Expanded Universe: Quick Lore Recap
Sorrosyss, October 24th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers from across the franchise.

Want to know everything that has happened in the lore since the release of Syndicate? Look no further, here is a brief summary of the expanded universe since 2015. You are encouraged to experience all forms of the transmedia for yourself, and we hope that these summaries encourage you to look into purchasing them to support the franchise and future stories.

Assassin's Creed: Heresy
Simon Hathaway replaces the deceased Isabelle Ardant as head of Abstergo Industries' Historical Research Division and member of the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order.
As a historian, he convinces the Inner Sanctum that the application of historical knowledge could yield better results in an Animus than Abstergo Entertainment's mass Helix searches.

Within the Animus he witnesses Joan of Arc first hand. Possibly in contact with the Isu Consus, she had a very high concentration of Precursor DNA that allowed her to visibly glow when viewed in Eagle Vision. The 'voices' guided her to success and discovering a Sword of Eden.
It was discovered that the Sword was damaged, as its 'Heart' was removed by Geoffroy Therage, one of Joan’s executioners. Hathaway learned the final location of the Heart, and was able to restore the Sword, which in the present day was located in Alan Rikkin's office, to its full former glory.

Assassin's Creed: The Movie

Callum Lynch is kidnapped by Abstergo from his own Death Row killing. He is taken to an Abstergo facility in Madrid where he discovers he is a descendant of Aguilar de Nerha, an Assassin whom is believed to be one of the last to have been in contact with an Apple of Eden.

Reliving the memories of Aguilar, the Bleeding Effect takes its toll on Callum but he in turn gains strength from his ancestor.

The Apple location is eventually discovered in Seville Cathedral, Spain. It is retrieved by Alan Rikkin and Abstergo, whilst Callum and two Assassins escape the Abstergo facility.

The Templars gather in London to celebrate obtaining an intact Apple of Eden. However, Callum infiltrates the location, assassinating Alan Rikkin and claims the Apple for the Assassins.

Assassin's Creed: Conspirations

Eddie Gorm was a British dock worker in the 1940s. He was approached by the Americans to act as a spy to locate a super weapon that was believed to be in the hands of the Nazis, which he accepts and eventually joined the SS in Germany.

He eventually became aware of a secret Nazi project in Norway. At this point he trained as an Assassin and infiltrated the facility in 1943.

The facility housed a basic proto Animus, known as Die Glocke - designed by Nikola Tesla and connected to an Apple of Eden. It was protected by General Kramer, who evidently had been enhanced into a super human through data gathered from the Apple.

Eddie was strapped into the machine, and upon it turning on, he 'awoke' in the body of Maxime – a man experiencing his memories within the Animus of the present day.

Assassin's Creed: Last Descendants (both novels + Locus)

We are introduced to six young protagonists; Owen Meyers, Javier Mondragón, Natalya Aliyev, Sean Molloy, Grace Collins, David Collins. The first two are rescued by the Assassin known as Griffin, while the rest are offered a place at the Aerie – an Abstergo facility, to research their DNA. Within one
building they operate an exoframe-styled Animus, which features motorized arm and legs attachments.

We are introduced to the concept of Extrapolated Memories, where the Animus will create simulations artificially based on other relevant data – essentially 'best guessing' events.

We learn about the Ascendance Event, where several bloodlines converge throughout time around a Piece of Eden. Its appears to be linked to sub-DNA, which is hidden behind primary DNA and is related to the collective human unconscious.

It is revealed that Rebecca Crane is alive and well and operating for the Assassins once more.
Shaun Hastings has been operating in Spain, and evidently stole the plans to the latest Animus seen within the Movie.

A powerful Piece of Eden, known as the Trident of Eden is sought by Abstergo. The three Prongs of the Trident have apparently been removed, with each offering a unique power that can be inflicted upon groups of people – faith, fear and devotion. and ultimately leaving its user untouched by it.

The head of the Aerie facility, Isaiah, turns rogue on the Templars and claims two the of the Prongs for himself.

Assassin's Creed: Assassins

Charlotte de la Cruz, a banking clerk in San Diego, is recruited by the Assassins Galina Voronina and Xavier Chen as they seemingly know she has Assassin heritage. She enters an Animus with the help of a tech named Kody and experiences the memories of the Assassin Tom Stoddard in Salem 1692, under info gained by an Assassin called Joseph - whom has been captured by the Templars.

Within the Salem simulation, Charlotte encounters the Isu Consus, whom is within the body of a small girl called Dorothy. He advises to seek out those with 'great knowledge'. Galina and Xavier seek to rescue Joseph, but he defeats them both - killing the latter.

Charlotte uses the skills gained from the Bleeding Effect to rescue Galina, vowing she will not kill anyone. However, a man she ties up and gags dies due to having asthma. She is riddled with guilt.

