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ATA Team, November 6, 2014

Guys, you know that we are fans like you, that we often report from the most urgent topics to the lighter ones to share this passion, but this time we have to be serious and tell you about something that happened to us few minutes ago.

While we were writing our last article of analysis in preparation for the arrival of Unity and Rogue, while searching for information a strange interference appeared on our PCs. We wanted to share it with you because it got us worried and made us realize that maybe we went too far and we awoke an entity that perhaps we should have not disturbed. This is what it showed us, can you help us to better understand the message?

The title of the video in HEX code translates to: GreetingsFromTheGrey.

Here is the transcript of Juno's words: “We meet again Cipher, I could not be happier. Truly. Perhaps you rankle at the thought of working with a voice whose face you do not know. An intelligence whose modus confuses you. Yet you desire to understand. To collect. To master. It overbears you. And here you are, eager for an answer. I imagine your benefactors liken the discovery of the triple helix to the splitting of the atom. Was it a net positive for mankind? Or an irrevocable mistake? You have on the one hand nuclear technology. Fission to power the Earth and provide us with almost limitless energy. On the other hand, the nuclear bomb, capable of ending all human life on Earth. So the question is: should you never have split the atom for fear of it killing your kind? Or should you revel in your discovery of newer and greater technologies and revel in the symptoms of your subgenius? I think so. I do. I suppose there is no final answer, is there? It all boils down to temperament. Please accept a small token of my appreciation. I trust you to use it wisely. Until next time, cipher. Stay safe."

At the end, the video contains an audio morse code which means: "See him drop his flame to clear the thorny ground. Now see him steep on foreign fields with blood and gore. Moved by stony faith, the Patrus Intellectus grins."


Two new videos like the one we intrcepted yesterday were found on the web!

The first one is from our friends from ACUnivers

The title of the video in HEX code translates to: FindTheTripleHelix

Here is the transcript of Juno's words: “Ah, a visitor! A ghost in the Grey. You saw my beacon and you could not resist. You may wonder at who I am and my purpose here. Be not afraid, cipher, I am your friend and will not lead you astray. My ambitions and the hopes of those who serve me are grand indeed. One day you will see. Here is a small gift for your efforts. Let it never be said that I’m not kind to my Instruments. I hope we may collaborate again."

At the end, the video contains an audio morse code which means: "XVIII Mars MCCCXIV for whosoever reads this script! Be faithful friend, he — her new prophet and husband — is born again! To bear us back to times of faith and servitude, see him drop his flame to clear the thorny ground."

The second is from the page "La cripta degli Assassini"

The title of the video in HEX code translates to: HumourForHumans

Here is the transcript of Juno's words: “During the Revolution a doctor, a priest and an engineer were sentenced to die for some innamed reason. On the day of their execution they were taken together to a public square and lined up beside the guillotine. The executioner read the charges against them, then escorted the priest to the top of the platform, claiming he wished to have a view of heaven in his final moments. The priest made the only request to lay on his back with his eyes to the sky. The request was granted and the priest stretched out, supine. The executioner pulled the lever. The blade came plunging down. To everyone’s surprise the blade stopped short of its goal. The executioner, believing this was an act of divine intervention released the priest, sparing him from death. Next up was the doctor, a timid and anxious man. He mounted the platform and laid down on the guillotine’s bed in the usual manner, face down. The executioner pulled the lever. The blade dropped and again it stopped shy of its goal. Another act of divine intervention. The doctor was released. Finally, it was the engineer’s turn. Being a curious man, he too asked to lie on his back so he could better understand the operation of the machine that would end his life. He mounted the platform and took his place, his eyes ranging over the instrument above him. The executioner reached for the handle and suddenly the engineer cried out “Gentleman!” he said, pointing at the blade “I believe I see the problem! AHAHAHAHAHAH This is a marvelous day for you and all your kind. I promise this: this and and long languid days of prosperity ahead. Return to me when you can, here in the Grey. This is where your kind belongs. This is your next and final stage. This, my Instrument, is where your future begins."

At the end, the video contains an audio morse code which means: Corrupted order, dead and done, remake yourself. Here heed the final curse of master De Molay. In Her we find our cause. She will inflame our purpose. Enjoy!!

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