From Russia with Love
Markuz, March 26, 2014
Translated by: Stefania

Today’s Surveillance memory seems to have put an end to the journey in Russia of Gavin and his team. From what we can see in the memory, Gavin, Emmanuel, Emmett and Galina met with the rest of the team in Saint Petersburg. Galina decided to join the crew of the Altair II although she is the last of the Russian Assassins, and, according to the Humble Spy, this is positive for Gavin, who wanted an “enforcer”, since Emmanuel Barraza, the armorer of the boat, in the memory A Horrible Beating" proved to be a pacifist.

In the prosecution of the memory Eric, namely Eric Cooper, pilot of the Altair II, asks Galina how she avoided doing time in the Animus, a question many fans asked themselves over the last few days. The answer is as simple as able to have complex implications: Galina didn’t avoid the Animus and learned to fight from her ancestors without going insane - for now.
This leads to various hypotheses. First of all, we have the confirmation that Galina had “operative” ancestors belonging to the Brotherhood (among whom surely was Sergei, but probably he wasn’t the only one). Secondly Galina proves she hasn’t gone insane like the other Assassins forced in the Animus. The explanation may simply be found in the fact that Galina may have undergone less-prolonged sessions or in lower quantity compared to the others, but there may be other motivations. The resistance to the Bleeding Effect may also depend on the character predisposition / firmness of heart of the subject and in the past we saw how cold and strong Galina could be. Ultimately, it’s also possible to consider those theories that say she may be the daughter of William Miles. In this sense, indeed, Galina would have a high percentage of First Civilization’s DNA and so, considering that the Animus is based on the technology of TWCB, she might have adapted herself better to the sessions in the Animus. But this last theory wavers a bit in front of the fact that Galina had a twin sister who instead surrendered to the Bleeding Effect. Moreover, we need to consider that Assassins like Desmond and Clay, even though they had good quantities of First Civilization DNA, totally or partially gave in to the Bleeding Effect anyway.
So what prevented Galina from going insane and what instead drove her sister crazy? Probably, seeing the memory, this will remain a mystery, but often the simplest solution is also the most reasonable one, and considering that Galina was able to escape from the laboratory in Protvino after being forced in the Animus, it’s very likely that the absence of the Bleeding Effect in her is caused by a lower quantity of sessions in the Animus.

Lastly, I point out another possibility.

Osoroshii Baba
It’s possible that Juno has got something to do with this. Just like Desmond became more resistant to the Animus after the encounter with Clay and Tinia in the Nexus, Juno might have interacted in some way with Galina for unknown reasons.

Whatever the motivation, Galina joined Gavin’s team but this fact didn’t definitively wipe out the existence of the Russian Brotherhood. On the contrary the memory gives hope for a rebuilding through the contacts of the Assassins in Georgia and the weapons provided from Philippines by the mentor of the Osaka Assassins, Osoroshii Baba. So the final message describes a Brotherhood which crosses the borders and the relationships between the countries of origin, a Brotherhood whose members aren’t alone. Moreover our Hephaestus highlights how particular is the fact that Gavin, with his mission, is “uniting” the Assassins, making them understand how they are all United... .... Unity?

In any case, the memory really seems to be the conclusion of the Russian narrative front, but this does not mean it’s the same for Gavin’s journey. According to William's e-mails in Brotherhood the next destinations may be Sao Paulo (already visited by the Altair II in the first days of December) and Denver.

At the moment the team is strong and reinvigorated and the group photo gave us - through our Hephaestus and our Xander - the chance to identify all the Assassins of Gavin’s team showed so far. So we also use this occasion to write a recap of the crew members of the Altair II.

- He’s the "particular" IT specialist and hacker of the crew. He enjoys smoking "recreational marijuana" and isn’t good with firearms but thanks to him the crew could follow the trail of the Onmoraki-Gumi in Osaka and he also accompanied Gavin and Emmanuel in the mission with Galina and it also seems that he got a glimpse of Juno’s face at least once in the past. His ability as hacker and IT specialist is important because the Initiate Humble Spy rejoices at the chance of being able to interact with his computers, to the point that he/she discovers the backdoor that will allow the Initiates to get the information about Protvino and William Miles.

Emmanuel (Manny) Barraza
He’s the person responsible for the various weapons of the Assassins and the ship, but as we have just seen he’s a pacifist. Probably he was born in a room in which a massacre occurred and he was also a soldier, so that he still has his dog tag with the Assassins insignia burned into it. Probably he became a pacifist after the horrors he saw during the war.

Dr. Stephanie Chiu
The "Dr." before the name implies that she’s the ship's medical officer. She healed the wounds that Emmanuel and Gavin suffered in Osaka.

Eric Cooper
He’s the pilot of the Altair II and takes orders from the capitan of the ship Susan Drayton. He’s the one who better guessed the identity of Osoroshii Baba during the time spent in Osaka and also the crew member who showed her the ship.

Gavin Banks
He’s one of the highest-ranking Assassins and has the contact details of Adriano Maestranzi and William Miles (who is an old friend of his, to the point that he’s called “old friend” by him) during 2012. He appeared on Initiates ever since the first memories of the Desmond Files, precisely during the exchange of information with Bill about the Osaka, Brisbane and Moscow teams. He was the one who reported about the identification of Juhani Otso Berg as the author of the attack on the Florentine Assassins at the beginning of December 2012.
Following the catastrophe stopped by Desmond Miles on December 21st, 2012, Gavin and his team lost contact with the other Assassins until, on June 2013, they got a message from Shaun Hastings, who stayed with Rebecca Crane after the catastrophe. The meeting between Shaun, Rebecca and Gavin revealed a book and a letter that proclaimed the abandoning of the Brotherhood by William Miles and the consequent "bestowal" of Gavin as the new leader. In particular the book contained and contains William’s knowledge and has been the main source of information for the new missions of Gavin and his team.
Considering what doctor Chiu said, Gavin should be between the ages of 50 and 60 and it was confirmed that he has Eagle Vision and probably also Eagle Sense since he can see “ghosts” when he uses it. His ability isn’t “natural”, since it was explicitly specified that he’s very tired after the use of "his clarity".

Galina Voronina
She’s the operative Assassin that Gavin’s team got in contact with during the mission in Russia. For more information please read our articles:
Susan Drayton
She’s the captain of the Altair II. She’s very fond of the ship, to the point that she doesn’t want to put it in danger in case of potential enemy traps, as affirmed before the mission in Osaka. Another proof of her attachment to her ship and to the good impression that it can make is the expression of embarrassment when Osoroshii Baba visited it and found a situation of great decline.

Nodar and Akaki Ninidze
They are brothers (Nodar is the older one) with the task respectively of chief steward and chief engineer. In particular Nodar is also the ship’s cook and thanks to him Gavin’s team was able to have a decent dinner for Christmas 2013 despite the conditions of the ship and the team, also thanks to his "special reserve" alcoholic beverage.

The Humble spy
The humble spy is a member of the Initiates and he/she is the narrative "tool" through which we are able to follow the Surveillance memories. We don't know anything about him/her apart from him/her being infiltrated into the Altair II crew and his/her ability to remain under cover. Even if, up until now, he/she does not appear to be more than a "narrator", the character is "real" because sometimes he/she interacts with people and objects that surround him/her (He/she was put on cleaning duty by Osoroshii Baba on the ship and he/she was able to hack Emmett's computers when he was far from them).

That's all for this analysis, stay tuned for the next updats!

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