Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice – June Interview
Topic: The Gameplay
ATA Team, June 26th, 2019

We are back with our Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice monthly interview and this time we are tackling a more practical topic, gameplay!

Our guest for this interview is once again Lead Game Designer Thibaud de le Touanne and we are going to discuss how a turn in the game is played, the way in which event cards can influence the turn and how the main gameplay pillars of the franchise are represented in the board game!

1) After the most recent changes and tweaks, can you provide an outline of how an entire turn is going to be in the game and what players will have to do in it?

Yes sure, the turn structure is the following:

1. Draw an event card and apply its effect.

2. Play the Assassins Phase, 3 actions per Assassin. Actions can be Move, Fight, Assassinate with a Hidden Blade, Hide a body, Synchronize from the top of the tower…

3. Play the Guards Phase divided into 3 steps: reinforcements enter the level, they move and then they attack if they have a target.

Gameplay prototype demo of Memory 0.3 (tutorial) in the game by Triton Noir

2) Each turn of the game begins with an event card. How can those influence what's going to happen during that turn? Can you provide a few examples?

The events can change your plans, the effect can be positive or negative for the Assassins, or sometimes be a choice to make. They can modify the level (using a secret mechanism to remove a wall or flip a tile for example, or remove a ladder to prevent the Guards reaching rooftops), give advantages during detection tests, and so on. Sometimes you have a mini objective to achieve. If you succeed, you will get an advantage, but if you don’t, this turn will be harder!

Here are a few examples:

3) How will the main pillars of the franchise like combat and stealth be represented in the game?

There are lots of aspects of the franchise in ACBoV, some of them are secrets (players will discover them while playing the game). You can approach your targets stealthily to eliminate them with hidden blades or use silent ranged or melee weapons. You must remain anonymous as long as you can: when you are exposed, guards attack you and the alarm is triggered. You can also use hidden spots to avoid detection tests and eliminate guards without risk. Hiding corpses is a good way to prevent the guards spotting you! You can climb on top of the towers, synchronize and make new items or characters appear on the level and then do a leap of faith in the cart below, use the terrain at your advantage by escaping through the rooftops for example. Between each Memory, you will manage your Assassins Headquarters, buy new equipment, earn money… The game is played in a huge campaign with level ups,boss fights (including a huge Venetian lion Animus glitch!) and you will meet many characters from the Renaissance: Leonardo and his apprentice Salaï, Lucrezia Borgia, Machiavelli, mercenaries, courtesans and thieves… but also new ones created by us.

The Venetian Lion Animus Glitch
(Source : Boardgamegeek)

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