Charlotte, Galina and Kody escape to Mexico City. In order to track down Erudito (the keepers of knowledge) Charlotte discovers that a secret password to their next meeting lies in the Incan Empire of 1536. She enters the Animus and experiences the life of Quila, a chasqui of the time in Peru.
Charlotte and Galina argue over what to do next, with Charlotte wanting to find Erudito, and Galina insisting they search for Joseph once more. Whilst they both leave Kody behind, he is captured by Templars and a severed ear left behind in his place. Charlotte and Galina manage to rescue him from the Templars, by promising the location of Erudito within 24 hours. After re-entering the Animus, Charlotte uncovers the secret password to the meeting. After the local cartel are drawn into the firefight, they eliminate the Templars, whilst the three Assassins head to the co-ordinates of the Erudito meeting in Argentina.

Upon arriving on the island they realise that the Erudito leader is in fact Charlotte's own grandmother – Florencia. The conversation turns to Juno and the Phoenix project, as Erudito seeks answers to what it is all about. They are fascinated that Consus contacted Charlotte, as the Isu has a level of reverence amongst the faction. They agree to let Charlotte enter an Animus, as her ancestor Hiram Stoddard apparently crossed paths with Giovanni Borgia in 1516 Italy – an individual known to have been in contact with Consus intimately. Meanwhile, Galina heads to Somalia in search of Joseph.

Charlotte eventually discovers another message from Consus, this time warning her to find the 'Mountain of Light'. The Erudito compound is attacked by the Templars whom tracked Charlotte, and Kody rigs the facility to be destroyed. He is, though, killed in the crossfire. After several battles and the return of Galina, the Brotherhood dispatches a helicopter to rescue the remaining Erudito and Assassins from the island.

Assassin's Creed: Templars

We explore the life of a Black Cross, an elite Templar agent, known as Albert Bolden. He operates within China in 1927, trying to uncover betrayal within the Templar Order. He protects a man named Darius Gift, whom is to deliver a box to the Chinese Templars. Eventually Darius discovers that the box contains his father’s severed finger , and that the Black Cross had actually killed him for betraying the Order. Taking revenge he shoots the Black Cross, who evidently falls to his death from a building.

The story is witnessed by Otso Berg within the Modern Day. He had been reviewing Bolden's life, as he was evidently the last individual to encounter the Koh-i-Noor. Berg later discovers a modern descendant of the Black Cross, 72 year old André Bolden. He is convinced to enter an Animus to help with his therapy. André experiences the life of Jan Van Der Graff, a trader who travels to Tripoli, Libya, in 1805.

Violet Da Costa makes copies of the Animus data, and sends it to a third party. She also attends secret meetings where she is warned not to let Berg locate the Koh-i-Noor.

Bolden witnesses the memory of Graff whom is captured and tortured by a Sultan, and ultimately sees the power of the Koh-i-Noor first hand. After surviving the encounter, Graff escapes to America by boat with the precursor diamond.

Berg accepts the Black Cross title is needed once more as the Templar Order is apparently compromised, and takes the Black Cross pin for himself.

Assassin's Creed: Reflections

Otso Berg reviews the memories of four major Assassins to glean insights to how the Brotherhood operates.

He witnesses a memory of Ezio Auditore, where the great Assassin meets Leonardo Da Vinci on his death bed for one final reminisce. Ezio remembers Lisa Gherardini, whom he shared a secret relationship with. She would ultimately go on to be painted by Leonardo as the Mona Lisa.

A memory of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad recounts how he and his family helped to take down the legendary Genghis Khan in China. A Sword of Eden is present in Khan's possession.

A further memory of Edward Kenway shows how he used his ruthless wit and skill to deceive and outsmart his fellow pirates.

Finally, a memory of Ratonhnhaké:ton, or Connor, reveals him training his daughter Io:Nhiòte in how to track animals. They discover that she apparently has a symbiotic Eagle Vision, and he promises to train her everything he knows.

Otso takes the opportunity to go and speak to his own daughter after reviewing all of the memories.

Assassin's Creed: Uprising (1 - 8)

Hong Kong 2017. While investigating the Phoenix Project locations, Charlotte encounters a cell of the Instruments of The First Will protecting a boy Sage – evidently the son of Desmond Miles. Barely escaping with her life she returns to London. The site of the battle is reviewed later by Otso Berg and Violet Da Costa. In his capacity as Black Cross, he uncovers both Assassin methodology, and Abstergo technology are present. This leads him to acknowledge that a third faction is in operation fielded from both the Brotherhood and the Templars.

He attends an Inner Sanctum meeting, where André Bolden enters in a Black Cross outfit and announces that the Templar Order has been infiltrated by a fifth column and that no-one is above suspicion. Both the Assassins and Templars seek the same informant in Germany, who promptly reveals himself as an Instrument and suicides himself with a bomb – nearly claiming Otso in the process.

