Assassin's Creed Dynasty: Volume 4 – Review & Summary
Written by Sorrosyss, October 20th, 2022
French Translation from the original source by Azuu

Note: Non Spoiler Review, but a full Spoiler Summary follows

Assassin's Creed Dynasty is a manhua comic written by Xu Xianzhe currently running in the Chinese market, which is now receiving its initial translations into French via Mana Books, and English by Tokyopop.

Remaining within China in the year 755 AD, the fourth volume continues the story of a Hidden Ones member known as Li E. This issue sees him rushing to find reinforcements as the historical siege of the city of Changshan begins. We also see the rise of General An Lushan to becoming a self declared Emperor, as well as the secret machinations of the Golden Turtles – a faction of the Templar Order.

The brutality of war is really brought out by the artwork, again completed by Zhang Xiao. Utilising the traditional manhua heavy shaded aesthetic, there are as usual several stunning single page panels present here. You can tell that the imagery of the original Assassin’s Creed games was used as a strong inspiration for the hero, as he regularly cuts a nostalgic image walking with his hood raised. The characters themselves are generally well drawn to the degree that you can distinctly tell them apart easily, which highlights the quality of the art in general.

The oriental setting continues to stand out as we've rarely explored it in the Assassin's Creed IP, and it has a rich history of drama and mythology just waiting to be utilised. Dynasty continues to be a strong entry into the transmedia space, as it expertly weaves the traditional assassin experience against a background of cultural events and political intrigue. Sadly there remains a complete lack of Modern Day content to give us a framing perspective, but we've seen on other products that this can sometimes be introduced later in the narrative. Certainly though if you have an interest in a different and refreshing setting for the franchise, this manhua would definitely be a recommended option to start with.

Assassin's Creed Dynasty Volume 4 is available now in English, Chinese and French from all good stockists. Volume 5 is expected to follow in late 2022.


Luoyang Palace, Luoyang, China, 755 AD (Tang Dynasty)
General An Lushan's campaign finally breaches the Luoyang palace. As he sits upon the throne he is informed that Governor Yan Gaoqing's growing loyalist army has killed several of their forces. In response, the General demands that the warrior Shi Siming be dispatched to deal with the Governor.

Taihang Mountain Range, near Taiyuan, China, 755 AD (Tang Dynasty)
Li E rides hurriedly upon his horse towards Taiyuan. Eventually his horse collapses in exhaustion, forcing him to press forward on foot instead.

Meanwhile, at Changshan itself, Ho Hong'er leads the elderly, along with the women and children away from the city. Her husband, Yan Jiming stands atop the battlements, and yells that Changshan shall triumph, to similar calls from the military forces around him.

Chang'an, China, 755 AD (Tang Dynasty)
The secret council of the Golden Turtles gathers to discuss the situation across the country. They are concerned that An Lushan may become a problem for stability of the whole of the Tang, but they are also worried that the reinforcements sent by Gao Xianzhi may prevent Changshan from falling as per their schemes. One of the Turtles reveals that some of their own men have in fact infiltrated those very reinforcements, and that it would not be a problem.

Taiyuan, China, 755 AD (Tang Dynasty)
Li E reaches the gates of Taiyuan, and meets with the leader of the reinforcements there stationed. Li E implores General Wang to send his troops to Changshan to aid them, but the General states that he does not recognise Gao Xianzhi, or any such order. He demands his troops arrest Li E as he is acting suspicious. Li E puts up a tremendous fight, but is ultimately overwhelmed and captured. The General orders he is taken to be held at Xishan.

Changshan, China, 755 AD (Tang Dynasty)
The city is under siege from enemy forces, with no sight of the reinforcements promised by Li E. Jiming consults with his father on this fact, but Yan Gaoqing is defiant and states that they must make do with what they have. He shouts to all the defensive forces, telling them that they may well be on their own, but that no man lives to a 100 years of age. If they charge with him, history would remember them as a place of unbroken resolve, rather than one that surrendered in fear. Sure enough, he goads his forces in rally to shout out that they will not surrender, and they collectively charge the enemy as the main gates are taken down by a battering ram.
A bloody battle ensues.

Tong-guan, China, 755 AD (Tang Dynasty)
The former General Feng receives word that the reinforcements from Taiyuan have been redirected by the General Wang, and that Changshan is now feared to fall without them. He immediately gathers as many men as he can, stating that he shall bring the promised reinforcements himself. As the group moves to leave, they are intercepted by the imperial envoy Luo Fengxian. He states that the Emperor has decreed that Feng and Gao are to be beheaded for treachery. Respecting the order, Feng moves forward away from his men and seats himself before the envoy. A few moments later, he is beheaded by a sword. Gao Xianshi arrives on the scene, and immediately mourns his fallen friend Feng. He draws his sword upon the envoy, and declares to his men that he did not perform the
crimes put to his name. He too is then slain by the imperial envoy's men.

Luoyang, China, 756 AD (Tang Dynasty)
An Lushan declares Luoyang to be the new capital of the nation, and names himself as Emperor Xiongwu of Dayan.

Changshan, China, 755 AD (Tang Dynasty)
The battle at Changshan wages on for months, leaving only a small number of defenders left after the endless siege. As an ever
larger enemy force bears down on the city, Governor Yan Gaoqing demands that Jiming retreat to safety with the remaining men. He then stands alone before the enemy forces, stating that they should proceed no further. He is captured, and tied to a post before Shi Siming, who states that the Governor's suffering can be ended quickly if he would just surrenders and pleads for mercy. At that moment, Jiming emerges and challenges Shi. The two duel briefly, before Jiming is wounded losing an arm, and falls to his knees. He thinks of his wife Ho Hong'er as Shi's blade approaches his throat.

Mengshan Giant Buddha, Xishan, near Taiyuan, China, 756 AD (Tang Dynasty)
Within the head of the giant Buddha statue, Li E lies imprisoned and chained to a wall. His blood trickles out of the eye of the statue. As he lays there, drifting in and out of consciousness, he finally beholds his mentor – Elena, standing over him.

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