Assassin's Creed Uprising: Creators' Commentary
Written by: ATA Team, November 24th 2018

Warning: Spoilers from the Assassin's Creed Uprising comics series

Titan Comics’ Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters, writers for the Modern Day focused comic Assassin's Creed Uprising have kindly provided us with an exclusive commentary about a specific page of the comic, dedicated to Juno and her rebirth!

Here it is in its full text:

Assassin's Creed Uprising vol. 3 - Finale

Issue #11 – the full grown Juno is revealed

Alex: “Dan and I knew this was a moment AC fans had been anticipating for some time, so we decided to lean into subjective body horror for the big reveal of Juno's new body. She'd been engineering a return to flesh for centuries, but as relatively careful owners of bodies ourselves, Dan and I speculated that Juno might be so unused to organs and bodily functions at this point that suddenly waking up in a new body might be anticlimactic, if not downright disgusting.
If you'd spent time as elegant, clean data then suddenly being thrust into a meat suit might be a tad disconcerting, you know? Human beings are usually only confronted with the visceral, oozy reality of the flesh when it fails in some way, but for an immortal who's spent more time as an incorporeal entity than she has as a corporeal one, the shock must be immense.”

Dan: “As Alex says, the body has always been a preoccupation in both our writings, so it was a real joy to be able to manifest a resurrection like this which has the weight of so much anticipation and lore behind it. I’m particularly interested in the limits of the body- how it only grants us a singular perspective, and very fine-tuned but limited tools with which to interpret reality. Reverting from using digital to biological tools is inevitably a huge shock to Juno, and there’s an understated clue to this in her conviction that being newly embodied means that she herself has 'buried' Consus’ voice within her. Her will is focussed for the first time in millennia, no longer scattered thin across a digital plane, but that also means that she once more has the bottomless depths of a subconscious- which I think is probably as liable to bubble up and bite a precursor as it is to one of us mere humans.”

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