Charlotte enters the Animus in search of the Koh-i-Noor which they believe to be in the Spanish Civil War. She becomes unresponsive within the Animus, and the remaining Assassins head to Montreal to seek a specialist whom can help them extract her safely. When they arrive, they are immediately attacked by Instruments meaning that someone within their team is a mole.

Guernica (formerly of Erudito and now part of the Assassin team) reveals himself to be an Instrument and nearly kills Charlotte in the Animus before Galina grabs him and interrogates him. In Geneva, My'Shell (another member of the Assassin team) discovers that several Abstergo bank accounts are actually paying into an account held by William Miles. She is captured by Otso Berg, before the Instuments attack – leaving Otso heavily wounded.
Within the Animus, Charlotte experiences a memory of Juno in the Isu era. She sees Juno's father Saturn be assassinated by humans, before Juno eliminates all the humans present with the Koh-i-Noor channelling the power of Saturn’s Scythe. She eventually emerges from the Animus revealing that she knows what Juno plans. At the same time, now back in the present day, Juno speaks to the Instruments, stating that she now knows that the Koh-i-Noor is can be found within Spain. The Instruments gather together and cheer in reverence to the spirit of Aita, present in the boy Sage among them.

Otso Berg is carried by My'Shell to the assassin hideout, and after a lengthy debate the Assassins agree to a temporary truce in the interests of stopping the third faction together. Charlotte re-enters the Animus in the Spanish Civil War of 1937, experiencing the memories of her ancestor Ignacio Cardona. He eventually comes into contact with the Koh-i-Noor thanks to a man known as Nobby Clarke, whereby several energy like serpents emerge from it and resulting in Ignacio collapsing. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the Black Cross – Albert Bolden – did not die in China after all, and witnesses this extraordinary event in Spain.

Charlotte begins to bite her own tongue at the moment that Ignacio collapses whilst holding the Koh-i-Noor. She is removed from the Animus and left to recover on a sofa nearby. Otso takes delivery of a package, that contains a Bolden blood sample. After adapting the Animus to accept Helix software, Otso re-enters the simulation from Albert Bolden's perspective.

Back to 1937, Ignacio recuperates in an apartment, after being recovered from the rooftop by Bolden. Albert explains what happened to him, and that Nobby is in fact a former Templar known as Grosvenor. Catching up with Nobby, the two find him in an abandoned church. After touching the Koh-i-Noor again, Ignacio summons bulls and destroys the church on top of everyone including the diamond. Ignacio and Albert survive.

Otso is removed from the Animus, revealing that he knows where the Koh-i-Noor is buried in Spain. With the Assassins, they leave to find it. He warns André to watch a particular laboratory, and texts him the address. André, though, is captured by the Instruments of the First Will, who infiltrate the facility which directly houses the Phoenix Project.

Assassin's Creed Origins: Desert Oath

Medjay are being murdered across Egypt, by a killer that receives orders by group known as the Order of the Ancients. A 15 year old Bayek watches his father, Sabu, leave their home of Siwa in search of this killer.

Already in love with Aya, Bayek leaves her and his family and friends to go in search of his father. He has trained to be a protector of the village with Sabu, and therefore has pretty decent combat skills. He travels to Zawty where his purse is stolen by a boy street urchin called Tuta. Bayek is nearly killed by Paneb, Tuta's father, before being saved by Aya who knocks him out. Believing the boy unsafe, Bayek and Aya escape to Thebes with him.

Arriving at Thebes, they meet Khensa, a Nubian female who trained Bayek in his childhood in the art of hunting and trapping. She reveals that they have not heard from Sabu, but that Menna - a grave robber may be nearby. Menna was responsible for an attack on Bayek's home when he was young, so he happily assists in an assault on Menna's base - leaving the grave robber slain.

Rumour reaches them that Sabu is held captive on the Elephantine island in the Nile. Bayek, Aya and Khensa arrive to find a decoy in place, and that the trap was set by Sabu. The Medjay killer (Bion) arrives, is injured but escapes.
Several years pass, as Sabu trains Bayek to be a Medjay, and he in turn training Aya. Bayek asks to marry Aya, but she declines and returns to Siwa. Bion then arrives to find and ambush the father and son and after a long fight Sabu is killed with Bayek escaping in a nearby river.

Bion travels to Siwa, and holds Aya hostage. Bayek recovers on a boat for a few days and finally arrives to find Bion in his family home. With Aya's help, he attacks Bion - but ultimately his mother (Ahmose) slays the killer. In his dying breath Bion reveals his Order master to be a man called Raia.

Bayek and Aya marry, and have a son called Khemu. As the last Medjay, Bayek travels to Alexandra and kills Raia in his home, hoping it is the last loose end to save his family's future.

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