Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Ė September Interview
Topic: The Scenario
ATA Team, September 30th, 2019

Weíre back with our monthly interviews dedicated to Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood of Venice, the upcoming tabletop game by Triton Noir!

This month we had the chance to discuss the scenario of the game with Narrative Designer Fabrice Lamidey !

1) How does the story unfold in front of the players? Do they have to read text at the beginning and end of each mission? Are there other ways to convey story through the board game?

The storytelling is a mix of text-based elements and in-game dynamics. You start by reading the briefing of a Memory, in which youíll have the story elements. For those who don't like to read aloud, the briefings will also be available as audio files, for a more immersive experience. In some Memories, you can also have optional information about the universe and history by reading the Info Boxes. We try to keep the briefings short enough not to slow the gameís pace down but complete enough to still give a sense that the story is unfolding.

During the game, you will also sometimes have special locations, cards, events or allies/opponents with their own bit of story.

After the Memory ends, you will read a short debrief to further the story.

Each Headquarter will also have its own light story development through a set of cards retelling how your HQ grows when you develop it throughout the course of the campaign.

Examples of Memory briefings from a WIP Campaign Book from October 2018
(some elements migh have changed since then)

2) Will the backstories of the main characters have an influence on the actual story campaign? For example Bastiano's pain after being rejected by his own family or Dari‚ being a descendant of Marco Polo?

Because we cannot predict what Assassin the players will choose, we chose to keep the influence of the Assassins on the Campaign go through their skill development rather than their backstories.
But each Assassin will have an optional Memory to explore their mini-storyline.

Concept art of Dari‚, one of
the protagonists of the main campaign

3)How do you plan to integrate the "Tokyo XXI" Present Day expansion within the overall franchise, considering it "will build bridges with other official Assassin's Creed material, some of them yet unrevealed"?
Will it just contain characters that are already known in the franchise or will its events have an actual influence or impact on other stories (or viceversa)?

As this Expansion is being co-developed with the Assassinís Creed Band Team in Montreal, the goal is to have a tight integration with some of the other media where the multiple stories are developed.
If I went into more details, it would spoil some pretty nice surprises at this point, so we will have to keep the secret for now

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