  • Mentally attacked Galina's mother.

  • Forcibly extracted Charlotte's (and other people's) genetic memories when they were strapped on an Animus

Some of these were whilst she was in the vicinity of a Piece of Eden, in the Grand Temple, and also within the Grey. Different scenarios, but one constant is that they are all clearly mental abilities. What might we see in Origins and other upcoming lore? Time will tell.

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